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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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The complete P.O.S.T record of Bob Godley. The former cop that thinks the whole county owes him an apology for his bad behavior.

There is a new blogger in town, who is also upset with this school system. Thank you Paul for standing up for what is right, and not backing down to the ESTABLISHMENT.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Plagarism 101

Don't be fooled these are fake. I received this post prior to opening this letter last night. The post was:
said the sheriff is highly pissed with the "Whispers" news letter and he is going to conterfiet one and send out himself. I guess we should look for this one to praise the sheriff and feel sorry for him that someone would expose him. She said they were doctoring it up to look like "Whispers" was doing a retake and saying some things were not true. We'll wait and see.

So here it is :

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Received Your Letter!!!!

Did you think I would post that after you sent it through the mail? That is mail fraud I can't do that. Does any one see anything special about this envelope?, except that it has the wrong address. Good thing the mail people know me. I was warned earlier that it was out and about. That person needs to email me so I can get more info. Will post more later.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jay's Open Record Request Raises Questions!!!

Notice the law 50-18-72. It looks good until you read the complete section of the law. It reads "(iv) Any plan, blueprint, or other material which if made public could compromise security against sabotage, criminal, or terroristic acts."
Can you just break up the complete law to make it fit? I believe the "other material" is related to "any plan, or blueprint." Which disciplinary reports would not fall under. Although the law states that these reports are public records.
Here is the complete list of what you can't release for open records. This is the 50-18-72 code:
For the complete open records law see the link sections.
Will post more.

APB Issued: 2001 Dodge Viper Missing

If you or anyone you know, has any information on were this car is please contact The Real School Police.

The Florida Times-Union
August 7, 2002

A tool to fight crime or just a lot of flash?

$93,000 Viper raises questions for Camden

By Teresa Stepzinski and Terry Dickson Times-Union staff writers

WOODBINE --The Camden County Sheriff's Department believes an expensive sports car is the way to get kids' attention about the dangers of illegal drugs.
The county's new Drug Awareness and Resistance Education (DARE) car is a 2001 Dodge Viper RT/10 capable of going up to 200 mph.
The cost: $93,000.
"With television and video games, it's hard to impress kids and grab their attention. The whole point of this car is the grab the kids' attention," said Lt. William Terrell, sheriff's office spokesman. "Once we have their attention, then we can focus on getting them to listen and show them how to resist peer pressure to use drugs and alcohol."
Others, however, wonder if the car, which recently won a national contest in Las Vegas, Nev., for its custom paint job, cost too much.
Camden County Commissioner Bob Becker called the win "a publicity gimmick'' that gives the department a lot of notoriety.
"But does it improve law enforcement?'' he asked. "I would hope it would. I have my doubts.''
The sports car was purchased with forfeited drug money from seizures made by Camden deputies on Interstate 95, Terrell said.
"It didn't cost the taxpayers anything. It all was paid for entirely with confiscated drug money," he said. "And if we can reach even just one kid with this car, then it's worth it."
The car itself was $78,000. Additional costs include: a trailer, $5,500; paint job, $5,000; custom embroidery, $300; GPS system, $1,000; and police package including blue lights, siren and radio, $3,000.
The department's DARE officer, Capt. David Gregory, acknowledged that a few people have complained about the money spent on the car, but that most recognize its drawing power and the importance of the anti-drug message.
"The sheriff's response has been you can't put a price on a child's life,'' he said.
And the DARE car may indeed save some lives and improve others, Gregory said. Although some studies have asserted that DARE programs are not cost-effective, Gregory says he has anecdotal evidence that contradicts the surveys.
"I've seen some kids in troubled environments come out of that clean. If I had to sum it up in one word, it's hope,'' he said.
If the forfeited assets were not used for the DARE car, it could not be used in public works projects, for county salaries and other items that are funded by property taxes, Gregory said.
U.S. Attorney Rick Thompson said there are strict guidelines on the use of assets seized in federal drug cases that are turned over to counties.
"Broadly speaking, it must be law-enforcement related,'' said Thompson, adding that a DARE car fits because it is drug education.
Becker said he would like to have some input on how future purchases using drug money are made.
"The trouble still comes down to seized asset money is county money and not just the sheriff's money,'' he said.
Should Sheriff Bill Smith spend some of the money improperly, federal officials would demand repayment from the County Commission, Becker said.
"I don't disagree with what he's done with it,'' Becker said of the car purchase. "I had no opportunity to disagree. He just did it and he had the authority to do it.''
County Administrator Barry King said that, to his knowledge, Smith spent no tax, fine or fee revenue on the car beyond paying the salaries of officers who worked on it.
But some commissioners have challenged Smith's request for a $3.7 million annual budget for his department and persuaded him to reduce it to $2.8 million, King said. Even with the reduction, Smith is spending $64.13 per capita, far higher than the state average of $39 per capita for counties like Camden, King said.
Of the DARE car expense, King said, "He [Smith] calls it other people's money, but we have to pay the cost of the [DARE] officer.''
Both Becker and King cited studies that say DARE is only marginally successful and noted that many departments have dropped it entirely.
Camden County's drug enforcement efforts along I-95, a well-known drug pipeline between South Florida and the northeastern United States, have been financial boon for the Sheriff's Department. Terrell said that over the past 15 years the county has seized more than $14 million in cash, with those funds going to buy patrol cars, weapons and training and education programs.
"We have used those funds for a lot of less flashy purposes than this car," he said.
He said the same county officials critical of the department for buying the Viper don't mention that the sheriff's department didn't used budgeted tax dollars for buying police cars. That's because seized drug funds were used to purchase those vehicles, he said.
"We knew we were going to get some criticism on this, but the sheriff really believes it's worth the cost to reach kids about the dangers of drugs," he said. "We realize that other counties that don't have an interstate running through them wouldn't have this ability [to buy the car] and we wouldn't either if we didn't have I-95."
Staff writer Greg Walsh contributed to this report.
Staff writer Teresa Stepzinski can be reached at (912) 264-0405 or via e-mail at tstepzinskijacksonville.com.
Staff writer Terry Dickson can be reached at (912) 264-0405 or via e-mail at tdicksonjacksonville.com.
This story can be found on Jacksonville.com at

What Happened To Janet Reno?

We were told several times that Janet Reno gave Mr. Smith permission to use these funds to pay for things outside the guidelines. Yet no such record exists.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Whispering On The Square"

New newsletter floating around Woodbine. Good Job to those who put it together. If you want to email me your next one I will post it.

