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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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There is a new blogger in town, who is also upset with this school system. Thank you Paul for standing up for what is right, and not backing down to the ESTABLISHMENT.

Camden County Schools The Truth


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Friday, August 31, 2007

They Look Happy Must Be Payday

You asked for it, you got it. More from downtown St. Mary's

Advance Copy of the 2008 Democratic National Convention Adgenda

How do I get these things.
Click to enlarge:

Undercover Inmates

OK, I was wrong and I have made that correction:

So it is time to play: Name That Inmate.

We have one who is dressed like a cop. I think he might be a member of the Village People. They are coming out with a new song. It's fun to stay at Big Willies House

And then you have Joe "MC Hammer" Cool in plain clothes.

Who are these people????????


The rumor going around today is that Sheriff Bill Smith has paid for Mary Anne Seamens son's college education.

I guess that was one of the perks for being a campaign manager.

I guess she will be at the next commissioners meeting to praise Bill for all he has done for her, I mean the county.

Now we know why she feels so strongly about Bill keeping the drug money.

No money for Bill = no money for his friends.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Need To Clarify

OK, These pictures are not new. They were taken back in April. I don't know if that is Mr. Williams I meant to phrase that in a question. I have many that tell me it is and many that say it is not. So draw your own conclusion.

If it is not Mr. Williams then I think we have a problem.


Williams Part Of The Cumberland Crew

OH look an unmarked boat. I wonder who that belongs to.
Who would have thought, I would have this picture.
Should an elected councilman engage in illegal activity like this.
Please click on pic to enlarge:

Will One of Smith's Little Dealers Sue The County?

The Florida Times-Union
August 30, 2007S
Sheriff airs concerns on Camden jail
By Gordon Jackson, The Times-Union

KINGSLAND - Camden County Sheriff Bill Smith has told county commissioners overcrowded conditions in the county jail are creating tension among inmates, including a recent fight that nearly became a riot. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

In an Aug. 6 letter, Smith described the jail conditions as "dire" since he added 60 beds in common areas more than a month ago to increase capacity. The extra beds have allowed Smith to bring back inmates from other counties, where they were housed because the 150-bed Camden County jail was filled to capacity.
The move, Smith wrote, is a way to keep operating costs from "spiraling out of control." The county was paying $45 a day for each inmate held in other counties.
"The additional inmates made a crowded situation even worse and greatly increased the tension among the inmate population," Smith wrote.
As many as 32 inmates in one cell block are all using the same shower, he said.
Smith also expressed concerns inmates' family members or attorneys would sue over jail conditions.
In his letter, Smith quoted a state law that allows inmates to be housed in other counties if conditions in a jail are unsafe.
County commissioners, however, said Smith created the problem.
Commissioner Katherine Zell said Smith "should have known what to expect" when he brought inmates back from other counties.
She questioned why Smith is making jail conditions an issue because he told commissioners in January the jail was adequate. Smith said then a new or expanded jail should not be among the projects in referendum for a 1-cent sales tax.
With the tax already approved by voters, it's too late to use any of the money for a new or expanded jail, Zell said. Also, the county budget for the upcoming fiscal year has no funds for a costly jail expansion, she said.
"The question is why is this an issue, now? I want him to tell us what we need and convince us," Zell said.
Lt. William Terrell, a spokesman for Smith, said the letter was intended to make commissioners aware there is a potential problem in the jail.
"He wants to be on the record," Terrell said.
So far, Terrell said, there have been no issues between jailers and inmates, even though staffing levels have not increased since jail capacity was increased.
Relatives of the inmates who had been held in Irwin County are happy because of the time it saves them to visit their family members, Terrell said. It is about 115 miles from Woodbine to Ocilla, the Irwin County seat.
'He put us on notice'
Commission Chairman Preston Rhodes said he has "no clue" how the potential inmate problem will be resolved.
"He put us on notice he has a situation," Rhodes said. "I can't control how he operates his department."
Commissioner David Rainer said he believes Smith's letter was a way to make commissioners understand if jail problems persist they may have to decide on additional funding.
With no chance for new 1-cent sales tax funding until 2013, the only way to fund a new jail or expansion is through property taxes or bonds, he said.
"As time passes, you're going to need to do something," Rainer said. "This would not be the time to spend millions of new money."
Now is not the time
Commissioner Steve Berry agreed a larger jail or addition will be needed sometime in the future, but not now.
An expansion could cost as much as $15 million and Berry said Smith has never attempted to trim his department's budget. After the County Commission cut Smith's budget by $1.3 million, the sheriff gave pay raises and hired more staff, he said.
Berry said he is opposed to increasing the county's capacity to hold inmates because Smith and the staff at the jail "have demonstrated their incompetence by the illegal use of inmate labor."
Smith sent the letter so he could say "I told you so" if something goes wrong in the jail, Berry said.
Berry has also criticized Smith for using confiscated drug money to pay inmates for labor, for donations to private charities and to create a scholarship in his name at the Citadel, his alma mater. Instead, Smith could have used the money to offset taxes, he said.
"The sheriff has seized more than $20 million in confiscated drug money over the last 10 to 15 years," he said. "Certainly, some of this money could have been used to solve this [jail overcrowding] problem."
(912) 729-3672
This story can be found on Jacksonville.com at http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/083007/geo_195651753.shtml.

TRSP Review: After the County Commission cut Smith's budget by $1.3 million, the sheriff gave pay raises and hired more staff, he said.

That is where the raises went.

there have been no issues between jailers and inmates, even though staffing levels have not increased since jail capacity was increased.

But more admin vote getter's have been added.

