Welcome To The New Real School Police

Welcome To The New Real School Police

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The Godley Files


The complete P.O.S.T record of Bob Godley. The former cop that thinks the whole county owes him an apology for his bad behavior.

There is a new blogger in town, who is also upset with this school system. Thank you Paul for standing up for what is right, and not backing down to the ESTABLISHMENT.

Camden County Schools The Truth


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And don't forget the Dennis Perry trial transcript also:

Remember Dennis is the one framed by former Sheriff Bill Smith and his lying so called detective Dale Bundy.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Federal Funds Gone, What About State Funds?

We have talked at length about the federal seized assets account, but what about the state seized assets?


I talked to the DOJ today and they kept asking me if it was federal or state funds. They said we receive both. Now you would think they would have different accounts for these two funds.

I think they do. Remember a while back we were looking at the federal audit and it had Southeastern Bank, and Ameris bank. Yet there was no info for Ameris. Just the fact that an account exists tells me Bill is hiding something from us. He should explain why we have never been told about this other account. How much money is in Ameris bank seized assets account? How much do we receive from the state? And why is there not an audit done on state funds?

Any member of the CCSO may answer these questions. I doubt any of them can. Maybe Walker could, I understand all he does all day is surf the web now. And we are paying him to do so. Got to love this office.

Hey Bill still want to defend your convict gas station owning friend?

How about your murdering doctor buddy, still trying to get him back in Camden County?

What about your cousin, are you still trying to cover up that murder? You know the same cousin that got a DUI and you fired a deputy for arresting him!!!!!!!

And yes Bundy, if she was hanging on to the tree stand she would have hit the ground feet first and probably only would have broken a leg or two. but you are the greatest detective in the world. Look out Inspector Gadet, here comes cover up Bundy. One day you will accept immunity to save your butt, just like Walker. Yes you will roll over on Slick Willie. But don't worry many more of you will do the same thing, at the federal trial in Savannah.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bill's Song

Bill's song.wma

This song reminds me of the truck I seen this morning. It was painted green and white, and on the side was a big badge. In the middle of the badge it said Bill Smith. It had re-elect Bill Smith wrote all over it. Any one else seen it? This tells me Bill is scared he is going to lose the election. Has he ever done this in the past?


All I have to say is I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

I told you a year ago Bill would drain the account. Once again Bill proves me right.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Camden County Grand Jury Not Looking At Criminal Activity!!!!



This jury was not looking into any of Bill's wrong doing. Their job was to review policy, and policy only. Yes all these people with ties to the Sheriff should not judge the policies he has, but this is small stuff. I really don't see anything wrong with the policy of the Sheriff's office with respect to the trusty program. IF ONLY SMITH WOULD FOLLOW HIS OWN POLICY. But this grand jury did not hear evidence of wrong doing, that was not their job. That job went on in Savannah, and I have been told that the Feds will indite him on 17 counts.

Don't look for this to be made public until at least the end of May or early June. Unless Bill can find some way to prolong his own agony.


Bill you are a lying sack of crap, and you will go to jail.

Friday, April 11, 2008

From http://www.blackcopters.blogspot.com/

Mullet Man is a Liar!!!!!

Seems as though Mullet Man, Rick Rogers, has lied AGAIN. People are calling for the truth M.M., they are tired of your lies. You accuse others of doing the same thing that you are.You have lost most of your credibility now.
Posted by Black Copters at 8:23 PM 1 comments
TRSP Review:
First, you are misrepresenting me, this is not me.
Are you talking about the $667,000 dollars that was in that truckers truck that Steve Berry is defending? If so you can call me a liar all you want, but one day the truth will come out and you will have egg on your face.
All you do is talk about the way I look or the handicap of others.
I look at your counter and decided you needed a boost in hits. So like always I give the other side a chance to explain themselves.
Folks you will not find this person defending Bill Smith. This person knows Bill is a liar and will not defend him, but he will attack those who seek the truth. Yet he starts a website and can't even be proud enough to use his own name.
What a coward!!!!!
I love to show the people of Camden what kind of people support Smith, and this is a good example.
Oh by the way Black Copter you might not want to use the link on your blog to come to mine.
I know who you are.
Thanks TDS.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tough Choice For Smith

Should he keep or fire Walker?

