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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gina Evanson Returns To Work

According to the Florida Times Union and Lt. William Terrell, Evanson returned to work on Sept. 14 after an 8 day suspension without pay. Remember back on Aug. 23, she was suspended with pay indefinitely.

In that time frame she paid 273.87 in cash to pay for purchases made on Jan. 20. She also paid 893.49 in a money order for the Christmas gifts purchased. She returned to work with a one pay grade reduction in salary and was reassigned to the operations division.

She no longer has a County credit card.


Jay Moreno said...

Very shrewd political calculus.

Go for the strggling single mom votes, the compassionate church ladies' votes, get off a vote-winning shot at the county commission to appeal to bad-boy redneck-living-vicariously-through the-sheriff bloc, and set a bear trap for critics.

He's slick as ever.

Jay Moreno said...

By the way, I caught the last 10 minutes or spo of what I assume was a 30 minute interview of Tommy Gregory by Thug Void on T.V. Camden last night. It will probably air again.

It was the first time I had ever seen Gregory speak.

First impression:

Every bit as well spoken as BTW.

Seems to have at least as much innate intelligence and "gravitas."
I believe his educational background is a match or better for BTW's.

Sounds like someone who has been there and done that, vis-a-vis the CCSO, and knows of what he speaks.

So far, so good.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I am surprised at a couple of things that havent been said. A well placed county official who wishes to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to comment on the situation says that the 1 pay grade reduction translates to a paltry $19.00 an hour, and the transfer to operations translates to answering the phone. So, Gina is now making approximately $40,000 per year to sit on her butt and answer the phone. Now, dont we live in a great country that is just full of opportunities to be a success.

Anonymous said...

yeah and most of the time the phone gets put on call forward to the jail side, so the operations folk can socialize. Wow

Anonymous said...

Nothing changes the fact that she's a THIEF!!! But, then that's par for the course for Smith. To have criminals working for him.

Jay Moreno said...

I just returned from going back and checking the vehicle list.

Would you believe that the take home vehicle provided for Ms. Evanson is a GMC Yukon Denali, a major gas guzzling behemoth?

How many folks making $40,000 drive their OWN Yukon Denali (or would be crazy enough to?)

Anonymous said...

Okay this person stole money from the County, claims to have repaid it, drives a county provided vehicle and her only responsiblity is to answer the phones. How can this possibily be acceptable?

Anonymous said...

Its totally insane

Anonymous said...

Plus she gets to fill the Denali up with free Gas that we Have to pay $2.80 gal for

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Is she on call?

Does she need to run to the Sheriff's Office everytime the phone rings to answer it?

I wonder if the drug money paid the debts?

Anonymous said...

I use to respect the Sheriff. But there is no way I can respect a man that would allow this type of stuff. She should be fired, the vehicle should be sold and the citizens of camden should be reimbursed. What an embarrassment. Is she blonde

Anonymous said...

The last comment hit the nail on the head. If she was on the homely side, she would have been fired. However, she is easy on the eyes, and the sheriff likes to be seen wsith her. Enough said???

Anonymous said...

She wouldn't have any problem getting a job at HOOTERS

Anonymous said...

The Sheriff said in the T&G yesterday (Friday edition) that everyone deserves a second chance. HELLO/????. She already had her second chance when she used that credit card a second time. The Sheriff has given a new meaning to a "SECOND CHANCE". Gee, they took the County Credit Card away from her. Maybe the Sheriff will give her one of his personal credit cards to use as part of the second chance.

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