No More Rubber Stamps

The Florida Times-Union

August 30, 2007

Official won't sign sheriff's report

By Paul Pinkham, The Times-Union

KINGSLAND - For years, Camden County officials have rubber-stamped an annual summary they and the sheriff are required to submit to federal authorities concerning the use of confiscated drug money returned to the county. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

Not this year.
Commission Chairman Preston Rhodes refused to sign the annual certification report Tuesday without a full accounting of how Sheriff Bill Smith spent the money last year. Rhodes said in a letter to Smith he wants dates, amounts, who was paid and what it was for before certifying the document.
The form requires his and the sheriff's signatures and is due Friday.
Rhodes also declined to sign a form requesting shared assets money this year.
Other commissioners said they back his decision.
Rhodes said the ramifications of not submitting the certification form are unclear. A U.S. Treasury Department spokesman said Wednesday afternoon he was still trying to get an answer to that question.
Lt. William Terrell, a Sheriff's Office spokesman, said the report was never questioned and was always signed in years past.
But this year, the seized assets account is the subject of a lawsuit by county commissioners against the sheriff. Commissioners are seeking to wrest control of the account from Smith, and they have asked a judge to prohibit him from spending any money from the account until the matter is resolved. The lawsuit calls his spending from the account "unlawful."
Treasury Department guidelines say asset forfeiture money returned to local police is to be used for law enforcement purposes, such as jails, training and drug education.
Spending questioned
The commissioners' Aug. 10 lawsuit followed Times-Union reports that showed Smith spent thousands of dollars from the federal seized assets account to pay criminals, including a convicted methamphetamine manufacturer, and to support his favorite charities. They include a nonprofit spinal cord center in Atlanta and his college alma mater in South Carolina. Other payments from the accounts have gone to Smith's lawyer and to reimburse a department employee for getting a nursing license, according to auditing documents the newspaper received under Georgia's Open Records Act.
Smith has refused a Times-Union request to review checks and books for the accounts. A lawyer representing him in the commissioners' lawsuit didn't return calls Wednesday to his Brunswick office.
The sheriff has called questions about his spending politically motivated. His department is being probed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.
No explanation for expenses
On Monday, Smith's chief deputy, Charlie Easterling, faxed the shared asset forms to county offices with a note to sign and date them. The handwritten certification form showed the Sheriff's Office received about $740,000 back from the federal government and spent about $475,000, more than 80 percent in the catch-all category of "other law enforcement expenses."
According to Treasury Department instructions for completing the form, the Sheriff's Office was supposed to attach an explanation of what those expenses were. There was no attachment.
"There was not a clear indication to me of what was actually there," Rhodes said Wednesday. He said the sheriff hasn't responded to his letter requesting additional information about how the money was spent.
Commissioner David Rainer, who preceded Rhodes as chairman, said he always signed the forms as a matter of routine under the advice of County Attorney Brent Green because there were no concerns about how the money was being spent. But Rainer said in light of the lawsuit and questions raised about the account, Rhodes did the right thing by demanding more accountability.
"I might take the same step now," Rainer said.
Commissioner Katherine Zell said she also supported Rhodes' decision.
"Preston is trying very hard to do the right thing for the people of Camden County," Zell said. "He doesn't want to do anything without having all the information."

Times-Union writer Gordon Jackson contributed to this report.
(904) 359-4107
This story can be found on Jacksonville.com at http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/083007/geo_195652319.shtml

They Got Scared

4 the badge is now owned by The Real School Police

More to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Did Charlene Sears and Others Take The Deputies Raises

I was asked by 4thebadge to investigate what happen to the raises the County Commissioners approved for the deputies. I have searched for these raises and do not see were any such vote took place. But 4thebadge swears they voted for the raises. I do know that Charlene Sears went from 26,000 to 43,000 about the same time this so called vote took place. Also it has been brought to my attention that a woman at the 911 center also got a raise. None of which was approved by the Commissioners.

So I must ask Sheriff Smith why he did not give the deputies raises, but gave a simpleton file clerk a 17,000 dollar a year raise.

Bill Smith is using the people around him that can't get work in this field elsewhere to plant little things like this. But we no better raises are part of the budget not something the Commissioners vote on.

So where did those raise go. Maybe he gave his drug making buddy a job in the shop and used that to pay him?

I Will Answer Your Silly Questions

These are questions 4 the badge is asking on their blog.

From 4 the badge:

I wonder why........those in town that consider themselves the "blog Gods" have failed to investigate the question of the raises for the Deputies? Is it because they might find out that they are wrong about something that has to do with Emperor Berry? I sure wish that they would put their crack investigative skills to work and dig up the answers.

TRSP Review: I wonder why you don't do your own research.
First the Commissioner don't give out raises to deputies, that is part of the Sheriff's budget. And if they did vote for a raise the question should be Why didn't Bill give them that raise? If they voted for it than it is approved for Bill to give.

I wonder why........the "blog of the enlightened" posted something positive?

TRSP Review: Was it really good news for the Sheriff? Did he use his own money, That is what a real neighbor does.
"blog of the enlightened" your catching on

I wonder why........"those with all the answers" think that it would save the taxpayers of this county any money to have a Sheriff's Office and a county police force? Is it because they think that Emperor Steve would make a good police chief? If you think that the title of Chief of Police is not a political one, think again.

TRPS Review: I can't answer this as I am not for a County PD. See me and Jay disagree, but we don't call each other names because we disagree.

I wonder why........ dedicated officers in this county are being dragged in to the middle of Emperor Steve's personal "war on overspending" by the "blog Gods"? If they try to get a few more fired, there will be no one left to answer their call for help.

TRSP Review: I have no idea what you are talking about. Just because you are a dedicated officer does not mean you can't screw up. Did Mr. Godley deny anything. NO

I wonder why........no one is even remotely cares why a contractor charged the U.S. government close to TWO MILLION DOLLARS to ship two twenty cent plastic washers overseas?

TRSP Review: What does that have to do with local politics?

I wonder why........ Moreno is so pissed out because I reject his posts? Could it be because all but 3 people in this county are really sick of his incoherent rambling?

TRSP Review: You still talk to him on topix, don't you.

I wonder why........ 2 topic have been started about this blog on topix.net?

TRSP Review: To let other know that you have a blog.

I wonder why........ people question the integrity of two commissioners but not the other 3 while two of those 3 do nothing but play follow the Emperor. But who is the real puppet master? I think we know thanks to "stay tuned".

TRSP Review: I question them all, I am sorry that you hate the fact that finally one or two commissioners are listen to the people. If you don't like it start a blog, just don't hide behind fake names, it doesn't help on the creditability side.

I wonder why........all of this this will start again in 2012?

TRSP Review: If you did the research you would know I have no plans on stopping after 2008.
I never started this to go after the Sheriff. So Bill you can thank Charlene for this. If she would not have jumped to conclusions and posted all that crap on my blog I would have left you alone.

THANK YOU CHARLENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder why........maybe YOU have some answers.