Friday, September 21, 2007

More Info On The Godley Case

I was ready to drop this subject, but one person on Topix(who refuses to use their real name) wants to call me a liar so I will share the rest of the story with you. Monday night I received the open records request. It stated that they could not find any investigation in to Robert Godley. So, As I told you earlier I was told by Lt. Steve Smith from the Bull Head City Police Dept. that there was an investigation and I have that on my voice mail so I can prove it if needed. So I called Lt. Smith back to find out what gives. He said that Mr. Godley was only there a few weeks,was in training, and had quit before the investigation actually got started. The person, Who was another police officer, dropped the charges, since he had quit so the investigation was dropped.

For those of you who want more proof call them yourselves (928) 763-9200.

You can thank in a dancehall daze Saint Marys, GA for this I was going to let it go.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gina Evanson Returns To Work

According to the Florida Times Union and Lt. William Terrell, Evanson returned to work on Sept. 14 after an 8 day suspension without pay. Remember back on Aug. 23, she was suspended with pay indefinitely.

In that time frame she paid 273.87 in cash to pay for purchases made on Jan. 20. She also paid 893.49 in a money order for the Christmas gifts purchased. She returned to work with a one pay grade reduction in salary and was reassigned to the operations division.

She no longer has a County credit card.

The Rick Rogers Compromise Of 2007

A new compromise:
Here is my compromise on the drug fund that will keep the county out of court.
Sheriff Smith request the DOJ do a complete audit on the drug money. He has told us time and time again he has not misspent any of this money. So he should have no problems with the audit and HE should request it. If the audit comes back with no wrong doing then he keeps the money and the commissioners give him the budget he requested. No court cost and it is solved.
Both the commissioners and Sheriff should have no problems agreeing to this.
I have started a petition to ask the Sheriff to request an audit. I see no reason for him to refuse as this could clear his good name and we can move on.

What do you think?

This will not only clear up all the problems, it won't cost the taxpayers.

The Sheriff can clear his name and get the budget he requested. It is a win-win case for the Sheriff.

Sheriff Claims No Wrong Doing In Court!!!!

The Florida Times-Union
September 20, 2007

Smith insists he's done no wrong

By Paul Pinkham,
The Times-Union
WOODBINE - Camden County Sheriff Bill Smith, accused of misspending thousands of dollars' worth of confiscated drug assets, has fired back in court, saying he did nothing illegal. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
Smith denied a contention by county commissioners that expenditures from the seized asset accounts weren't authorized by state and federal law. Those expenditures include payments to criminals in the county jail, donations to charity and the establishment of several college scholarships.
The commissioners sued Smith on Aug. 10 in an attempt to wrest control of the seized assets money. They demanded that Smith give them complete control of the accounts.
Federal and state authorities returned about $1.6 million to the county last year from drug and property seizures by the Sheriff's Office.
U.S. Treasury and Justice Department guidelines say the federal share of the money is only to be used for law enforcement purposes like jails, training or drug education.
Using documents obtained under Georgia's Open Records Act, the Times-Union reported last month that Smith spent thousands of dollars from the federal seized assets account since 2004 to pay jail inmates, including a convicted methamphetamine manufacturer. Auditors hired by the county also questioned a donation from the accounts to a nonprofit spinal cord center in Atlanta and reimbursement to a Sheriff's Office employee for getting a nursing license.
The lawsuit cited Smith's "unlawful spending" of the money and said he hasn't followed a 1994 county policy that required two signatures on each check from the accounts, one from the Sheriff's Office and one from the board. But the sheriff's response, filed last week, denies any improprieties.
"He has met any legal duties imposed upon him," the response says.
Lt. William Terrell, a sheriff's spokesman, said Smith wouldn't comment further because of the pending litigation.
Commissioners also asked a judge for a temporary restraining order preventing Smith from spending any money from the accounts until the matter is resolved. That request hasn't been heard, and no hearing is scheduled.
County Attorney Brent Green didn't return phone calls Wednesday about the case.
Times-Union writer Gordon Jackson contributed to this report.
(904) 359-4107

TRSP Review: Do the audit Sheriff if you have done no wrong. Clear your name and save us money.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sheriff Called For Only Audit

It has been brought to my attention that Sheriff Smith called for the only audit we have had on the drug funds. This was back when the Commissioners controlled it. Can anyone else confirm this? Interesting that when the Commissioners misspent, the Sheriff was all about an audit. But when it is in his hands he goes out of his way to FUDGE numbers on his local audit. If you wonder what I mean by FUDGED numbers read the first page of the 2006 audit that reads STANDARD ACCOUNTING PROCEDURES WERE NOT USED BY DIRECTION OF MANAGEMENT. (Scroll down for that audit.)

Please also check out post below.

The Great Compromise of 2007

Maybe a good compromise would be follow the law first.

Are you talking about nothing changing except for the Sheriff submitting a form stating what he would spend the money on, yet he does not have to follow that form. That is all that has change from the way it is currently handled. The question no one has asked is; How did the Commissioners lose control of this fund in the first place? I understand they misspent the money, so has the Sheriff. I also know that the common citizen can not spark an investigation by the Justice Dept. Because I and many other have called asking for one. So who called to spark that investigation. Oddly enough it is the same time frame that Charlie Smith slips the law through the state that gives the deputies a right to be county commissioners.
So I ask again anyone know who sparked the original investigation into the drug fund that gave control to the Sheriff?
Regardless, if the law was followed we would not be have this talk. Maybe a wavier authorization was given, that is why I have file an open records request to get all of them. I am sure the Sheriff would like me to post them so everyone will know that he had the authorization to spend the money to pay the inmates and send them to southern California. I would think.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

School Board Gives Choices

If you were concerned about the early start this year, the BOE is giving you an opportunity to pick what schedule we want. Take a good look and choose wisely.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Not Just A Camden Problem

