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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Will Answer Your Silly Questions

These are questions 4 the badge is asking on their blog.

From 4 the badge:

I wonder why........those in town that consider themselves the "blog Gods" have failed to investigate the question of the raises for the Deputies? Is it because they might find out that they are wrong about something that has to do with Emperor Berry? I sure wish that they would put their crack investigative skills to work and dig up the answers.

TRSP Review: I wonder why you don't do your own research.
First the Commissioner don't give out raises to deputies, that is part of the Sheriff's budget. And if they did vote for a raise the question should be Why didn't Bill give them that raise? If they voted for it than it is approved for Bill to give.

I wonder why........the "blog of the enlightened" posted something positive?

TRSP Review: Was it really good news for the Sheriff? Did he use his own money, That is what a real neighbor does.
"blog of the enlightened" your catching on

I wonder why........"those with all the answers" think that it would save the taxpayers of this county any money to have a Sheriff's Office and a county police force? Is it because they think that Emperor Steve would make a good police chief? If you think that the title of Chief of Police is not a political one, think again.

TRPS Review: I can't answer this as I am not for a County PD. See me and Jay disagree, but we don't call each other names because we disagree.

I wonder why........ dedicated officers in this county are being dragged in to the middle of Emperor Steve's personal "war on overspending" by the "blog Gods"? If they try to get a few more fired, there will be no one left to answer their call for help.

TRSP Review: I have no idea what you are talking about. Just because you are a dedicated officer does not mean you can't screw up. Did Mr. Godley deny anything. NO

I wonder why........no one is even remotely cares why a contractor charged the U.S. government close to TWO MILLION DOLLARS to ship two twenty cent plastic washers overseas?

TRSP Review: What does that have to do with local politics?

I wonder why........ Moreno is so pissed out because I reject his posts? Could it be because all but 3 people in this county are really sick of his incoherent rambling?

TRSP Review: You still talk to him on topix, don't you.

I wonder why........ 2 topic have been started about this blog on topix.net?

TRSP Review: To let other know that you have a blog.

I wonder why........ people question the integrity of two commissioners but not the other 3 while two of those 3 do nothing but play follow the Emperor. But who is the real puppet master? I think we know thanks to "stay tuned".

TRSP Review: I question them all, I am sorry that you hate the fact that finally one or two commissioners are listen to the people. If you don't like it start a blog, just don't hide behind fake names, it doesn't help on the creditability side.

I wonder why........all of this this will start again in 2012?

TRSP Review: If you did the research you would know I have no plans on stopping after 2008.
I never started this to go after the Sheriff. So Bill you can thank Charlene for this. If she would not have jumped to conclusions and posted all that crap on my blog I would have left you alone.

THANK YOU CHARLENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder why........maybe YOU have some answers.

TRSP Review: I wonder why one of your post came from a commissioners computer. Folks that could be the commissioners office or the Sheriff's Office.

What do you all think. Feel FREE to post your comments


Anonymous said...


Will a FOI request reveal the exact computer and who uses it?

Is it possible that law enforcement officers and / or their groupies actualy do not know that chiefs of police are almost universally not elected, but hired?

Depending upon the authoritoes granted the incoming county mamager
(incredibly, the CCC had not yet decided on that as of their last meeting - with Rainer insisting that they wait and let the new manager help them decide what his duties will be - saw and heard it with my own eyes and ears last night), he may have the power to hire and fire the chief of a newly formed county police department.
Whoever does the hiring, the chief will answer to the county manager directly.

Rick, I am curious to know your ideas on why you would not favor looking into a county police department? Look at it as an anti-hereditary sheriff insurance policy.

By the way , are there any potential Middleton claimants to the throne out there?

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Middleton was the current Sheriff's, Father’s Chief Deputy.

When the sheriff's father decided to retire Bill Smith was not ready to run as sheriff (remember he was working at the mill) His father supported Jimmy Middleton as the next Sheriff of Camden County with the understanding that when Bill got ready Jimmy would not qualify to run.
That is what happened in 1985. Bill Smith basically walked into being Sheriff.

All this to say there is no Middleton claimants to the thrown because Middleton was a big part of the Smith thrown.

Anonymous said...

This is a copy of a post that I left on 4 the badge site. I am tired of the sheriff telling the negative on the commissioner, in that, everything that has gone wrong is commissioners fault, but all the positive things are to attributed to the sheriff.

The sheriff is the one that has told the deputies "the commissioners killed the pay raise that I had put in for you boys". Ask yourself this question and see if the sheriff is telling you all the facts. Did he go to the commissioners to give Mrs. Sears a raise three times within 6 months? The raises she received are a fact that did happen. He also gave another lady a raise, at the 911 center, about 6 months ago. Mr. Walker made sure he got his raise. You see the sheriff's people and his choice women get their raises while the real deserving ones, the road deputies, are left to believe that all raises must be approved by the commissioners. Do you believe they were asked to give the above-mentioned raises??? The sheriff is telling you what he wants you to believe and tell others. Why not question him about these other raises?

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

I just don't see why we need another office to get corrupt. Put open and honest people in office and that is all we need.

So very eye opening comments here.

Anonymous said...