TRSP Review: I wonder why one of your post came from a commissioners computer. Folks that could be the commissioners office or the Sheriff's Office.

What do you all think. Feel FREE to post your comments

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good News From The Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Bill Smith received a Governor’s Award on Thursday, August 9, 2007 from the Brantley County Neighbors Helping Neighbors for his efforts in making a dream come true for Kayla Chancey. Kayla, a big fan of Dale Earnhart Jr, is the granddaughter of Bobby Joe Chancey Sr. who passed away in December 2004 after 16 years of service as a deputy with the CCSO. He had also served on the Brantley County Board of Commissioners. Kayla was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma (http://www.cancerindex.org/ccw/faq/ewings.htm) in 2004 and had part of a foot amputated as part of her treatment in May 2005.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors heard about Kayla’s cancer and decided to get involved. Through their efforts and a lot of networking the Earnhardt organization was contacted and the popular NASCAR driver agreed to meet Kayla on Sunday, October 30, 2005 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway prior to the day’s race.A deputy with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office volunteered to drive Kayla, along with her sister, a friend and her grandmother Mary Ruth Chancey to Atlanta. Mrs. Chancey said her granddaughter’s opportunity to meet the NASCAR driver was dream come true.

“I had a lot of respect for Bobby Chancey and I was honored to able to help Kayla fulfill her dream. Bobby loved his family very much and he understood that our children and our grandchildren are the fulfillment of our dreams. I wish only the best for Kayla, for Mary Ruth and their family.”

TRSP Review: Good news that I saw in the paper yet not on other websites.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Audit 2004


Comments Of The Week

These are a few comments left by you the readers, That I thought were the best.

Under The Radar said...
I am the one that posted that message on the 4 the Badge blog and I am not the moderator of that blog. I will say that I used to be a supporter of BTW at one time, but can't seem to allow myself to back a man that is doing what he is doing. I am a member of the S&R team and i will say that this has PISSED me off to see that a group of volunteers here to help the people of this county do not mean anything to him. We have spent our own money in many cases to provide things we need. I see now why it could not be provided by him.
8:50 PM

Anonymous said...
Under the Radar, Hang in there... There are many who greatly appreciate what you and the other S&R team members do for our county! I want to publicly THANK YOU!I think I met you and you gave me your home number at Sonny’s one day... If it wasn’t you, it was one of your teammate who shares your views... I know for a fact a New Sheriff will provide for his volunteers. Thanks Again! Vote 2008!
9:01 PM