From fear.org

Seized Assets Disappear As Prosecutors and Police Profiteer Off
Forfeiture Program
- by Brenda Grantland, Esq., -- F.E.A.R. Chronicles, Vol 1.
No. 5, (November, 1992)
As federal and state forfeiture programs are brought under
increased scrutiny by the news media, more and more reporters have
discovered that police and prosecutors who manage the forfeited
assets are profiteering off them. No wonder the forfeiture program
is so popular with law enforcement! It's not just the boon to
their departments' budgets, but the ability to line their own
pockets, that makes them strenuously resist any talk of legislative
The problem of seized property disappearing from inventory, or
winding up used by a cop or purchased by some relative or friend of
someone connected with the forfeiture program, is coming to light
around the country. Judging from the frequency with which such
reports are popping up now, it seems that the foxes guarding the
henhouse have been eating chicken all along. Here are a few
Washington, D.C.: This spring, the Washington Post reported 40
guns missing from the D.C. police Property Clerk's office. That
discovery was made after two guns which had turned up as murder
weapons, showed up as having been previously impounded by police.
In the District, all guns are illegal, even guns legally registered
out of state. Only the police and specially licensed security
guards are permitted to have guns. By law, once a gun is taken
from someone in the District, it is forever removed from the gun
supply -- in theory.
Needless to say, the release of the report last spring made
heads roll at the Property Clerk's office. Most of the personnel
were reassigned to different divisions. The Property Clerk
conducted an internal audit. The results were shocking.
In late September, WRC-TV obtained a copy of the confidential audit
and discovered that as many as 2,864 confiscated guns were missing
from the D.C. Police Property Clerk's Office! WRC's report, aired
9-28-92, stated:
The audit listing of unaccounted guns contains every kind
of deadly weapon imaginable... Many are semi-automatic
handguns... The type of weapon favored by drug dealers...
There are 357 Magnums... sawed-off shotguns... 9
millimeter machine pistols... Colts... Rugers, Walthers
and Smith & Wessons.
How could this happen? The guns "were often left in unsealed
boxes for extended periods," the internal audit said. "Employees
who have access to guns also control the inventory records," WRC-TV
reported, and "the gun room doubled as a lunch room."
Theft and mismanagement of forfeited assets has been rampant
in D.C. since the asset forfeiture boom began. In 1989 several
Fourth District police were charged with money-skimming from
suspects, after numerous complaints that certain cops would
regularly shake down suspects and take their money, reporting only
a portion of it as seized. At least one officer pleaded guilty to
skimming. On May 18, 1992, USA Today reported that D.C. resident
Richard Price had $37 seized from him when police stopped him in a
black neighborhood, searched him, and finding no drugs, let him go.
The next day he went to the police station to try to get his money
back and found that it had not been reported as seized.1 On
September 25, 1992, in an unrelated incident, two D.C. officers
were arrested for shaking down suspects and pocketing their money.2
This type of profiteering is not limited to officers on the
street. In 1987 the Washington Post reported that Effie Barry,
wife of then Mayor Marion Barry, was driving a forfeited Lincoln
Town Car. The government argued that this was within the
definition of taking the forfeited property "into government
service" -- but the Mayor's wife was not a city employee, so why
should she have the use of her own city vehicle?
Somerset County, New Jersey: On 8/2/92 the New York Times reported
how Somerset County prosecutor Nicholas Bissell Jr.'s office made
a deal with a newly arrested suspect, James Guiffre, by threatening
him with felony charges carrying 10 years, and forfeiture of his
residence, unless he agreed to sign over the deeds to two vacant
lots that he had bought in 1988 for $174,000. Guiffre did so
within 26 hours of his arrest, without being allowed to consult
counsel. The lots were sold several months later, with Bissell's
approval, for $20,000 to a buyer who conveyed them to "two men with
at least a nodding acquaintance" to Bissell's chief detective,
Richard Thornburg, the Times reported. Thornburg was the officer
who had made the "deal" with Guiffre in the first place.
Somerset County, though 13th in the state of New Jersey in
population, ranked number one in the state for assets seized in
1991, with $1,029,341 in seized cash alone, not to mention
vehicles, real estate and other property seized. $300,000 from the
forfeiture fund controlled by Bissell was placed in a small bank
(total deposits $1.3 million) belonging to Bissell's "longtime
business associate," according to the Times.
Prosecutor Bissell, who maintains complete control over the
proceeds of forfeiture, spent $6000 out of the fund to buy
membership in a private tennis club for his prosecutors and
detectives, among other expenditures.3
Suffolk County, New York: October 2, 1992, the New York Times
reported that Suffolk County, New York, District Attorney James M.
Catterson, like prosecutor Bissell in New Jersey, has asserted
complete control over the assets his office confiscates through its
forfeiture program. Until Long Island's Newsday brought it to
their attention, Suffolk County officials knew nothing about
Catterson's handling of the forfeited assets. Catterton drives
a BMW 735i that was seized from a drug dealer. He spent $3,412
from the forfeiture fund for mechanical and body work on the BMW,
including $75 for pin striping.
Also, from the fund, he bought a $300 watch for a retiring
secretary, and spent $3,999 for chairs, among other things.
Catterton told the Times: "By my view, I really don't have to ask
anyone else's permission to spend monies that come to me." The
county has not audited Catterton's office since 1981.4
Pine Lawn, Missouri: May 1, 1991, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
reported that in the tiny community of Pine Lawn one detective,
Marvin Shannon, was charged with stealing money from the police and
another officer wound up with a television set seized in a raid.
Detective Shannon also wound up with a Camaro Z28-IROC sports car
which he seized from a drug suspect who didn't own it. At the
forfeiture auction, the detective bought it for far less than what
it was worth. In one case seized cash and jewelry valued at
$13,000 was missing. Pine Lawn's mayor, Pelton Jackson, called in
the FBI to investigate the missing property, as well as reports
that police were allowing drug dealers to go free in exchange for
Los Angeles, California: January 31, 1992, six L.A. narcotics
officers were tried on charges of "stealing hundreds of thousands
of dollars in cash and property during drug raids, beating
suspects, planting narcotics and falsifying police reports,"
according to the Los Angeles Times. On March 19,
1992, the Los Angeles Times reporting on another trial involving
two L.A. narcs charged with money-skimming, described the testimony
of former L.A. County sheriff's deputy Eufrasio G. Cortez:
Cortez. . . said that a money-skimming scandal that has
shaken the Sheriff's Department began with narcotics
officers taking "a few dollars off the top" to buy law
enforcement equipment or dinner after a successful drug
raid -- but quickly spiraled out of control.
Narcotics officers also began stealing seized property,
including television sets, stereos and jewelry that had been
confiscated during raids, he said. Before long, officers also were
skimming hundreds of dollars, then thousands, in cash.7
L.A. Times reporter Victor Merina told FEAR that ten of the
L.A. county officers have been convicted, and that the trials of
five officers ended in mistrials and acquittals on some counts. One
has been reindicted on state charges, and the others are awaiting
a decision as to whether they will be retried.
Boise Idaho: In Boise this year, an informant who has worked for
the DEA since the sixties, was caught, along with the local
Sheriff, burglarizing a suspect's home. At their joint trial, the
Sheriff raised the "you have to bend the rules to catch the scumbag
drug dealers" defense, and, in a rare demonstration of jury
nullification, he was acquitted. The informant, however, was
convicted, but not before spilling his guts about DEA corruption at
the trial. He has since contacted F.E.A.R. and told of massive
corruption in the DEA asset seizure program. His claims include
reports of police steering drug transactions to valuable assets so
they could seize them, and assets, including automobiles, being
seized and not reported. His most outrageous allegations, however,
are of officers taking kickbacks from informants for having
arranged a reward to them. He was recently incarcerated in the
federal prison system, and fears for his life. He has been told
from two sources, he says, that his life expectancy would be about
two weeks after he is locked up. We have not heard from him since.
If anyone has any more information about similar corruption
anywhere in the country, please let us know.
1. "'Robbery With A Badge' In The Nation's Capital," by Gary
Fields, USA Today 5-18-92 page 1.
2. "Three Accuse D.C. Officers of Robbery," by Brian Mooar and
Michael York, Washington Post p. D1, 9-25-92.
3. "Seizure of Assets by an Aggressive Drug Fighter Raises
Eyebrows," by Jon Nordheimer, New York Times Metro Report 8-2-92,
page 37.
4. "Asset Seizure Is Questioned in Suffolk," by John T. McQuiston,
New York Times, 10-2-92 page B1.
5. "Pine Lawn Seizures Stir Turmoil: Money, Jewelry, Other
Property Reported Missing From Custody" and "Officer Seizes Sports
Car, Ends Up As Its New Owner", by Louis J. Rose and Tim Poor, from
the series "Hooked On The Drug War" St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5-1-91
page 1.
6. "Attorneys Close With a Flurry; Trial: In Final Arguments In
Drug Case, They Accuse Federal Prosecutors of Using 'Scum of the
Earth' To Testify Against Their Clients", by Victor Merina, New
York Times, 1-31-92 page B3.
7. "Widespread Corruption In Narcotics Squads Told," by Victor
Merina, New York Times, 3-19-92 page B3.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Few Questions On The Mug Shot