It is an easy choice for many of us, but Smith has to wonder if Walker will turn on him.

Why an investigation?

It is real clear that Walker violated his oath, do we really need to investigate.

Will this turn into another Jet Ski incident?

Isn't all these investigations a waste of taxpayer dollars?

Yes Walker should be fired, and Smith should step down.

Right Mrs. Godley?

Who knew our Sheriff's office was so corrupt?

Mrs. Godley knew!!!!!!

Sheriff remember that phone call you got from Bullhead City AZ. Others do!!!!!!!!!!

FIRE WALKER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Just Getting Caught Up

Just seen that Jonathon was fired from the T&G. Sorry, but it is taking me awhile to get caught up. I believe the last article wrote by him was telling everyone to visit my blog to view open records. And boom he is gone!!!!

That would explain why my letter was shorten in last weeks paper. Here is that letter in full:

Sheriff’s office throws constitution out the window

Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to Ms. Judy Godley’s letter “Berry must choose which side of the fence to be on.” I would love to agree with her, but the laws of this nation say that this man is innocent until proven guilty. I would think a family of law enforcement officers would know that, and why this case? I am sure Berry has defended many people who have broken the law in Camden County, why now? Could this be a political attack like we hear the Sheriff say all the time when Berry points out his wrong doing? Yet, all Berry is doing is defending a man we are to assume is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

My only question to Ms. Godley is where are your other letters? The letters about the Sheriff defending a convicted murder, bringing a convicted meth maker back to the county, and of course the letter about the Sheriff’s best friend and convicted felon. Where were those letters Ms. Godley? Let’s be fair Ms. Godley, if you’re going to complain about a conflict of interest, I would expect to see a letter from you next month criticizing Ms. Sears for voting on Sheriff Office matters as she is an employee of the sheriff and should not vote on these issues. What is the difference between Berry defending a presumed innocent man and Sears voting on Sheriff Office matters?

No I am not an advocate for Berry in fact I am encouraging all the citizens of Camden County to vote out the present establishment. I do applaud Mr. Berry for standing up and informing the people of Camden County of what we have been saying for years about the Sheriff’s Office, but I can’t overlook the years that he overlooked these issues.

Starting April 1, 2008 I will be starting the election campaign “Clean the Slate in ‘08” on my blog. We have been telling the truth about all the elected in Camden County for 2 years now. Please join the conversation at http://www.schoolpolice.blogspot.com/. Your comments are important and will be read by all the elected as the follow this blog daily. Some have said it is worthless and that just means they don’t like the truth to come out. Also anyone who feels they have been done wrong by the government can submit their information have it posted for comments. Maybe someone else has had the same problem and we can get it solved threw public exposure. If an elected official has done nothing wrong, they should have no problem defending themselves in public. All issues pertaining to Camden County should be solved in public after all they are our representatives doing our work, not their own work. Together we can make a community that we can all be proud of, so remember to “Clean the Slate in ‘08”

Rick Rogers

So I guess they have already started their censorship. Yet I remember reading two letters that promoted local businesses and that is free advertising for them and they make money off that. And this was a recent editorial on the first day of spring:

From the T&G:
Let there be light
Yesterday was the first day of spring, and the warm sunshine has been wonderful. Let's hope that this same bright light can shine through our local governments, too.Do you stand for open government? Do you want to know how elected officials are making the decisions that affect Camden County, this state and the nation?
This is Sunshine Week, a national initiative to inform the public of the importance of open government and freedom of information. It began as a result of Sunshine Sunday, which was created by the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors in response to some new legislation Florida legislators were trying to enact in 2002. This new legislation would have placed greater restrictions on the state's public records laws. During 2002, a total of 300 exemptions to open government were defeated, thanks to efforts of the FSNE.Sunshine laws, which protect open government, are not just for journalists. They are for you, the hard-working taxpayers. The people who elect the public officials they feel will best represent them best in office.Sometimes, as we all know, officials forget the people who put them in office. Decisions are made behind closed doors, away from public eyes. However, this is not an option. In fact, it is against the law.Public bodies can discuss certain matters behind closed doors, but they can't decide anything.

