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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Short 10 Months Ago

From this blog;

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

People Send Me The Interesting Things All The Time

Here is last years audit report signed by Mr. Rainer.
Followed by the vechicle summary for this year. Enjoy


Anonymous said...

First of all I don't understand why the DA has not stepped in. Secondly why hasn't the Grand Jury indiated any of these people. Why is the government of Camden County run differently than any other law enforcement entity.

David Rainer should be summoned before a Grand Jury based on him signing off on the seized asset form without knowing exactly how the money was spent. The statement above his signature states that is what is SUPPOSE to happen.

Why are all of these Sheriff office employees provided these luxury vehicles at taxpayers expense. We are paying for everything from LEXUS to EXPEDITIONS. Why? Not only are we task with paying for these vehicles we provide each of these people with tags, insurance, mainteance and gasoline.

Bill Smith needs to go to jail NOW!!!!! Along with David Rainer and Brent Green. If Stephen Kelly does not step up to the plate and do his job he will be voted out of office. There is no need for anyone in his office to run for the position because they have already proven that they are willing to turn a blind eye to all of this corruption also.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Easterling also committed prejury he should be placed in the cell beside David Rainer. Why are the taxpayers paying Brent Green? Either he is very incompetent or he is on the take. Either way he should be placed in the third cell.

What is taking the GBI so long to complete their investigation? If they have half the information that Rick has posted on this blog. The process should have been completed along time ago.

It's Time Camden said...


I have a question. If on O8-31-2006 the Chief Deputy Charlie Easterling signed stating that he knew the current fiscal budget was $6,356,185.00 for the current year what competent agency leaders would continue spending to the 9.2 million dollar range without regards to us taxpayers?

I for one was at the County Commissioners meeting where Sheriff’s Smith did not think it was an issue until June 2007 and he was already 1.1 million over his allotted budget.

This is blatant fiscal abuse and irresponsible!

Government Officials are caretakers of the public trust, placed in positions of trust that affect the lives and finances of the public.

Citizens of Camden have the right to expect that their government officials will be beyond reproach!

Sheriff Smith has NOT discharged his official duties ethically or honestly!

I say it’s time for a Public Corruption Investigation.

Jay Moreno said...

Did I miss it? I did not see a line
on the federal reporting form for scholarship endowments. Didn't see one for donations to churches. Didn't see one for donations to private, Christian schools. Didn't see one for vote-buying junkets to Saddleback mega-church.

You would think that there would be an appropriate category for all of those things, were they allowed.

You know, half-in jest, I once suggested on one of these blogs that it might be simpler to count the number of CCSO employees who do not have take-home vehicles.
Who knew?

Why does a jailer need a county vehicle? Lunch runs, what? Doesn't a jailer know exactly where he is going to work every day? Trnasporting prisoners? Fine - have a small pool of cars assigned to each jail facility for that purpose. When not in use, the cars stay at the jail.

As a former insurance agent, I have to wonder if the carrier knows about the van carried on the CCSO policy, but driven by God knows who all at the boxing club.

Please, Thuggies, let's hear your defense of this mess!

Great job, Rick and informant.

Jay Moreno said...

This just in....

Steve Berry is being paid by Columbian drug cartel to go after BTW.



Has Steve been cutting you in on the cartel money?

I know I could sure use some. Y'all holding out on me, man?

The scary thing is that the average intelligence of the most ardent Thuggies is apparently such that they will actually lend credence to this kind of crap!

Jay Moreno said...

Well, duh!

There I was, asking myself why "senior accountant," Gina Evanson, would need a gas guzzling behemoth like the 1999 GMC Ykon Denali provided her by the sherriff's department.

But of course - when you put nearly $900.00 worth of Christmas gifts on the county credit card, you need an SUV!

Anonymous said...

Why is the GBI HOLDING THAT INVESTIATION? I think they are waiting closer to election time, which is wrong. If they have the evidence then take it to the Grand Jury. If they have any investigative skills then they have enough to indict BTW. I think Steve Kelley is just waiting. BTW made him look bad in the CHUA case, and he is just waiting,which is wrong also. This report posted by Rick is enough to send a few of them good ole boys to the poke,, send em all and let god sort em out,,,Rick get us some more pics of the illegal activities,, a squeeky whell gets oil,,, we are not going to take it,,,,

Jay Moreno said...


Just for the hell of it, why don't you contact Mike Fender and get these reportss of vehicles for ALL
county departments.

here may be a way bigger problem than we know of so far.

Jay Moreno said...


Go back to the "Federal Annual Certification Report."