Rick is correct about the raises, if it was done as it was supposed to be done. During budget preparation time last year, the Sheriff's dept. would have submitted request for raises for whomever they wanted to raise and would have included the correct amount for those raises in their budget. If the board approved that submitted budget (which it appears they did) then the raises would have been included in that budget for the Sheriff's Dept. to give out if and when it was scheduled. No requested raises should have been processed through the Commissioners offices except the ones that were budgeted. But, if he went over his budget as much as I read in the paper, looks as if he can spend whatever he wants to spend over his budget without anyone stopping him. So, if the raises were budgeted for the deputies and the board voted on it all you have to do is go to the Commissioners office and read through the minutes of the meetings and you will find if they voted or not.

Anonymous said...

I know that what you are saying is correct. The only one that doesn't have a clue is David that is running 4 th badge. He is a road partol man that surely is pleasing his boss slick Willie. He should have sense enough to know that raises are not voted on by commissioners but only through the budget process. That is why I wanted him to go to Willie and ask How Mrs. Sears was given three raises in six months. He knows the answer, just playing games. If he was that stupid I don't believe he could run the site he is posting on. I will think of the 911 employee that got the raise or find out from one of the female employess that does not bow down to the sheriff. There are a few.

Anonymous said...

He may just be that stupid. There may be in house technical assistance readily available.

That reminds me, not only is there a former St. Marys city councilman on the payroll at the CCSO, but I just learned to today there's a current one as well.

He is none other than L.J. Williams, a very decent fellow whom I know and like (so far.)

I'm not sure just what L.J. does, but it comes with a salary and a county car, according to my source.

I'm sure that the fact that L.J. is a very well known popular, and influential member of the black community in Camden had nothing to do with BTW's decision to create a job for him.

By the way, is there anyone who works for the sheriff (excluding tursties) who DOES NOT have a county car?

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like Mary Anne has advised BTW that Simper Fido (AKA Lt. William Terrell) might have been splattered by all of the revelations hitting the fan lately.

I caught round one of his personalized rehab campaign tonight on TV Camden. He was the guest on Doug Vaught's program, The Front Porch. Naturally, it was a touchy feely discourse on how good the sheriff has been to him, how he's part of the big, happy, BTW family and so on. Quite nauseating, as one would expect.

Well, I guess Doug doesn't have to worry about BTW pissing away another $800.00 to $900.00 in drug funds by renting his golf carts for the Crawfish Festival again next time.

Anonymous said...

L.J. Williams is not a influential person in the black community. We in the black community no him for what he is not worth! This guy will sell out his own mother for "power." He has zero character and integrity. He sleeps around on his wife. He is everything that you would not want in a person of character.

But he is able to bamboozle whites into believing he has it going on in the black community. So the whites ordain him as a leader. Because of the title that whites have given him he was able to garner a position with BTW. So that he now has the opportunity to sell out blacks and whites.

Anonymous said...

In response to"By the way, is there anyone who works for the sheriff (excluding tursties) who DOES NOT have a county car?"
There are many....one example would be Grant Portor who is in charge of medical at the jail. He is on call 24/7 and must respond to the jail in his personal vehicle. Another example would be Major Jim Proctor who is the jail administrator. He was involved in a serious accident a couple of years ago in which he was driving a county car and the rear tire blew. And YES he was on offical business returning from Brunswick after a meeting with Judge Amanda Williams concerning an order for an inmate. Once the insurance company paid and a new vehicle was purchased this vehicle was put on the road for the use of a patrol deputy. Major Proctor drives his personal vehicle for personal AND offical county business.
I'm sure these facts will be twisted and used some how against the department as well as all the other stuff that BTW thuggies response to.

Anonymous said...

So, is it fair to assume that those are the only two employees without cars, or are there others?

I'm totally serious.

Jay Moreno

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to request Semper Fidos {Terrell} Background check through the open records act,, I just found some interesting info,, that his criminal background is a mile long,, and it has been kept quiet until now,,, BTW we are going to expose you, and all your thuggies.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the employee's that need a vehicle do not have one and the ones who do not need a vehicle have one. Why would the Sheriff's secretary have a car?? I am amazed at the fact that there are 88 vehicles(according to S.Berry) and we the taxpayers are paying for the gas, insurance, repairs, tires, etc. etc. Office personnel do not need a County Car to drive to work. They are no different than the employee's working in other offices for the County. Those people have to furnish their own vehicle, gas, etc. etc. If a person working an 8 hour shift needs to run to the P.O. then have a car available for that but for 24 hour use, that is unheard of, except at the S.O. Does the Sheriff's secretary really drive a Lexus (Co. vehicle)?????? That was a rumor I heard. First of all, she does not need a county vehicle. Neither does anyone else in that office who is not a Road Deputy. Eveyone else can get to work just like the rest of the working world, in their own vehicle. Same goes for the 911 center and the Jail Guards. These people are just staff and do not need a vehicle to drive to and from work.
One question about the Shared Assets money, does anyone know why so much money was paid to the Board of Commissioners. I see several large checks paid to them over the years. If they were not supposed to benefit from that money why are they being given checks?? Is this some kind of reimbursement or payment for what?? Anybody know??

Anonymous said...

I would like to correct an informed employee that is mis-informed. Proctor does has a car and it was bought new for him. It was later taken away and given to a road deputy as Willie got mad with Proctor one day about 5 months ago. Proctor was given a car again but not a new one. Also, The jail contol people, that feed the hogs at the Ponderosa, are using a county truck to haul the trusties and the slop to Willies place. This is a good policy since accidents can and do happen (thinking of jet skis). If one of the personnel happens to get hurt at the Ponderosa, they are covered on the county policy. Good thinking on Willie's part.

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