Anonymous said...
Submitted for posting on 08/25/2007 4:45 p.m. for the 4 the Badge blog But of course they did not post it.IN RESPONSE TO THIS UNKNOWING, OBVIOUS MISINFORMED, or OTHERWISE FAILED TO DO THEIR RESEARCH COMMENT ABOUT OUR CANDIDATE FOR SHERIFF of CAMDEN COUNTY.POSTED PREVIOUS:Anonymous said... I don't know who rick is but i went to his blog and he seems to be a supporter of a candidate for the office of Sheriff for Camden County. I guess he already has all the facts before they are finalized in court. He must be living vicariously through steve. I for one would think that a veteran like himself would be able to cut through the bull and make sound decisions himself. lets not take lose focus of what is at stake and try not to jump on any wagons without all the facts. Jumping on the band wagon of the first candidate to say they are going to run for office is like saying that b/c Bush has done such a bad job you are going to vote for Hillary b/c she is the opposer. not the way to go. THIS COMMENT IN PARTICUALR I RESPOND TO:<<<<>>>>> on another note, we need to give a raise to the county commissioners so that they will start to take their job seriously. We have no comprehensive plan on anything in Camden County. Our infrastructure, streets, water, sewage are not in place to support the future and our county's growth. we finally hired a county manager. about time. this is the first smart thing i have seen the county commissioners do. it only took them a couple of years. wow. on this pace we should have a comprehensive plan that takes time and research in place in about 2015. August 23, 2007 5:51 PM MY RESPONSE TO YOU:First and foremost, do your research on those you slander or misjudge before posting a comment. This candidate has more integrity, experience, and more leadership capabilities than the current Sheriff could ever hope for. And yes, before you comment on me, I too am jumping on the bandwagon to rally behind the candidate. It is time for a change - a definite change. It is time for the candidate, or anyone for that matter, to step up and not stand for the embarrassment this county has seen recently with the current Sheriff’s Office situation(s). Not to mention the many questionable incidents from the past under the current Sheriff’s reign. We need a Sheriff to come forward and represent the highest law enforcement office with professionalism, integrity, and as you desire (and I too) – viable experience and leadership experience. I assert the candidate id the better choice.Let’s take a look at the first quality you denoted, EXPERIENCE:How much experience does the current Sheriff have vs. the candidate since you did your research before posting? I assume you did some research before posting, since you exalt the candidate has none. I would venture out and say the Sheriff’s father (former Camden Sheriff) had more experience policing than he does. I do not recall the current Sheriff ever patrolling with his deputies, investigating a single crime, or answering a call for service himself. Does he even know how the divisions in his department function? Has he ever made an arrest? Oh wait a minute! He served with the FBI before becoming Sheriff, right? That gives him experience. Take a closer look at that. What did the Sheriff do for the FBI? Did he ever serve in a law enforcement capacity with the FBI? I think you will be surprised at what you find. You (the person I’m responding to) claim you want someone with experience. I assert the candidate has it, and his track record speaks for itself unlike Bill Smith’s. Bill Smith has a lot of political experience, but lacks viable work experience.Now let’s take a look at the candidate, Tommy Gregory who is currently seeking the Office of Sheriff of Camden County. I think had you (the person I am responding to) done your research you would see that the candidate’s experience speaks for its self. The candidate has put his resume, or track record if you would, out for all to review. How does the candidate’s experience measure up to Bill Smith’s with regards to your qualities you want to see in a Sheriff? I say they do not compare to one another. Yes, the Sheriff as been in office for some 30 or more years. This has to amount to something, right? Indictments, scandals (trustee), poor publicity, lies, and gross embarrassment – maybe even some more indictments headed his way? Yeah, I say he has amounted to a lot. This is not the person I want to see further lead the Sheriff’s Office. When is enough – ENOUGH???The candidate comes with real working experience. He has the inner working knowledge of the department, having served with the department for many years in many LEADERSHIP roles. I for one think this is a plus. It appears, based on just a minor inquiry of his credentials made available for public review, that he has experience working illegal drugs, serving in uniformed patrol, supervising patrol functions, serving as law enforcement financial officer (big plus given the latest news with the budget situation), and more. But, this was learned by simply looking at his basic resume on his candidate website: www.gregoryforsheriff.com Did you (the person I am responding to) not view the candidate’s website before saying he lacks experience? I for one get the impression that he has “walked the walk” unlike Bill Smith who “talks the talk.” Actions speak louder than words in my book. Visit his site – need I republish it for you?Now let’s examine LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE:Again we’ll start with the current Sheriff, Bill Smith. Yes, he is the chief law enforcement officer of Camden County, and serves as the Sheriff’s Office department head, but what leadership experience does he have? Has he ever immediately supervised his staff? Does he even know the infrastructure of his divisions within his department? Has he ever led any criminal investigation and supervised subordinates in the course of that investigation? I say not, but I recall an instance where he was directly involved in a leadership role. That was when “at will employee” situations gave to rise. The Sheriff is real quick to dismiss an employee using his policy of “to serve at the will of the Sheriff.” From someone who does not directly supervise any of his staff, he sure does take a vested interest in hiring and firing. Is this a good way to lead your department – with employees fearful of their jobs? Let us not forget the gross example of this in 2005 when he laid off more than 10 employees for this policy surrounding his re-election. Most of those employees laid off were considered career employees with many having much tenure with the department. Now that’s leadership. Who did he replace these employees with? Maybe those most “favorable” – not more qualified. To employ qualified employees, I think it is good to have the background experience to effectively hire qualified staff. To do so without it would be a leadership error. I think the current Sheriff lacks this leadership experience to effectively do this. But, he may leave this up to a divisional supervisor to hire and fire – smart. But, why does the current Sheriff have his hands in hiring and firing of many employees so much? This is another issue for another thread. Going to the basics, one would have to be present to lead. Would you agree? Why is it Bill Smith is never present? Why is he always away from his department or out of the state? Why is he hardly ever in his office and available to the public? I prefer a Sheriff available to the public they serve. Not always out of town. I prefer a Sheriff who knows how his department works. Not one who is a department figure head. I prefer a Sheriff that can lead by example and has the experience and know-how to do so. Not a politician. I prefer a Sheriff that can rally his department towards a common goal and boost the morale of its employees- not have them in fear of their job. Not a bully. I prefer a Sheriff that can work with the community and community government. Not one who has the “Us vs. Them” mentality.I believe the candidate, Tommy Gregory, has the leadership experience to make the Office of the Sheriff of Camden County more than what it is now. The candidate has served in many capacities within the ranks of the Camden County Sheriff’s Office – this has to be a plus. The candidate has served as a drug agent, patrol officer, front line supervisor, and multiple upper management supervision positions. Furthermore, from viewing his site, he has served as the chief financial officer for the Camden County Sheriff’s Office. How can one serve in this position and not know the infrastructure of every division in the department? I’m not saying he should be Sheriff based on his accounting skills, but it is evident his leadership experience is there, contrary to the person I am speaking to believes. What do you need to see this? Speaking of money and budget s this could become a thread in itself too. I’m sure you have read the scandals regarding the seized assets and the hoopla about the budget situation. I do not recall hearing problems as this when the candidate was the chief financial officer. Now that the candidate no longer serves in that role - look at the budget situation. One might counter this comment with saying, look at the Sheriff's current seized asset circus arena – this was suspect when the candidate served with the Sheriff’s Office. I would pose this question for your research. Who is in charge of the seized asset account at the Sheriff's Office? I think you'll be surprised to see that it is not the Chief Financial Officer. Why not? It would seem this be a task fitting the chief financial officer or something that would easily fall under the direction or overseeing of the Chief Financial Officer. When the candidate served in this role, why was he not overseeing this account or managing it? One word: Integrity. I'll leave you to your own devices on what I mean by that. But, in case you need a place to start, start with the many articles in the many papers around. Like I said this subject is better dealt with in another thread. Now back to the issue of leadership experience. From speaking with the candidate myself as his number is listed on his website, I learned he also served to facilitate many internal investigations within the department while employed there. This is a position not taken lightly and not a task given to those who lack leadership experience and department knowledge. From speaking with him, I feel he is full of professionalism, integrity, and is eager to improve the image of the Sheriff’s Office and move it in the right direction. He comes well qualified and has the credentials to back it up.I attempted to call the Sheriff, several times this week alone, but was unsuccessful in making contact. I gave up. This is not something I expect to from my highest law enforcement official. I could probably go on for longer, but I think I have filled enough space on this thread. I for one am jumping on the bandwagon to remove the current Sheriff from office and I personally would like to see Tommy Gregory elected as Sheriff in Camden County. To the candidate, should you see this thread – you have my vote, and thanks for answering all my questions on the phone, and following up with meeting me in person. I will work with you to have you speak in my neighborhood and look forward to seeing you again. To the person I am speaking to, I welcome you to visit the candidate’s website www.gregoryforsheriff.com for information about him since you failed to make note of his experience and leadership experience previously. I also encourage to you call Tommy Gregory and speak to him about his plan for the Sheriff’s Office should he be elected, It might help you change your opinion. Try calling and speaking with the Sheriff or finding him in his office. I couldn’t. Now this post was not to flame you or put you down, but simply to encourage you to do your research before passing judgment. Thanks for hearing me out.
3:28 AM

Rich Gamble Explains

Rich Gamble has left a new comment on your post "Is This True??????????????? Sexual Harassment And ...":

I was told that Godley posted on this site and attributed his dismissal from NSB Security and subsequent TSA to my (Rich Gamble) being disgruntled over the election results.

This matter was long investigated and adminstrated before I retired and ran for sheriff. Godley should thank me for being fair and weighing the merits of each case. That prevented him from being indicted and only having to withstand adminstrative actions.

I was not the investigating agent, but rather the supervising agent that made that call. In our (NCIS) case Godley was charged with viewing child pornography on his work computer while he was the LT supervisor. Using his swipe card that granted him access into the space, it was easy to gather evidence and show it was Godley who had visited the sites on that occasion and a few others. However, his short duration on the child sites questioned his specific intent and I elected not to present it to the US Attorney. I told Godley this but I added we would seek job termnination and a copy of our report would be forwarded to POST, as appropriate. Godley was also required to report the matter to POST.