Under "Summary of Shared Monies Spent," go down to Item K.

Note the parenthetical entry "complete attachment" (i.e., an attachment to list and justify individual expenditures in this catch all category.)

Attachment? What attachment? BTW don't need no stinking attachment!

Nor, apparently did King David Reigner.

Jay Moreno said...

Well, Rick, they finally mastered links.


Get over there quickly and check out the hysterical results of their two polls before they wise up and remove them!

The real insider said...


I have been told by people inside the Sheriff's Office that Chief Deputy Charlie Easterling is the real author of most of these letters to the editor. Then he has a cronies come in and sign them.

Today I find it quite interesting that C. L. Goodrich from Woodbine wrote a letter based on fiction and fantasy.

The only people in the phone book with the last name Goodrich is Catharine (Osprey Cove) or Robert Goodrich (Woodbine).

Robert Goodrich is the only one from Woodbine.

Here is the connection... Robert Goodrich is Wanda Easterling's brother-in-law. Wanda is married to Chief Deputy Charlie Easterling who is supposed to be writing these letters. All three are or have been employees of the Sheriff Office.

C.L. Goodrich fiction and fantasy?

Will the real Goodrich please stand up!

The real insider said...

An Internet Search shows that C.L Goodrich lives at 310 Russell St. Woodbine. This is Carole L. Goodrich who is Wanda Easterling's sister.

It is truly a small world! Let keep it in the Family! Like the GoodFather!

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Just in time for my next letter to the editor.

That Real insider

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Letter to the editor:

Who is really behind the effort to unseat the sheriff?

Dear Editor, Just pretend for a moment. With everything else that's going on these days, let's take a moment for a fantasy mind trip. Just suppose that there once was a sheriff in, oh, let's say, southeast Georgia. And let's say that this sheriff had his deputies trained to seize drugs and money from an interstate highway that ran through his county. And let's also pretend that these deputies seized a lot of drugs, and money, and made numerous arrests because of their hard work and dedication.

And also, while we're at it, let's pretend that some drug cartel people in places like South America and Miami got really upset at what this sheriff and his men were doing to their business. Now let's pretend that these drug cartel people wanted the sheriff, responsible for all of the arrests and seizures, removed from office. They may have even gone so far as to make threats against the sheriff. They may have even made threats against his deputies, causing them to fear for themselves and their families' safety. And let's pretend even further that because the sheriff and his deputies did their job so well, for so many years, that you just had to ask yourself the following questions:

· Is there possibly, just possibly, some money behind the negative publicity about the sheriff?

· Could the drug cartel people be trying to get him removed from office again?

· Is there a certain commissioner in the county, that was once willing to spend a fortune to have a political rival removed, that is helping fund some of the efforts to attack the sheriff?

· Are there others behind the publicity about the sheriff that are benefiting from it?

This is a pretty scary scenario, huh? But it could never happen here, not in Camden County, or could it? You be the judge. As for me, I have made up my mind. I'm going to try and reopen the mill. I miss the smell. It didn't stink near as bad as the news does nowadays.

C.L. Goodrich


Remeber she said lets pretend. I thought these were real threats, now they are pretend. Wasn't a few months ago someone wrote a letter and said that they did have a hit on the Sheriff.

So let's make good news up for the Sheriff, or tell people he is being threatened so they feel sorry for old Billy.

Jay Moreno said...

Let's just imagine that once upon a time, there was a veritable caricature of a corrupt and corrupting hereditary southern sherrif in southeast Georgia - let's say the southeasternmost corner of southeast Georgia.

Let's imagine that this sheriff was remarkably successful in interdicting drug shipments on I-95.

Let's further imagine that some interprizing drug cartel was, A, sacrificing one of their own mules once in a while in return for safe passage for the others, and, B, tipping off that sheriff to as many of the shipments of their competitors as they could obtain good intelligence on.

Just imagining, of course.

Jay Moreno said...

Prepare to be pissed off - again.

I stumbled across this: from the minutes of the Camden County Commission of Tuesday, April 20, 2004.

A. Appropriation of funding for security for G-8 Summit
Wesley Walker, Camden County Sheriff’s Office, requested $50,000.00 in funding from
the Board of Commissioners to purchase equipment and officer training in anticipation of
the upcoming G-8 Summit.
Commissioner Feller made a motion, seconded by Vice-Chairman Herrin and voted
unanimously to fund the Sheriff’s Department with $50,000.00 to purchase equipment
and officer training in preparation for the G-8 Summit.
The motion carried unanimously.

