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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Williams Part Of The Cumberland Crew

OH look an unmarked boat. I wonder who that belongs to.
Who would have thought, I would have this picture.
Should an elected councilman engage in illegal activity like this.
Please click on pic to enlarge:


Anonymous said...

Great Pictures, You should apply with the GBI, I bet they do not have pics that good.. That is Pete Mercer. That is not LJ Williams,, the black guy,,look at his pants,,that is an inmate not LJ.

Probable Cause

Anonymous said...

Are those blue prints in Mercers hand? I bet there for cumberland island,huh Shephard Center?

Anonymous said...

The man wearing the blue Sheriff's Office windbreaker is Williams.

Anonymous said...

Deputy Williams, Deputy Mercer
and several members (inmates)
of the BTW Construction Company
returning from Cumberland Island
after a day at the "clinic" .

Wonder what was on the lunch menu
at Greyfield Inn ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick

Great Pics.... I wonder if the park service is aware that there is construction going on again?

A copy of these pics to them should start some stuff


Anonymous said...

509pm, If you think that is Lj Williams wearing that blue wind breaker then you dont know Lj and you need glasses.. I am telling you look at his pants that is a trust,, I hate when people do not know what in the hell they are talking about,,,LJ IS NO WHERE IN ANY OF THOSE PICS,, they are all inmates except mercer,, click to enlarge,great pics but not lj

Anonymous said...

The blue windbreaker with the patches and badge is an inmate,trusty,,,the guy in the wind breaker and blue jeans is not LJ,,MUCH YOUNGER and in better shape,,,LJ is not in those pics, but they are still incriminating pics, and very nice,, but no LJ,,,

Jay, tell me what you think, you are normally honest,, I mean if we are gone build a case,, know what the facts are not bs

Anonymous said...

That inmate wearing a Sheriffs Office jacket is a disgrace to the men and women in blue,,I wonder how they feel knowing a criminal is wearing their jacket. We need to stop this. It has got to stop. This is unacceptable behavior. I guess because the Sheriff never wears the uniform it does not bother him,, Rick please send this to the local news,, I bet this will open some eyes to the blatant irresponsibilty of Bill Smith.

Anonymous said...

I agree L.J. Williams is alot of things, including incestuous/gay. BUT he is not in the pictures.

It is a blantant disrepect of the law for a trusty to be wearing a Sheriff Office jacket. But then again all of the good-ole-boys have auxillary badges.

Anonymous said...

One thing I must say for Sheriff Smith he has the biggest balls of anyone I have ever known. First I heard on K-Bay today that he just gave $100,000.00 of the drug fund money to another college in Georgia.

Today these pictures surface which shows that the inmate labor is continuing on Cumberland. Even after the woman over the NPS was fired for allowing this illegal activity to take place in the first place.

While Sonny Perdue is in town tomorrow someone from the news media needs to ask him when will he remove Sheriff Smith from office. Or what does he intend to do about all of the illegal activities surrounding the Sheriff.

Somebody needs to do something... What is the Attorney General doing?

layin low said...

Does anyone know when these pictures were taken? It was pretty hot today, don't think a wind breaker was the right choice of outerwear??

huddle house reporter said...

The acting director is Art Frederick and he is in Atlanta.

Everyone should call the local office in St. Marys tomorrow
( 882-4336 ) and get Mr. Frederick's phone number and give him a call.

Jay Moreno said...

A: L.J is definitely not in any of those excellent pictures.

B: Someone e-mailed me earlier - while I was out with that blonde again ( had a great pork chop sandwich at Willie's Weenee Wagon) - that not only did BTW give that $100,000 donation - but get this- he paid his campaign advisor, Mary Ann Seaman's sons' tuiton to Valdosta State.

I'll bet that freak at the Lighthouse Christian radio station will not be announcing that over the airwaves any time soon.

Jay Moreno

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Thank you Jay

My apologies Mr. Williams.

Anonymous said...

Rick, No big deal, but keep those pics coming. Those were great. It just goes to show that BTW does not give a sh88 ABOUT that badge and patch, he allows some criminal to wear that badge. This is terrible, I wonder how those guys who respect that badge feel. Wearing a badge come with honor and dignity, and BTW JUST TARNISHED IT BY ALLOWING ONE OF HIS CRIMINALS WEAR IT. We need to find out which trusty that is and post that pic in the local news paper,,lets see how he explains that away. Lets see well the inmate was cold so Mercer gave him a jacket,,,horseshit,, he does not deserve to display that badge. It is time for a change. I do not believe Tommy Gregory or Rich Gamble would allow this to take place if they were in office. I find it funny that they use an unmarked boat to transport inmates.