When Godley was being considered for the job at Security, I spoke highly about him and kept him in high esteem. The pornography incident tarnished that somewhat, but I attributed it to bad judgement, boredom, etc. It was what our investigation uncovered when I felt our profession would be better served without persons void of core values like that consistently displayed by Godley. Godley resigned after being investigated for stalking in Arizona. They provided the resignation, he provided the stalking during interview. Godley then became involved in another sexual matter at one of the depts north of Glynn. He reportedly "made out" in the lobby of one of the hotels in the presence of guest while in uniform and used his official position to threaten a rival suitor. He resigned under pressure.

It was the pattern that prompted me to report the matter to POST. He was terminated because the NSB CO did not want to employ someone looking at pornography on their computer when they should be guarding the base. The CO also did not understand why we would not pursue the child porn through the US Attorney.

Our (NCIS) computer forsenic expert advised me that Godley's short duration on the child sites would be a defense even though intent is not a required element. He explained it such that we could lose the case. At that time, we had a lot of cases and since there was administrative remedies, I decided to forego the referral.

Yes, I ran for sheriff and yes I lost by a wide margin. But my credentials and character are still impeccable. Also, words I spoke 4 years ago are currently being heard throughout the county.

I am not disgruntled. While I lost the race for sheriff, who was the real loser?

Posted by Rich Gamble to The Real School Police at 7:35 PM

TRSP Review: Yes, Who is the real loser?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Can You Defend This Sheriff

Related To Story

Towns County Sheriff Rudy Eller
Georgia Sheriff Resigns After Pleading Guilty In Shooting Coverup
POSTED: 7:46 am EDT August 22, 2007
HIAWASSEE, Ga-- Saying he was not above the law, a north Georgia sheriff resigned Tuesday after pleading guilty to four charges related to hindering a state investigation of a drive-by shooting involving two of his deputies.
Towns County Sheriff Rudy Eller, wearing a civilian blazer, pleaded guilty before Superior Court Judge Lynn Alderman to charges of making false statements, tampering with evidence, hindering the apprehension or punishment of a criminal and violation of oath by a public official or officer.
His sentencing is pending but he faces prison time up to 10 years and up to $100,000 in fines for three of the four counts. Nearly 50 people, from children to senior citizens in overalls, packed the courtroom to witness Eller's plea.
Eller told the judge that he knew what happened in the July 9 shooting at the home of Gary Dean of Hiawassee but chose not to inform Georgia Bureau of Investigation officials, who investigated the deputy-involved shooting at Eller's request.
"I made a serious mistake, there's no doubt about it," Eller said.
Deputy Jessie Gibson, 56, and Chief Deputy Eddie Osborn, 41, faced aggravated assault and obstruction charges in the shooting. Gibson was found dead on Aug. 8 of a self-inflicted gunshot in what authorities called an apparent suicide. He left a tape-recorded message for his family that was forwarded onto investigators.
Osborn has not yet entered a plea, officials said.
Dean, who was not injured in the shootings, was "involved in an ongoing intimate relationship" with Osborn's wife, according to a Georgia Bureau of Investigation affidavit.
After the plea, Eller announced his resignation to reporters gathered outside the courthouse.
"I must confess to my friends and neighbors, the citizens of Towns County who have given me the high honor of electing me as their Sheriff, that I have failed them -- and for that I sincerely apologize and ask for their forgiveness," he said. "My actions in entering this plea are meant to let the people of Towns County know that, as their sheriff, I do now -- and always have -- respected the rule of law. ... The law does not play favorites and is to be obeyed by all."
Eller wore an oxygen tube in his nose as he walked from the courtroom but removed it before his news conference. Mike Weaver, his attorney, said Eller was suffering from diabetes and other health problems and could not answer other questions.
Weaver and District Attorney Stan Gunter declined to comment further on the case.
Probate Judge Wayne Garrett will determine who the interim sheriff will be after Eller submits his resignation letter to Gov. Sonny Perdue, said sheriff's office spokesman Robert Kern.
Hours before Eller's plea, Perdue's office released a report from a state panel recommending that Eller be suspended from office.
Earlier this month, Perdue named a three-person panel including Attorney General Thurbert Baker to investigate the charges and recommend whether the sheriff should be suspended. Sheriff Roger Garrison of Cherokee County and Sheriff Steve Wilson of Walker County made up the rest of the panel.
Had Eller chosen not to resign, Perdue would have made a decision whether to suspend him based on the panel's recommendation, said Perdue spokesman Bert Brantley.
In the report, the panel cited Eller's admissions that he lied to the GBI and his own staff and said he had expressed little remorse for the cover-up.
It also noted reports that Eller told multiple people that if he had to do it all over again he would do the same thing.
"His comments on doing it again and his lack of remorse are reflective of disdain and contempt for the law and those who seek to enforce it," the report reads.
It says decisions by Eller to fire Gibson but continue to pay Osborn "simply defy reason and common sense."
One resident thought there were better things for authorities to do.
"It's ironic we get myopically focused on because of a shooting that didn't hurt anybody," said Stan Raymond, a local real estate agent who attended the courthouse hearing. "I think there's far too many problems in this country and this state that need to be dealt with. I'm more worried about Iran and the atom bomb than this sheriff."
Please 4the badge defend this.

Audit 2002

$218,500.00 Attorneys
50,000.00 Drug Court, Why did he not pay for this years?
315,967.11 in Donations to non-profits

Click to enlarge:

From Drug Maker To Sheriff Employee!!!!!!