For those of you who remember what the mugshot looked like, you will recall it was in digital formatting and not on plain paper.

Question 1:
If you or I request a mugshot would we receive that in digital format or on plain paper?

Question 2:
How would you receive it in digital format? Either on disc or by email, correct. Should be records for both.

Question 3:
If you worked for the Sheriff's Office and somebody requested my mugshot less than 2 weeks ago, would you remember that? I think you would.

So, there should be an email that contained my mugshot or a receipt for the CD because I am sure they had to paid for these open records like everyone else.

Capt. Walker please explain!!!!

I believe that the website was set up by an employee of the Sheriff and that employee took my mugshot and used it to try and shut me up. Or. as others would call it POLITICAL GAIN.

If you are as upset with the Sheriff' Office as I am please read below:

If everyone here is serious about getting the sheriff out of power, then, I have a phone number for you to call.It's the U.S. Attorney's Office in Savannah, Georgia. Call 912 652 4422. You call there and say you're from Camden County and that you don't like what the Sheriff is doing with the drug money, what is spends it on, etc.I called and was surprised at what I heard. All you serious people against the sheriff need to call..........912 652 4422 and tell them you are tired of our sheriff.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The First Part of The 2006 Audit

The rest can be found later on in the blog. You can search for it at the top. Just type in 2006 audit and click search.

Open Records Request Received

I will let you be the Judge.

Sheriff Supporter Spins It Again

From the T&G:

Business is business, and politics is, well...
Dear Editor, Another day, another article, and another dent in the reputation of Camden County, and its government. Camden County Sheriff Bill Smith comes under attack once again, for donating money to a scholarship fund ("Sheriff's scholarship awarded," Aug. 31). The money came from drug dealers. It didn't come from hard-working people with honest jobs. It came from crooks and murderers. This donation was approved by the United States Department of Justice and is earmarked for scholarships in the law enforcement field.The article says that Sheriff Smith wrote the check without permission from the Camden County commissioners. They even filed a lawsuit to try and get control of the money that the sheriff's department seized. The article further states that the commissioners filed a request for a restraining order against the sheriff to stop him from spending any of the money that his department had seized. The sheriff was given 30 days to respond. Thirty days have not passed yet. Still, the commissioners want control. Nothing has been decided in court. The lawsuit hasn't been heard, the restraining order has not been decided upon and yet the commissioners think that just because they flex their legal muscle, that the sheriff is supposed to knuckle under and give them control of assets seized by his department (that) are earmarked for law enforcement purposes only.
Commissioner (Katherine) Zell states in the article that the sheriff showed a lack of professionalism, and thumbed his nose at them. Commissioner (David) Rainer does not want money spent until "the court decides the issue." Commission Chairperson (Preston) Rhodes considers it "inappropriate" for the sheriff to spend money until the lawsuit is settled. Commissioner (Steve) Berry wants the sheriff to abide by the rules. The "rules" he mentions are 13 years old, and have not been enforced for most of that time.Who can blame Sheriff Smith for not wanting to change the way he runs his office to suit the commissioners? After all, this is the same board of commissioners who voted to increase taxes to fund the sheriff's budget request, and then took the money back, and are trying to penalize the sheriff and his employees by cutting their budget even more. This is the same board of commissioners that promised pay increases to the sheriff's department employees. The commissioners reneged on the raises also, but still the deputies are there 24 hours a day, just a phone call away if needed.Our commissioners need to put politics aside, and get on with the business of running Camden County. They need to learn just what is their business, and just what is not their business. Leave politics out of business, and we will all benefit from the change.
Charles Wood
St. Simons Island

TRSP Review:
This letter is completely wrong.
First, the money does not come from murderers. It comes from drugs only. And it says in the federal guidelines that scholarships are not allowed.

Second, because the "rules" are 15 years old they can be ignored? I will have to use that in court one time.

Third, We all know the commissioners did not promise anything, as the commissioner only approve what the Sheriff puts in front of them. And raises are part of the budget. This board has not done anything with raises. I believe the previous board approved a 3% raise, someone please correct me if I am wrong. But nothing since the first of the year has happened with raises.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sheriff Supporter Still Using Profanity!!!!!

This is from Support our Sheriff. (see link in Links Section).

Edited for this blog.(profanity removed)


TRSP Review: I guess they are getting worried that to many people are seeing the truth. Voters are being swayed and they are using their own minds instead of just listening to what the Sheriff says.