As taxpayers, we should always assume that everything in government is open record. There are some times, as we said, when an "executive session" or closed-door meeting is legal.These exemptions are inspecting a physical facility under its jurisdiction, discussing future acquisitions of real estate, consulting an attorney about potential legal action and personnel issues.What constitutes a meeting of public officials? Anytime a quorum gathers. It does not matter if that is drinking coffee at McDonald's or walking down the beach of Cumberland Island. If enough members gather in order to conduct business, this constitutes a meeting, and certain laws must be followed.Anytime a meeting is to be held at a location that is not the regular meeting place or time, a 24-hour notice must be placed in the legal organ to notify the general public.The Tribune & Georgian, the legal organ of Camden County, takes seriously its responsibility to keep the taxpayers informed. If any of our three city councils, school board or county commissioners meet, we expect to be there. And if any of these groups decide to change their normal meeting time or place, we will inform you, the taxpayers. And if we ever learn of any illegal meetings, you will also be the first to know--and legal action will be taken.The Tribune & Georgian is 100 percent for open government and keeping the taxpayers of Camden County informed. This is your county and home. You, the taxpayers, deserve to know how all public business is taken care of.You have our promise that we'll do our part.

They started off with a bang.

Shame on you Alan.

Jonathon if you are reading this please email me and tell us the rest of the story.

Until then my subscription is done.

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Sheriff Has Blood Stains On His Hands

Sheriff Smith has been our Sheriff for almost 25 years. Ironically his term will end like his fathers, behind bars.

Sheriff isn't true you fired a deputy for arresting your cousin for a DUI?

Sheriff please explain how Dale Bundy knew 3 days into the investigation that Dennis Perry was guilty? The first thing he did was get Dennis' mugshot from the JSO. What about Donnie? Why wasn't he investigated? By your own evidence, the time card, Donnie was not at work that day. But your prosecution team tried to make it look like he was. Go back and read his testimony in this blog. He at least should have been investigated.

How many times did you, Sheriff, buy beer for inmates? We know of at least one time, Bobby Graham.

Sheriff, Why did Pete Mercer lie in court about paying inmates? Another deputy that lies.
Let's see the liars that we can prove, Yourself, with the Jenkins divorce case, and many others. Wesley, I can go to jail Walker, and Pete Mercer. Not to mention Lt. Terrell that lies every time he talks about you getting permission to use the seized assets for illegal use. And then there is Palmer who lied in the Jet Ski incident, and took the fall for you. We all knew the inmates had no supervision and they were driving county vehicles.

WOW, this is a Sheriff we all can be proud of. These are all facts that have been proven. No lies from me here.

How can some still support him? The almighty dollar. Smith pays out thousand of dollars a month to keep people quiet. Just look at the audit of the seized assets on this blog. It tells it all.

And lets not forget Robert Southwell. He spoke out against the Sheriff and the Sheriff's attorney threaten him in our own newspaper. And then what happened, Well if you trust our Sheriff he will tell you he tried to kill himself. I know better now. I heard what happened, and I think most of you already know.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Where is Mrs Godley?

She should denounce Bill Smith for being friends with a man who stole from half the county. That is Cisco not Bill. Even though Bill has stolen from the rest of the county. After all, she wanted to trash Berry for defending a man who was just driving through the county. He was not selling or manufacturing it here in Camden. (William Murrel)

If Mrs Godley is going to trash Berry, she must also trash Wesley Walker, Bill smith and of course her own husband. Remember he was accused on this very site of sexual harassment in Bullhead City, AZ. Not to mention what happen on the base.