The Florida Times-Union
August 23, 2007Camden restricts sheriff's use of county car to business travel
By Paul Pinkham, The Times-Union
KINGSLAND - Camden County commissioners stripped Sheriff Bill Smith of the unlimited use of his county car and gas card Tuesday night after receipts showed he billed taxpayers for numerous personal trips out of state. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
Under a resolution passed 3-2, Smith can still use the car and credit card for county business but not personal use.
"I just want to put some reason back in this. It's been abused," Commissioner Steve Berry said in moving to rescind a 1995 resolution that gave Smith unlimited use of the car as his personal vehicle.
Berry said if the sheriff doesn't comply, he will seek to have him charged with theft.
In a letter to the commissioners, Smith said he has saved the county about $180,000 the past 12 years by purchasing the car with seized drug money rather than having taxpayers buy it. That was part of the deal in 1995, he said.
"It would appear to be a no-brainer that it is much cheaper to use the drug dealer's ill-gotten gain rather than putting the burden on the taxpayer," Smith wrote. "Nevertheless, upon delivery of a vehicle to me from the board of commissioners, I will consider this agreement null and void."
Commissioner Charlene Sears, the sheriff's community relations director, argued Smith needs the vehicle even when on personal business because he's always on call and might have to drive back to Camden County in an emergency.
The Times-Union reported Aug. 5 that Camden taxpayers paid more than $3,000 for out-of-town gas purchases on Smith's credit card from July 1, 2006, through May 1.
The trips included almost weekly visits to Charleston, S.C., where his family lives, and a drive to Atlantic City, N.J., in January.
The Sheriff's Office exceeded its budget by more than $1 million during the same period.
The newspaper's report was based on a review of gas credit card receipts obtained under Georgia's Open Records Act. At the time, Sears and another department spokesman cited the 1995 resolution allowing Smith to use the county car "24 hours a day, seven days a week."
But Berry said he doubted the old resolution was meant to include numerous personal trips and nowhere does it mention gas purchases. He called the sheriff's letter nonresponsive.
"He's paid $93,000 a year. He can have his own car for his own business," Berry said. "He certainly should not use our gasoline. ... Common sense would tell you we don't do that, but common sense isn't working here."
Berry also criticized Smith's use of the car to drive to Nicholls to return convicted methamphetamine manufacturer William Murrell to Camden County after his release from prison last month. Sears replied that Murrell was needed in Camden County because he is working on a case.
Commissioner David Rainer, who voted with Sears against Tuesday's resolution, suggested commissioners wait to make sure they are following the law before limiting Smith's use of the car.
"We don't have to do it on a whim," Rainer said.
County Attorney Brent Green said he hasn't researched the law on how the sheriff can use the car.
In recent weeks, Smith has ignored commissioners' mandates on his budget and confiscated drug money. Berry said he would consider it theft if the sheriff ignores Tuesday's car and gas card resolution.
"He's no different than anybody else," Berry said. "Our policies are meant to be followed, not ignored."
Times-Union writer Gordon Jackson contributed to this report.
(904) 359-4107
This story can be found on Jacksonville.com at http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/082307/geo_193782569.shtml.

TRSP Review: Is Murrell now being paid by the taxpayers. He is working on a case?
It really does pay to deal drugs in Camden County!!

Does the Sheriff want a new car now? By what he said it sure does sound like he is not going to use the one he drives now that was paid for with drug money.

Suspended With Pay

The Florida Times-Union
August 23, 2007Camden sheriff's office money issues grow
By Gordon Jackson, The Times-Union
KINGSLAND - Gina Evanson, the purchasing agent for the Camden County Sheriff's Office, has been suspended indefinitely with pay while she is investigated for using a county credit card twice to purchase personal items and writing bad checks to pay for the expenditures. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
County officials also want to investigate the authenticity of a $893.49 check that Evanson presented in May. Evanson said the check was written to Wal-Mart in February to offset Christmas purchases she made on a Camden County credit card.
When asked six months ago about the unauthorized expenses to purchase a trampoline, toys, a DVD player and a TV, Evanson told county officials she mistakenly grabbed the wrong card and had already written a check directly to Wal-Mart to repay the debt.
But, according to the county finance department, Wal-Mart officials said they have no record of the check Evanson showed county officials in February.
Instead, county records show Evanson wrote a Western Union money order on June 20 - six weeks after she showed county officials a copy of the check from her personal banking account.
County records also show Evanson used her county credit card at the same St. Marys Wal-Mart store on Jan. 20 to purchase $221.85 in merchandise such as wash cloths, linens and a rug.
County officials said they learned about the second unauthorized use of the credit card while trying to substantiate Evanson's claim she repaid Wal-Mart directly for the earlier debt.
In this instance, however, there is no doubt Evanson knew she was using a county credit card, County Commissioner Steve Berry said.
"She specifically asked the clerk to add sales tax [for the purchase]," he said. "She's not accidentally using our credit card, she's intentionally using our credit card."
In a memo written to commissioners Monday, county finance director Mike Fender said a statement from Wal-Mart his office received this month shows two checks written by Evanson were credited to the county account for the Jan. 20 purchases. The charges were "then added back due to the fact the personal checks were insufficient," Fender said.
"When you piece together the trail of documents, there seems to be intent to defraud the county," Fender wrote. "First, it shouldn't have happened once, much less twice. Why did we not know until we called Wal-Mart that there was a second personal invoice?"
Berry, prior to Tuesday night's County Commission meeting, said he was prepared to ask for a vote demanding Evanson's suspension, and to ask the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to look into the unauthorized credit card charges and the District Attorney's Office to file criminal charges.
After Capt. Wesley Walker, a sheriff's deputy, told commissioners of Evanson's suspension, Berry said he was satisfied with the response, but he expected more, such as suspension without pay.
"Anywhere else in America, you'd be fired instantly, and probably prosecuted, except here," he said. "It'll be interesting to see what [Sheriff] Bill Smith does."
Commissioner David Rainer said the issue regarding Evanson could have been resolved better, without putting the issue on Tuesday's meeting agenda.
Berry said Evanson, as the sheriff's purchasing agent, should have known better.
"We're not trying to beat up on her, but she misused our credit card, lied about it and wrote two bad checks to pay it off six months after the fact," he said. "It's her job to look after our money. There's an element of trust here."

(912) 729-3672
This story can be found on Jacksonville.com at http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/082307/geo_193782625.shtml.

TRSP Review:
If she is found guilty will she have to pay the county back her pay she received while on leave?

She also received 3,377.56 of the drug fund money in the year 2003/2004, for school.
Hell of a way to payback the county.

I will post that audit in a little bit.