A word of advice profanity on a support site will not get the Sheriff any more votes. In fact you are turning people against the Sheriff, so please keep up the good work you make my job so much easier.

P.S. I didn't fix your spelling errors.

Comments Of The Week

These are growing your comments mean a lot keep them coming.

It's Time Camden said...
Rick, I have a question. If on O8-31-2006 the Chief Deputy Charlie Easterling signed stating that he knew the current fiscal budget was $6,356,185.00 for the current year what competent agency leaders would continue spending to the 9.2 million dollar range without regards to us taxpayers?I for one was at the County Commissioners meeting where Sheriff’s Smith did not think it was an issue until June 2007 and he was already 1.1 million over his allotted budget.This is blatant fiscal abuse and irresponsible! Government Officials are caretakers of the public trust, placed in positions of trust that affect the lives and finances of the public.Citizens of Camden have the right to expect that their government officials will be beyond reproach!Sheriff Smith has NOT discharged his official duties ethically or honestly! I say it’s time for a Public Corruption Investigation.

The real insider said...
Jay,I have been told by people inside the Sheriff's Office that Chief Deputy Charlie Easterling is the real author of most of these letters to the editor. Then he has a cronies come in and sign them.Today I find it quite interesting that C. L. Goodrich from Woodbine wrote a letter based on fiction and fantasy.The only people in the phone book with the last name Goodrich is Catharine (Osprey Cove) or Robert Goodrich (Woodbine).Robert Goodrich is the only one from Woodbine.Here is the connection... Robert Goodrich is Wanda Easterling's brother-in-law. Wanda is married to Chief Deputy Charlie Easterling who is supposed to be writing these letters. All three are or have been employees of the Sheriff Office.C.L. Goodrich fiction and fantasy? Will the real Goodrich please stand up!
10:43 AM
The real insider said...
An Internet Search shows that C.L Goodrich lives at 310 Russell St. Woodbine. This is Carole L. Goodrich who is Wanda Easterling's sister.It is truly a small world! Let keep it in the Family! Like the GoodFather!
11:27 AM

Anonymous said...
AMEN, some good deputies lost their jobs so BTW could put some good ole boys on the pay roll, and some that could not pour piss out of a boot. Greg Jackson was one of the finest deputies up there who got laid off. David Gregory Tommys brother was a fine dare officer who didnt deserve it either. HARRIET Sirmons is a lovely lady who was a hard ass worker, and always worked 2-3 jobs for her family to survive, and he laid her off so he could put his blonde hair bimbos in charge. Bill it is all coming out, and what goes around comes around. You screwed over some really good cops, and now you will learn in 08 along with all your good ole boys how it feels not to have a job.
7:56 AM

Anonymous said...
Rick, I bet they can not compete with your Blog, BTW is going to jail you can count on that,,, he is in way over his head,
11:57 AM

Anonymous said...
Why are any of these prisoners serving their sentence in the County Jail. Shouldn't they be going to a State or Federal facility to serve out their time. That would be a good way to thin out the jail population, send the people who have been convicted and sentenced, to the State or Federal facility where they belong. However, I'm sure they hesitate to send off the ones who have the ability to do plumbing, heating, electrical or construction. Still wonder how many are in the County Jail that should be somewhere else. If all of these inmates are waiting for their day in court, then something must be terribly wrong with our Judicial System.
2:49 PM

Anonymous said...
Sine the Sheriff does not want to abife by the law as it is written for the seized drug money. I think the Commissioners should make a motion to question Commissioner Sears as to why she received so much of the money and for what reason. They have the right to make that motion.Secondly, the World Class Boxing Club sure receives alot of money from the Sheriff. As previously posted this is all about vote buying. The Sheriff supports the boxing club and employs all of Joe Harris children and Joe Harris inturn solicits votes for the Sheriff in the black community/churches.He is so arrogant... He paid for hotel rooms at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with the seized asset money. After seeing that I guest quiche and tiki torches seem like a blimp on the scale.

Insider said...
Rick,In one of your latest post you asked everyone to name just one person who supports the sheriff. Other than anonymous there was NO One person who would put their name on the post in a show of support.Now there is a website call support our sheriff and there is nothing posted except some polls.Am I led to believe that this means there is no support for our sheriff? I was taught that actions specks louder that words and this is speaking really loud.P.S. Thank you to all commissioners who stood up for what was right.Commissioner Sears keep taking that drug money from the Sheriff and soon you will be able to buy that new personal boat you and Chris have been eyeing.Insider
9:50 AM

Anonymous said...
I wish I was a resident of Camden county so I could vote in this election. I have been in Camden for over twenty years working, and hunting. I can see Tommy Gregory is the man for this job. He has the passion and integrity to do what he say's. Keep up the good work Tommy. Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...
When you believe that you are King and cannot be dethroned then you are liable to do almost anything. Alot of people are upset with you putting the Sheriffs truth out on the internet for everyone to view. It is much easier for him and his camp to say "It's just politics" when there is not evidence circulated to support the claimants claims. Keep up the good work. Although it is the law that Sheriff Smith answer your "request" good luck with that. I don't think it will ever happen, unless the documents are falsely "developed" after the fact.
11:33 AM

Anonymous said...
i, understand they got rid of two black coaches to make room for this guy to be A.D. It sound like there is a Stump Mit.situation (racism)that cost the citizens thousands, of couse, this is when He was hired. again the school system habits might be worst then the Sheriff,more later,still trying to get K.Taylor to call me back. TRSP Review: Please let us know what you find out.

Anonymous said...
I'm a little surprised that you would think you could post all of those degrogatory/mean/childish photos with the Sheriff's picture and not think it would offend and enrage people. Who exactly do you think you are? And who is REALLY behind your attacks? I have a feeling there is a little more to it than you are telling at this point. Time will tell. Surely you didn't think you could start all of this without people checking into your background and exposing you? You have admitted to the DUI, so why are you upset with your mugshot being shown?
TRSP Review: Just a concerned citizen!!!

Jay Moreno said...
Well, they have blinked - once again.I just left this on 4tbpartdeux at 1:15 PM, Sunday, 9/9/07."I see that now that Rick Roger's has filed a FOI request to see who obtained a copy of his mug shot and published it on this blog to the right of pictures of a young Danny Bonnaducci and Pinnochio, with the caption, Separated at birth," you have suddenly removed it and any record of its ever having been posted. Que pasa, officers?"Let see if it stays, is answered, or gets me bbanned?
12:18 PM

TRSP Review: Keep up the good work people. They are falling apart and can't even come up with real support for their guy.