Jay Moreno said...

Speaking of L.J.'s duties:

"by Donald B. Ardell, Ph. D.
Wellness in the Headlines
(Don's Report to the World)

The REAL Last Refuge of Scoundrels: It's NOT What You Think, If You Were Thinking "Patriotism!"
Tuesday March 29, 2005

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
Samuel Johnson, 1775.

Scoundrels no longer seek refuge in patriotism; their clear choice in the present era is sanctity. Unlike patriotism, scoundrels employ sanctity as a first refuge, in good part because the easily led populace is conditioned to piety toward religious claims."

Remember that, and, if you have a queasy stomach, sit on the tub next to the toilet before you look at the bottom half of the front page of today's
(8/31/07) Tribune & Georgian.

I wonder if L.J. realizes that he is saying a prayer to invoke God's blessing upon the very statutorilly illegal act his boss, Big Thug Willie, is in the act of performing?

Jay Moreno said...

Let me guess: The unmarked boat is IAW federal right to privacy statutes. Along those same lines, the jacket was to disguise the trusty's identity.

We all know how BTW is such a stickler for the letter of the law.

Anonymous said...

Okay it has been establish that it is illegal for Sheriff Smith to give these donations to colleges. Therefore I ask the following questions:

1. Why would the State Representative stand in support of this illegal activity?

2. Why would an elected official stand in support of this illegal activity?

3. If the Sheriff is having a overcrowding problem at the jail, why would he give $100,000.00 dollars away; instead of utilizing the money to resolve the overcrowding problem?

4. If the Sheriff is so apt to giving the seize asset funds to colleges, why not give the money to a College here in Camden County. Hence it is suppose to support the local community, although the action is illegal.

How much more of this does the taxpayers have to endure before someone with a brain steps in.

Jay Moreno said...

Yesterday, I sent an e-mail to all county commissioners asking if they could go to the judge and seek an immediate injunction to put a stop to Big Thug Willie's "scorched earth" tactics until the court case (CCC's lawsuit to rest control of funds back from BTW) can be decided.

So far, I've had no response.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

#3 hits the nail on the head.

Bill has had the money for a new or add on jail. But instead of saving the taxpayers money, he would rather pay former(or present) drug dealers 10,000 dollars and more. These guys are not inmate labor, they are working on an important case.

And how do Bill's supporter counter this they attack me. And of course the famous line is well you got a DUI. Well my DUI gave money to the county, it didn't take money from the county. I admitted I did it, Why can't Smith admit it when he does wrong.

Remember he took full responsiblity for the Jet Ski's. or did he. When you take responsiblity you make sure it doesn't happen again. And then there is Cumberland. Even when the County told him to stop work he ignored it and did what he wanted to do. Way to take responsiblity.

Jay Moreno said...

By the way, here are the e-mail addresses for 3/5 of the Camden County Board of Commissioners. The other two would be awaste of electrons.

Preston Rhodes:


Katherine Nizi Zell:


Stephen L. Berry:


Jay Moreno said...

St. Marys City Councilman and CCSO photographer L.J. Williams' e-mail address is:


Anonymous said...

Not only is State Rep Cecily Hill pictured, but Kingsland Police Chief Darryl Griffis is pictured as well. Bill Smith = old Camden County; Cecily Hill = old Camden County; even Darryl Griffis = old Camden County. Their families have been here forever. Do you see the connection here?

Anonymous said...

Cecily Hill has a deputy sheriff badge like the rest of BTW THUGGIES, she calls him daily,, but Tommy is not working hard enough to win,, this is going to be tough,, the GBI IS NOT GOING TO MESS WITH HIM again after he punished them last time, they are scared of him,, big arms with long reach,, someone better get busy,, Maybe RICH WILL run again and split the votes,, tommy has only had 754 people visit his site, and hardly anyone is turning out for his cookouts,,, this is sad another 4 years.

Jay Moreno said...