High Dollar Hotel Stays

This is where they stay for the celebrate recovery in southern California. It only costs 7,503.89 a pop.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Portion Of The 2006 Drug Audit

For 2006 alone $12,350.00 to inmates
$ 1,196.25 to Charlene Sears
$ 284,923.39 in vehicle purchases
Click To Enlarge:

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Commissioners Should Ask Justice Dept. For A Complete Audit

The Florida Times-Union
August 21, 2007

New Camden sheriff questions

By Gordon Jackson, The Times-Union

KINGSLAND - An audit of confiscated drug money expenditures in 2006 questioned Camden County Sheriff Bill Smith's $5,000 donation to a nonprofit spinal cord center in Atlanta. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

Now, two earlier donations Smith made to the Shepherd Center are being questioned by elected officials.
County records provided to the Times-Union under the Georgia Open Records Act show Smith made two donations from the confiscated drug money account on May 7, 2003, to the spinal clinic totaling $12,400.
Lt. William Terrell, a Sheriff's Office spokesman, said he and Smith cannot comment about the donations because of an ongoing investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.
Larry Bowie, a spokesman for the Shepherd Center, said Smith donated a $10,000 check and a $2,400 check to the spinal clinic's family housing fund. The housing fund allows family members of patients to stay free in accommodations near the Shepherd Center during treatment.
Smith's paralyzed son, Blake Smith, has been treated at the Shepherd Center, Bowie said, but none of the drug money was used to pay for medical expenses. Bowie could not explain why Smith wrote two checks to the center on the same day and for the same purpose.
Commissioner Katherine Zell questioned if the donation was legal under federal guidelines and whether the money could have been spent in other ways to benefit Camden County residents.
"Without a doubt, we need to look at this carefully," she said.
Commission Chairman Preston Rhodes said he was still trying to determine whether Smith used some of the drug money for purposes not authorized by federal law. The money is returned by federal authorities to counties where cash seizures are made and is intended for law enforcement purposes such as investigations and equipment.
Rhodes said it would be "inappropriate" for him to comment about the way the sheriff spends the money until all the facts are known.
"You can draw your own conclusions to the implications," Rhodes said. "We're still investigating to determine which direction we ought to be moving [in response to the way the money is spent]."
Commissioner David Rainer said he hasn't heard about the donations and couldn't comment until he had more information.
Commissioner Steve Berry, however, questioned whether the donations to the Shepherd Center, as well as other ways the money has been spent, are allowed under federal guidelines.
"You have to question every payment to the Shepherd Center," he said. "He was taking his son there for treatment. This is the reason why the County Commission should take control of this account back over."
Smith refused to turn the account over to commissioners by the Aug. 10 deadline they had imposed two weeks ago. Commissioners responded by suing Smith and asking the court to issue an order to stop the sheriff from spending any more money from the accounts and ordering him to turn over the checkbook and records until the matter is resolved.
During Smith's re-election campaign in 2004, his opponent criticized the sheriff for giving money from the fund to local civic organizations and $250,000 for a scholarship at The Citadel, Smith's alma mater in South Carolina. The sheriff called those legitimate expenditures at the time.
An audit last year said the Sheriff's Office didn't provide documentation for three transactions totaling $16,133 and spent $7,500 on "what appears to be unallowed purposes," including the $5,000 donation to the Shepherd Center.
Berry said the donations to the Shepherd Center were for a "worthy cause" but Smith was not legally allowed to spend the money to help the clinic.
"I'm sure it benefited Bill Smith greatly, but it did nothing for the taxpayers of Camden County," he said. "It's just another example of gross misuse."

(912) 729-3672

This story can be found on Jacksonville.com at http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/082107/geo_193024657.shtml.

TRSP Review: The only way we will really know whether or not this spending is legal is to ask the Justice Dept. to do a full audit. As everyone know we were told that the Justice Dept audits these every year, Of course that was a lie. It is only audited by an independent auditor, who admitted that standard accounting procedures were not used. And we all know if it is sent to the Justice Dept. it is thrown in a box and put away until needed.

So I ask our Commissioners to draw up a resolution to ask the justice Dept to do a full audit of the drug fund.

I Don't See It

I can not find were the County Commissioners approved a pay raise for deputies.

Can any one point me to the right adgenda. I look all the way back to January and did not see it.

Isn't pay raises part of the Sheriff's budget. I don't think the Commissioners vote on that separately from the Sheriff's budget.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

And 4thebadge,
I thought your blog was not political and here I am with a link to your blog. You have shown your true colors. I have always called out public employees. Including Steve Berry and Sandy Feller, the differance is they both responded immediately to what I said.

Mr. Godley,
I thank you for your comments. I don't judge people who hold public jobs by their personnal lives, I judge them by their record. I have never met you or Sheriff Smith. I just judge by your records. And that is the way it should be.

Monday, August 20, 2007

From What I Can See, This Is True

I have been talking to the Navy for a better part of the day. They could not give me information on this case, but did acknowledge that there was a case, and I did find out who investigated the case and I will be talking to them tonight. The police in Arizona have not called back yet, but they said it could be a day or two. That will leave only our Sheriff's office to produce what they have on Godley. This is TRUE folks. A man who has been removed from 3 jobs because of sexual problems is not a man we need on our police force.

Sheriff Smith why did you hire this man back?
Why is the Sheriff surrounding himself with people like this?

This is well documented in our own Sheriff's Office.

To the 95% of you good officers, thank you for all your help and information. When we get a Sheriff in there that cares about Camden, maybe we will be able to get you all a well deserved raise

I Almost Took My Last Post Down!!!!!!!

Almost until I received a call from the Bull Head City, Arizona Police Department. They do know that Mr. Godley was employed with them for a brief period. The y are pulling his file and will tell me more when they get it. Apparently it has been awhile and the record is in storage. Sargent Smith said that as soon as he gets it he will let me know.

Can you believe I got all this information with out filling out one request form. Yes they pride themselves on being an open police dept. Many thanks goes out to the Bull Head City, Arizona Police Department, They are truly there to serve the people, even ones that are not from Bull Head.

I still don't know for sure if it is true or not, but we should know by the end of the day.

I would like who ever did post this comment to email me why you used someone else name to post it.

As long as these allegations are true you don't have anything to worry about, But if I find out they are false, I will give Mr. Godley all the information he needs to take you to court.

These are serious allegations and should be treated as such. Any attempt to knowingly discredit someones name will not be tolerated.

I hear minor things everyday that I just let go, but this needs to be checked out.

Will let you know.

Is This True??????????????? Sexual Harassment And Child Porn

This is from a comment left on one of my posts.
Huddle House reporter can you confirm that you wrote this?