This is what the supporters do when they are busted. Check it out, but beware there is profanity on the front page. Sheriff Smith do you support this? http://4tbpartdeux.blogspot.com/

Admission Of Guilt!!!!

After seeing the 4 thebadge part 2 took down all of their posts and now just has profanity all over the blog I can say that they probably got my mug shot in an unethical way. Please be careful when you visit.

Will post comments of the week later on today.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Is The Sheriff's Office Behind These Blogs Trashing Me

I will find out. I have submitted an open records request to see who requested my mug shot. If someone actually did request it than we will have many answers to our questions, but if there is not a request then more questions will be asked.

I will post the results as soon as I receive them.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Gregory Responds

This was taken from Tommy Gregory's blog, http://tommygregory.blogspot.com/

Tommy Gregory said...
September 6, 2007
Compassion Wrote:
I think Tommy Gregory should answer the following questions on this blog, being that this blog has endorsed him on the front page.
1. What is your opinion of the way the drug funds have been spent, and what would you do differently?
2. Would you purchase private vehicles for the employees with seized drug money?
3. Would you buy votes with the seized drug money?
4. Would you assume the office and keep in place all the people that Sheriff Smith has in place now?
5. Would you keep a top heavy force of not needed Captains, or would you be fiscally responsible with the taxpayer’s money?
Let us know if we would be getting more of the same by voting for you. Because what I am seeing is that the tentacles run deep. And you working for Darryl Griffis is no different than you working for Sheriff Smith. Based on the audit reports Smith is running the Kingsland Police Dept as well as the County. So what would make us voting for you any different than what we have had since the beginning of time.Based on what I know about the connections in this community. In order for Griffis to hire you after you were fired from the County. You have to have a family connection or tie. I might be wrong in my assumption; that's why I am asking you for clarity. Please answer the questions for the people that maybe considering voting for you, but have doubts because of the tie ins.________________________________________________________________

1. I believe the Shared & Seized Assets Fund (drug money) has been misused. Although this money has been given away to worthwhile causes, these causes are not permitted under the guidelines. This money is intended for law enforcement training and equipment and drug awareness programs. Now Sheriff Smith will tell you he was able to buy high school football and cheerleading uniforms with drug money because his office spoke with the kids about drug awareness. However, my oldest son played for the Wildcats all through high school and not once did the Sheriff’s Office present a drug awareness program during that time. He graduated in 2006. If Bill Smith wants to give money away for the purpose of promoting himself and buying votes, he should do so out of his own pocket - not the taxpayers' pockets.As Sheriff, I will spend drug money only on those items allowed under the guidelines such as jail improvements and the equipment necessary to make it one of the finest agencies in the State of Georgia. This money will be spent for the benefit of Camden County only.
2. I will not purchase private vehicles for employees. Seized asset money or taxpayer’s money will not be used for this abuse. Furthermore, I will set new policies regarding the use of Sheriff’s Office vehicles. Only essential personnel, such as patrol officers and on-call investigators, will have vehicles.
3. No. Buying votes with Seized Assets is unethical and illegal. I vow to restore integrity and honesty to our Sheriff’s Office.
4. No, I will not keep in place all the people that Sheriff Smith has in place now. As you stated in your question number 5, the Sheriff’s Office is currently top heavy with brass. I will eliminate these excess positions. Then, I will reorganize and restructure the entire Sheriff’s Office, Jail and 911 staff to provide the maximum amount of service for every tax dollar. I want to increase the Sheriff’s office visibility in our communities. We need to partner with each community and identify each community’s specific problems. A “one size fits all” is not the answer. You can’t find the answers sitting in an office full of top heavy brass.
5. I believe my number 4 answer also provides the answer to this question.I was not hired by Darryl Griffis. I was hired in February 2005 by acting Police Chief Wayne Peeples. Darryl Griffis applied for the Kingsland Chief position almost year after my employment began and was subsequently hired. I was hired based on my qualifications, experience and integrity. I do not have, nor have I ever had, family ties to Darryl Griffis. I decided to run for Sheriff because I want to improve the law enforcement services Camden County citizens receive. I have the qualifications and the experience to make these improvements. Please give me a call. I will be happy to meet with you and your family and friends and discuss my qualifications and my plans for the Sheriff’s Office. In the meantime, please visit my website: www.GregoryForSheriff.com.
September 6, 2007 8:35 PM

Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Few Points Of Interest

  1. Today 4 the badge has reopened. I ask you all to please go and check it out and post to show your support for all public employees. http://4thebadge.blogspot.com/
  2. If you have no idea what the Sheriff can and can't do with the drug money then go to this link and it will explain it all to you. www.ustreas.gov/offices/enforcement/teoaf/guidelines/greenbook.pdf Guide to Equitable Sharing for Foreign Countries and Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies
  3. Tommy Gregory will be on Camden TV on Monday Sept. 10, 2007 at 8:00PM. He will be on a new show called Friendly Fire with Doug Vaught. It will also run a couple times during the week, those times TBA.

Sheriff Still Trying To Avoid Court

As I have said many times the Sheriff will not take the County to court. He does not want to explain this mess to a judge. Now he is trying to slip some sort of a non compromise through the Commissioners. As you read yesterday 4 out of 5 commissioners are now on board with the 1994 agreement stating that the Sheriff must have a commissioners signature on the checks. One Commissioner is still against it. I wonder why? If you look at the audit below you will see why. Charlene Sears has received thousands of dollars from this drug fund. Do you still not see a conflict of interest. So districts1,2,3, and 5 all had their say, district 4 has no say and the district of the Sheriff is strongly against it. But we are all wrong and the Sheriff is right.