Apparently, BTW just could not see his way clear to use any drug funds - especially when he realized there were no votes available for purchase at the G-8 summit.

Jay Moreno said...

In going over the list of folks provided with jobs and take home automobiles, I'm picking up on the names of several people whom I believe were influential union officers before the mill closed.

How about it, someone from the mill - am I right?

How many had ANY prior law enforcement training and / or experience?

Most of the black names I recognize are well known and one would think influential with the black community.

One gets the feeling that one's chances of getting on with BTW are greatly enhanced when he figures you can deliver some bloc votes.

Anonymous said...

half of btw's cronnies came from the Darango job corps. got head of the line promotions without or before they were properly train/certified

Anonymous said...

Yes and I remember 13 officers who were fired without cause due to a "Restructering of the S.O." only to be replaced with these untrained/uncertified good ole boys.

Anonymous said...

AMEN, some good deputies lost their jobs so BTW could put some good ole boys on the pay roll, and some that could not pour piss out of a boot. Greg Jackson was one of the finest deputies up there who got laid off. David Gregory Tommys brother was a fine dare officer who didnt deserve it either. HARRIET Sirmons is a lovely lady who was a hard ass worker, and always worked 2-3 jobs for her family to survive, and he laid her off so he could put his blonde hair bimbos in charge. Bill it is all coming out, and what goes around comes around. You screwed over some really good cops, and now you will learn in 08 along with all your good ole boys how it feels not to have a job.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly, Bill Smith has been in office for around 23 years and has been doing things his way for all those years because he always had full support of The Board of Commissioners, who would never go against anything he did. Look back over all those budget years and see if he ever finished a fiscal year without overspending his budget. Look at what he spent the Shared Assets (drug money) on during all those years. Nothing was ever done to stop him then and unless he is stopped by the law (that he does not have control over) he will continue doing just as he has done in the past. We can't just blame this board for the Sheriff's ways, this has been going on as long as he has been in office. He has surrounded himself with people who will always do as he says or lose their jobs. He is probably 70 years old now and really needs to retire. However, he may be just like most Kings, and die while in reign. Tommy Gregory is the first person in 23 years who actually has the knowledge to run this office as it should be run. Plus, he has respect for the Office of Sheriff.
He would never use the power of that office to garner votes for himself. I do believe in the power of prayer and think that we should all pray for Tommy Gregory to succeed in his bid for the Sheriff's office.

Anonymous said...

The GBI task force was back in town last week and the feds are also looking at the abuses.

Looking in my crystal ball, I just do not see carefree retirement at a lovely Cumberland Island cottage in
Smith's future.

Anonymous said...

I believe that abusive spending of taxpayer's money isn't the only thing that Smith should be checked out on. I hope and pray that the people of Camden County can soon be rid of this egotistical idiot!!!

Anonymous said...

I am no Bill Smith supporter but here we go with more lies. There was no GBI task force in town last week. People if we make up stories we are no better than the criminal. Its those remarks that help criminals build a defense. Dont try to make yourself look like you know something. There is no such thing as the GBI task force, other than drug task force which could give 2 shits about Bill. The case is being investigated by local agents who work here everyday, day in and day out. It is being led by The agent in charge. These are just men trying to get to the truth. They have no ties with Bill and could careless who the sheriff is. I do know this much about them. Once they finish the case they are going to give it to the District Attorney to decide whether to present it to the Grand Jury. This is very proper, let the DA decide what to do< we (the gbi) did their job. The feds are not involved as of yet

Anonymous said...

you may want to trade in that crystal ball, becuase it does not work, and tells lies

Anonymous said...

Call Tracy Sands in the Statesboro office and ask him . He is the agent
in charge.

Anonymous said...

If Bill had a brain, which apparently he doesn't, he would go and buy him a car and fill it up with gas, using some of the $96000.00 of his salary, and then head off to Charleston S.C. and stay. Submit a resignation letter and hope the hell the good citizens of this fine county will let him go, without any time picking blueberries at Alto Corrections center. I guess time will tell.

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Anonymous said...
I just spoke with a lady that had called Judge Williams number to ask for Dennis Perry's plea be thrown out and to grant him a new trial. Guess what? As soon as Dennis' name was mentioned, the secretary or whoever she was got very cold and told the lady she would have to send the judge a fax or write her a letter. AND THEN SHE WOULDN'T GIVE HER THE FAX NUMBER!! She was told she would have to write a letter..which the lady has done. Does that tell you there is something wrong with this case? You people in Camden County better wake up and smell the roses before you find yourself in the same position that Dennis is in. He isn't asking to be released. Just for a FAIR trial!!

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