Come on Mrs Godley write another letter, but this time include the people who have lied, cheated and stole from the people of Camden County. Many of which work for Bill Smith.

By the way, The other day I was not in the van when the deputy took the pictures. So help me God if any member of my family is hurt or harassed by any member of law enforcement, you will have me to deal with, so back off. You all are in enough trouble already don't add to it.

Clean the Slate in '08 and end corruption in Camden County.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Can We Trust Our Sheriff's Office? Nope!!!

As I am sure you are all well aware of Wesley Walker kept a big secret for many years. A man who took an oath to uphold the law, turned his back when his own family was breaking it. If that was some other gas station owner Walker would have arrested the owner and Bill Smith would have been right there patting him on the back. But this time it was Mr. Cisco, Bill's best friend and Walkers father in-law. Granted not the first time these two have turned their backs to law breakers. Remember Dr. Jenkins? He had 4 arrest warrants from Cowetta County and Bill refused to pick him up. Bill even lied in court and told the court, that he couldn't find him. He also told the court that he did have lunch with Jenkins one day. The same day the fourth warrant came through. One deputy even quit over this ordeal.

Should Walker resign?
Yes, he should. He is a disgrace to the badge, but so is Smith. They will both stay, because they have to many loose strings to tie up. So do you think these men could have framed an innocent man? Or turned their backs on the murder of a young woman, after all family was involved. Don't put anything past these people. Bill uses taxpayer money to try and make himself look good. That is no longer working. As many people are finding out that Bill has many friends who have spent much time behind bars, and are still serving time. Yet all his supporters wanted to trash me for one DUI. Those people are just pissed off because their cash cow is going down. That's right no more money for all you so called christian people. A true christian doesn't break the law, and when they receive tainted money they return it. Yes Celebrate Recovery is illegally funded with the drug money. No Janet Reno didn't give Smith the permission. Smith could not produce a copy of the permission, and neither could the DOJ. It is illegal that is why Bill needed permission in the first place. I even have a signed letter from Smith stating he didn't need permission. Then why did he tell all of us he got permission.

Because he is a LIAR.

Who was the source that reported Cisco's shortages?

That is a good question. Sorry I was gone while all this was going on. Interesting!!!!

Who was the Sheriff Deputy taking pictures of my van today?

Today one Deputy thought it would be a good idea to take pictures of my van while he was driving down the road. Is this safe? Another interesting question.

To the good deputies thank you for hanging in there. All this will be over come Jan. 1, then there will be a new Sheriff in town.

Keep checking back I am back and ready for the campaign season.

Georgia Transparency Headlines

The Parents Have Declared War

The Parents Have Declared War

Get On The Open Government Band Wagon

"Honorable and righteous men do not fear the exercise of liberty."

Important Information

U.S. Attorney's Office in Savannah, Georgia.

Mr. James D. DurhamAssistant U. S. Attorney
100 Bull Street Suite 201
Savannah, Georgia 31401
912 652 4422

Office of the Attorney General Of Georgia
Attorney General, Thurbert Baker
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SWAtlanta, Ga 30334
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State Board of Pardons and Paroles
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Office of the Governor,
Georgia State Capitol,
Atlanta, GA 30334
Office Phone: 404-656-1776

Please Call Judge Williams

Tell her to throw out the plea deal in the Perry case,

And grant him a new fair trial.


From the Blog:

Anonymous said...
I just spoke with a lady that had called Judge Williams number to ask for Dennis Perry's plea be thrown out and to grant him a new trial. Guess what? As soon as Dennis' name was mentioned, the secretary or whoever she was got very cold and told the lady she would have to send the judge a fax or write her a letter. AND THEN SHE WOULDN'T GIVE HER THE FAX NUMBER!! She was told she would have to write a letter..which the lady has done. Does that tell you there is something wrong with this case? You people in Camden County better wake up and smell the roses before you find yourself in the same position that Dennis is in. He isn't asking to be released. Just for a FAIR trial!!

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