The Florida Times-Union
September 6, 2007
Sheriff offers little change on drug funds
By Gordon Jackson, The Times-Union
KINGSLAND - An attorney representing Camden County Sheriff Bill Smith has sent a proposal to the County Commission that he says will "resolve all issues" regarding who controls a bank account containing confiscated drug money. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

Brunswick attorney Terry Readdick sent a three-page proposal Tuesday that would give Smith control of the seized drug money account, which totaled about $1.6 million last year. The federal government returns seized drug assets to counties to be used for law enforcement purposes.
The proposal requires Smith to submit a quarterly budget outlining expected expenditures from the account. But the quarterly report is "for informational purposes only and shall not be subject to approval or denial by the Board of Commissioners," Readdick wrote.
Smith would not have to make disclosures that would violate any state or federal open records laws or that would compromise current or future criminal investigations, the proposal says. Commissioners will have the right to ask for proof that expenditures from the fund are legally spent.
Expenditures from the account became an issue last month after the Times-Union reported that Smith used it to pay jail inmates thousands of dollars since 2004, including payments to a convicted methamphetamine maker. Auditors hired by the county questioned an additional $23,000 in expenses last year, the Times-Union reported. Those include a $5,000 donation to a nonprofit spinal cord center in Atlanta and $2,500 to reimburse a sheriff's employee for getting a nursing license.
The report was based on itemized ledger sheets attached to auditors' reports obtained by the newspaper under Georgia's Open Records Act.
In a cover letter that accompanied the proposal, Readdick said Smith and/or Capt. Wesley Walker, a sheriff's deputy, are willing to meet privately with commissioners to discuss the offer.
"I believe the proposed policy addresses legitimate concerns that have been expressed by both parties," Readdick wrote to commissioners.
Readdick declined an interview request Wednesday to explain the proposal, saying he typically does not comment on ongoing cases. Commissioners filed a lawsuit last month after Smith refused to voluntarily return control of the account to them.
The proposal, however, did not generate much support among commissioners.
Amending the deal?
Commission Chairman Preston Rhodes said Smith should comply with the existing agreement reached in 1994 when commissioners turned control of the account over to the sheriff. Instead, Rhodes said, Smith is trying to amend an agreement that was never followed.
The 1994 agreement calls for a county commissioner to co-sign with Smith every check written from the confiscated drug money account. But there is no record Smith ever asked commissioners to co-sign any check.
"How can you change something already in existence?" Rhodes asked. "That's not what the law says."
Commissioner Katherine Zell said there is "absolutely no compromise" in the proposal.
"It might as well be blank paper," Zell said. "It didn't say anything to me."
Zell also said Smith should have followed the 1994 agreement instead of submitting a proposal that basically allows him to continue managing the account will little oversight by commissioners.
Commissioner David Rainer said he received the proposal Tuesday and has not had time to read the offer for comment.
'Whatever he wants'
Commissioner Steve Berry said the sheriff took the existing policy, which Berry described as "good, sound and reasonable," and submitted an offer that allows Smith to do "whatever he wants."
"It's actually cleverly written three pages of nothing," he said. "This is not a compromise."
Berry said the proposal is an attempt by Smith to change the law before he gets punished for misspending money from the account.
"This is more of his arrogance where he says, 'I am the law,' " Berry said. "I wouldn't even entertain the suggestions in this [proposed] policy."
Times-Union writer Paul Pinkham contributed to this report.
(912) 729-3672
This story can be found on Jacksonville.com at http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/090607/geo_197280503.shtml.

TRSP Review:

THANK YOU COMMISSIONERS. Except for of course Charlene Sears who continues to tell the folks in her district that she does not support them.

Back on July 1, I sent a email to all commissioners asking them to back up what I was saying on this blog. Berry did just that, and soon after Ms. Zell saw the light and so did Mr. Rhodes. And then finally Mr. Rainer stepped up and said the Sheriff should not have spent that 100,000 on the college scholarship. So in two short months we went from no support from the board to 4 out of 5. Not bad Camden County. Do you now see what can be accomplished if we come together as one. Good job.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Audit 2005

Sheriff Says I Don't Care What You Want!!!!!!!!!

The Florida Times-Union
September 5, 2007Camden sheriff donates $100,000 in drug money to Atlanta college
By Gordon Jackson, The Times-Union
KINGSLAND - Camden County Sheriff Bill Smith has donated $100,000 in confiscated drug money to Georgia State University despite a policy requiring approval by the County Commission for all checks written from the account. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

The donation to Georgia State in Atlanta was made Aug. 29, less than two weeks after commissioners filed a lawsuit to wrest control of the drug money account from Smith.
Commissioners also asked the court on Aug. 10 for a restraining order preventing Smith from spending any money from the account until a judge rules on the lawsuit. The court gave Smith 30 days to respond to the lawsuit.
While awaiting Smith's response, commissioners voted to compel Smith to follow a 1994 policy that requires two signatures on every check written on the account, Smith's and a representative of the County Commission.
Money in the account, which totaled about $1.6 million last year, is seized from suspected drug dealers and returned to the county by state and federal authorities. Federal guidelines require the money be used for law enforcement purposes.
Commissioner Katherine Zell said last weeks' scholarship announcement was surprising because of the pending lawsuit.
"I just don't know why he wants to continue to thumb his nose at us," she said. "It disappoints me about Sheriff Smith's lack of professionalism."
Commissioner David Rainer also questioned Smith's decision to spend money from the account before the court decides the issue.
"Until this dispute is resolved, the rules should be followed," Rainer said. "Whether he is right or wrong, the court will decide."
But Lt. William Terrell, the sheriff's spokesman, said the donation was planned long before commissioners filed their lawsuit to take control of the account containing seized drug money.
"These scholarships have helped many local students fulfill the dream of a college education," Terrell said in a written response. "[The] sheriff believes that establishing these scholarships is one of the best possible ways of putting drug dealers' money to good use."
Regardless of how long the donation had been planned, Commission Chairman Preston Rhodes said Smith's decision to award the money was "inappropriate" until the lawsuit is resolved.
"I was really surprised because it [the issue] is part of a pending lawsuit," he said.
Rhodes also questioned if the money could have been used in a way that would positively impact more county residents.
"When you look at the amount and the number of people this [donation] affected, the money could have been used to benefit more people from Camden County," Rhodes said.
It's apparent, Commissioner Steve Berry said, that Smith "doesn't want to abide by any rules" established by commissioners when they transferred control of the account to the sheriff 13 years ago.
"We cut his budget to $7 million a year and he says he's broke, yet on the other hand he's got $100,000 to give away when it's questioned if he has the authority to do so," Berry said. "We filed a lawsuit to enforce the policy. It shows his arrogance."
(912) 729-3672

Please read the next two post as well they are very important!

Name One Person That Supports Our Sheriff?

Answer: Anonymous!!!!!!!!!!

That's right folks they support him so much they don't want anyone to know who they are.

A blog has been started again to show support for the Sheriff, But all they do is attack me. Why? Because they can't defend what the man is doing. So instead of telling us why we are wrong they, They just attack.