As to the low viewership on Gregory's blog and low turnout at events, people are literally SCARED that there opposition will be discovered,recorded, and reported to Big Thug Willie for punitive action. I know - sounds like a load of crap - until you've actually been on the receiving end of BTW's thuggery under-color-of-law.

Just this in... from a very relible source.

In the St. Marys Citry Council races, as of 4:30 yesterday.

Incumbent: Jerry Lockhart
Challener: Greg Byrd

Incumbent: L.J Williams
Challengers: Former St. Marys Mayor Deborah Hase.
Downtown resident Leland Christopherson, Sr.

Incumbent: GaryBlount
Challenger: Former St. Marys city finance director, Mike Trader

Qualifying closes at 4:30 this afternoon.


Byrd's only motyivation for running is to save his business at the airport from the airport's being closed and sold.

Prediction: Incumbent Lockhart, the Downtopwn Merchant's man,
will win handily.

L.J Williams has always been destined to be a one-time councilman. BTW association will seal his fate. I know nothing about Christopherson. I do know that former Mayor hase is highly knowledgeable of city operations and highly competent. However, strong negatives, for reasons I've never understood. Too early to call.

Incumbent Gary Blount is competent, but has very high negatives due largely to personality. I think taht Trader has a good chance of unseating him.

Jay Moreno said...

"Just this in?"

It's time for my nap. Later!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I went to Tommy Gregory site and I couldn't find the counter. Where is it? I looked all over even on his blog. I went to his kickoff party and there was about 80 people there. And guess who else? None other than the Sheriff's Campaign manager...MARY ANN SEAMENS. She's even in some of Gregorys pics on his site. So there is proof how BTW operates the intimidation factor.

Anonymous said...

Good Job,, I thought that was loud mouth but was unsure, She is a rude one,, the counter is at the bottom of tommys blog, i checked it when i posted the 754 views,,, also jay you can nap later we got work to do,,ha ha enjoy your nap i could use one myself, but scared the tide team might swarm my house,,

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Your house, I have been accused of cyber terrorism. I can't wait to see that boat pull up into my yard.

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous,

I found it. But that is just the number of how many folks have view his profile on the blog. I don't think thats an accurate number for how many people have looked at the web page. It says the blog opened in April so thats about a 100 hit a month on the profile.

Anonymous said...


Roxy the school police watch dog said...

It is way to early to tell, for all we know Big Willie will be running his campaign from Nicholls Georgia.

But I will say it won't be 98% of the the vote this time.

By the way the school board looks different this year for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Rick, your too funny ,,i did see the cyber terrorism comment,, what does the comment Mr. Shaw needs to do his homework mean, if they are reffering to my comment about the number of people who have viewed Gregorys site,,I was just checking with Rick, I have no idea how those counters work,,,

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that Greg Bird owned the airport. Are you sure. I just heard that Sandy Feller qualified in that race. So the people have a 3rd option. All incumbent definitely need to go. And if Bird owns the airport he has a motive.

These should be the taxpayers choice:

Sandy Feller

Deborah Hase

Leland Christopherson, Sr.

Jay Moreno said...

No Greg Bird does not onw the airport: Bird owns Bird Aviation, the "base operator" at the airport.
The base operator sell all of the aviation fuel, provides a pilot lounge, weather reports, etc.

If the city decides we don't need an airport as much as we need the one-time revenue shot from the slae of same and the ongoing tax revenues from the "highest and best" use development of the large expanse of airport property, Mr. Bird will be S.O.L. and looking for a new business.

if you've been observing his work with the senior citizens center, guest columns in the T&G (see yesterday), appearance on Thug Void's TV Camden "Porch" show, and generally sucking up to the Downtown Merchant's, not to mention repeated appearances before council touting purported economic benefits of the airport, then predicting his running for council should have been a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

School Police:

What do you mean the school board looks different this year for a reason.

The only reason that I am aware of is they have Herb Rowland the known racist as Chairperson seated next to Hardin continuing the gay legacy on the board and Daniel Simpson the Spook by the door.

What else is different?

Anonymous said...

I understand Kenneth Taylor the President of the SCLC is filing discrimination charges against the School Board on behalf of all Academic Students.

I heard his last meeting was indeed taken into Executive Session. So the School Police maybe right. The rest of us may never know exactly what comes of this. But, I wish someone would spill the beans in reference to this entire situation.

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Anonymous said...
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