Here is a little snip from the blog:
So when you read about the known Methamphetamine dealer Bill Merell was brought back to this county and worked as a trusty at the jail. While he served his time, repaying his debt to society ( remember he has repaid so you three might want to back off him about his past) Sense he has been released I have not seen anything in the paper stating he has been arrested for any drug related charges. Oh wait he hasn't been arrested sense he left our jail. Maybe it worked. Yeah we paid him $50.00 a week for work service he did at and around the jail. Only 50 a week, you couldn't find a person to work for that price. So I really don't have a problem with him aiding in the rehabilitation of citizens, even if it uses our tax dollars.

But, I get a DUI and I am a bad guy. My DUI cost the county nothing in fact it made money for the county. But we are to forgive Mr. Murrell (correct spelling not using Blogger spellcheck) although he cost the county thousands dollars and even made money for himself while in jail.

So who is really the bad guy, Me Rick Rogers or the nameless, faceless Sheriff Supporters?

As always I love to show people what the other side is doing so please check it out for yourself. And please let the Sheriff know how you feel, but please look at the documents below before you go. And please take part in the polls it is important to have your voice heard whether for or against.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Short 10 Months Ago

From this blog;

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

People Send Me The Interesting Things All The Time

Here is last years audit report signed by Mr. Rainer.
Followed by the vechicle summary for this year. Enjoy

Comments Of The Week

Anonymous said...
Okay it has been establish that it is illegal for Sheriff Smith to give these donations to colleges. Therefore I ask the following questions:
1. Why would the State Representative stand in support of this illegal activity?
2. Why would an elected official stand in support of this illegal activity?
3. If the Sheriff is having a overcrowding problem at the jail, why would he give $100,000.00 dollars away; instead of utilizing the money to resolve the overcrowding problem?
4. If the Sheriff is so apt to giving the seize asset funds to colleges, why not give the money to a College here in Camden County. Hence it is suppose to support the local community, although the action is illegal.How much more of this does the taxpayers have to endure before someone with a brain steps in.

Anonymous said...
I understand Kenneth Taylor the President of the SCLC is filing discrimination charges against the School Board on behalf of all Academic Students.I heard his last meeting was indeed taken into Executive Session. So the School Police maybe right. The rest of us may never know exactly what comes of this. But, I wish someone would spill the beans in reference to this entire situation.
10:55 AM

Roxy the school police watch dog said...
Your house, I have been accused of cyber terrorism. I can't wait to see that boat pull up into my yard.

Anonymous said...
There is no logical reason sir/mam. I wore that badge and patch for many years. When you wear a badge or patch you wear it for honor, pride and integrity. Not for money or any other reason.For that inmate to be wearing that badge is a slap in the face to all officers. The only reason he should be wearing that jacket would be if he was laying in the road bleeding to death and we need to cover him up. Not because it was windy that day on cumberland island. This is a shame and disgraceful, this is why 90% of the department has a problem with their boss, but keeps their mouth shut, becuase they need a job. I hope i have explained to where you understand there is no reason that criminal should display that badge, and if BTW was responsible when these pictures surfaced, someone would be answering for why that criminal was wearing that badge. But I hardly think so,, its time for a change.

Jay Moreno said...
Last night 8/30/07) was one of my infrequent trips out of the house. To protect some identities, let'sjust say that I was in the company of three other people who live in Camden County.I was recounting the story of the comical demise of the original "4thebadge." I mentioned who was behind it.Much to my amazement, one of the people, not well known to me previously, chimes in and says:"Oh, yeah, that's Sargeant Dave. I know him. He used to be up at the jail in Woodbine, but they had to move him down to the one in Kingsland. Yeah, he got into some trouble up there in Woodbine. He got caught letting males and females go into the shower together over in the pod and have sex while he watched."Flabbergasted, I asked "How do you know this?"The person's friend, whom I do know, volunteered that this person had been in the county jail - a trustee, in fact - for - well, for security, I won't say how long or how long ago. Subsequent conversation led me to beleive this person's veracity.Kind of sheds a whole new light on Sgt. Dave's propensity to spring to the defense of a fellow CCCSO officer accused of sexual misconduct on duty, don't you think? By the way, I posted this,then cancelled after I noticed a cuople of errors.
6:19 PM

Anonymous said...
Unless the Feds get involved there is the chance that nothing will happen to Smith and his gang. I suggest that every one interested should contact the following acting U.S. Attorney:
Edmund Booth, Jr.
Office of U.S. Attorney
P.O. Box 2017
Augusta, GA 30903-2017
FAX: 706-724-2711

If anything takes it will be the money issue. However, taking convicts to work out of state should also be a federal issue. If you can prosecuted for taking shrimp to Florida you should be prosecuted for taking trustees to S.C.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

I Have Made It Easier For YOU

Comments now open in a new window so the music will not restart every time you look at a comment.

Thanks for letting me know what you think of the blog and your thoughts on how to make it better.
And no Sheriff Smith deleting it would not make it better.

Georgia Transparency Headlines

The Parents Have Declared War

The Parents Have Declared War

Get On The Open Government Band Wagon

"Honorable and righteous men do not fear the exercise of liberty."

Important Information

U.S. Attorney's Office in Savannah, Georgia.

Mr. James D. DurhamAssistant U. S. Attorney
100 Bull Street Suite 201
Savannah, Georgia 31401
912 652 4422

Office of the Attorney General Of Georgia
Attorney General, Thurbert Baker
Office of the Attorney General
40 Capitol Square,
SWAtlanta, Ga 30334
(404) 656-3300

Open Records Violations
Stephan Ritter

Report Bad Cops
Police Complaint Center
We put ourselves on the line in pursuit of equal justice

State Board of Pardons and Paroles
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive,
SE Suite 458, Balcony Level, East Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4909
Telephone: (404) 657-9350

Office of the Governor,
Georgia State Capitol,
Atlanta, GA 30334
Office Phone: 404-656-1776

Please Call Judge Williams

Tell her to throw out the plea deal in the Perry case,

And grant him a new fair trial.


From the Blog:

Anonymous said...
I just spoke with a lady that had called Judge Williams number to ask for Dennis Perry's plea be thrown out and to grant him a new trial. Guess what? As soon as Dennis' name was mentioned, the secretary or whoever she was got very cold and told the lady she would have to send the judge a fax or write her a letter. AND THEN SHE WOULDN'T GIVE HER THE FAX NUMBER!! She was told she would have to write a letter..which the lady has done. Does that tell you there is something wrong with this case? You people in Camden County better wake up and smell the roses before you find yourself in the same position that Dennis is in. He isn't asking to be released. Just for a FAIR trial!!

Search The Real School Police