Anonymous said...
huddle house reporter said...
The 3 deputies that are running the boat are very fine law enforcement officers. It was just a few months ago that Bob Godley risked his life by entering a burning house and pulling a woman out of it.I agree with you Huddle House…. Brannen and Coffel are very fine deputies. And it is wonderful that Robert W. Godley pulled a lady out of a burning house but… He does has a history that would make one question why Sheriff Smith would ever hire him back?

Deputy Godley left the Sheriff’s Office years ago after a female jailer brought Sexual Harassment charges against him. (Sheriff’s Smith was aware of this.)He left and got employed with the Bull Head City, Arizona Police Department within days of leaving the Camden County Sheriff’s Office. (Sheriff Smith never told them of the Sexual Harassment charges here he fled from.)Guess what? After several months Bull Head City Arizona Police Department fires Mr. Robert Godley for Sexual Harassment. (They called and informed Sheriff Smith of the facts.)

Robert Godley returns to the Camden County area gains employment at Kings Bays Naval Sub Base with the Department of Defense Police Department.Then one evening when Officer Robert Godley was working all alone someone using his card key scans his pass code enters a building and signs one to a computer using his secret internet I.D. and pass code and visits several internet child pornography websites. To say the least Naval Criminal Investigative Services did an investigation and this led to the termination of Officer Robert W. Godley. (Sheriff Smith was also called and informed of this information.)Now comes the crazy part. Sheriff Smith armed with all this personal knowledge of this unethical / criminal behavior. Why did he hire Officer Godley back? (Un-Ending loyalty because no one else in the business will touch him!) THATS WHY!Is it possible that his wife Judy Godley writes letters to the editor to defend Sheriff Smith because of her husband’s new position?

These are not allegations, all of these incidents are part of Officer Robert Godley’s personnel files at all three departments and can be verified. Don’t hold your breath getting anything out of the Sheriff. 95% of the employees of the Camden County Sheriff’s Office are great people. But there are several employees that make it bad for all.

To the 95% Great Job! Keep your heads up! Keep doing a wonderful job!

TRSP Review:
More questions the Sheriff should answer, but won't.
He has not answered anything but the food for inmates and we all now know that the food was not for the inmates. When is the Sheriff going to take responsibility for his department?

If this is false the Sheriff should come out and say so. But if it is true you will not hear a word from Bill Smith.

More to come.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Join The Real School Police Fantasy Football League

Are you ready for some football.

If you would like to play fantasy football against locals then send me an email and you are in. Right now it is open for 9 people, but if more want to join I will expand it. All I need is your email address and I will send you an invite. (if you don't want me to know who you are set up a fake email account with yahoo, I don't need your real name or anything like that.)

This is open to all I don't care if you agree or disagree, we can at least play football against each other.

Come on Sheriff supporters lets see who is better on the field.

Send your emails.

Jay Moreno Explains Recall Process

From the T&G

Recall of elected officials a complicated process

Dear Editor,
As you know, the community is abuzz with talk of recalling both Sheriff Bill Smith and District 4 County Commissioner Charlene Sears.

Thanks to outstanding assistance from Probate Judge and Supervisor of Elections, Martin Gillette, personally, as well as his Clerk of Court, Shirley Wise, and Kay Varnedore over at the registrar's office, I have been able to educate myself on just what such recall efforts would require. I would like to share that knowledge with your readers.

First, two currently registered voters, one residing in each of the two areas - District 4 for Sears, the entire county for Smith - would have to go to Judge Gillette's office and register as the official "sponsors" of the two, separate, recall efforts. Those persons would be subject to the same campaign finance reporting rules as a candidate under the Georgia "Ethics in Government Act." So, by the way, would the "sponsor" of any effort to campaign in favor of not recalling the "target(s)."

Moreover, to "campaign" for or against the recall and to spend any money in the process, there must be a registered campaign finance committee to receive, expend, and report those funds.

Within 15 days of so registering and receiving the official forms from Judge Gillette, the sponsor and such qualified volunteers (other qualified registered voters, as above) must obtain the signatures of at least 100 verified, qualified, currently registered voters and return them to the judge for verification.
Along with the initial 100 signatures, the sponsor(s) must submit "Grounds for recall" IAW O.C.G.A. $ 21-4-3.

(7) "Grounds for recall" means:
(A) That the official has, while holding public office, conducted himself or herself in a manner that relates to and adversely affects the administration of his or her office and adversely affects the rights and interests of the public; and
(B) That the official:
(i) Has committed an act or acts of malfeasance while in office;
(ii) Has violated his or her oath of office;
(iii) Has committed an act of misconduct in office;
(iv) Is guilty of a failure to perform duties prescribed by law; or
(v) Has willfully misused, converted, or misappropriated, without authority, public property or public funds entrusted to or associated with the elective office to which the official has been elected or appointed.
Upon submission of and verification of the requirements described so far, the judge will then immediately notify the "target" elected official(s) of such action. Said official(s) will then have four working days to decide whether or not to appeal the "sufficiency" of the signatures and allegations to the Superior Court. All further activity will be suspended during those four days, and, if an appeal is filed, until after the Superior Court's ruling.
If there is no such challenge, or, the Superior Court upholds the "sufficiency," then the hard work begins. The sponsor and his assistants will be furnished with official petition forms from the Office of the Secretary of State, via Judge Gillette's office. Within 90 days of the physical receipt of those forms, the would-be recallers must accomplish the following.·

They must obtain verified signatures from a number of currently registered electors (voters) equal to or greater than 30 percent of the number of voters who were registered on the day the "target" was last elected.

Sheriff Smith was last elected on Nov. 3, 2004. There were 24,949 eligible, registered voters, countywide, on that day. Thirty percent of that number is the 7,485 signatures of current electors that will be needed - at a minimum - for a recall election.

Commissioner Sears was last elected on Nov. 6, 2006. The total number of eligible voters in District 4 on that day was 6,283. Ergo, at least 1,885 signatures will be needed for a recall election.

If 51 percent or more of electors in a recall vote for recall, the seat shall be vacant immediately. The recall election(s) would be held not less than 30 nor more than 45 days after the Supervisor of Elections (Judge Gillette) receives the certified recall vote results. The cutoff for registering to vote will be 30 days prior to the date of the vote.

Any otherwise eligible citizen, including the just recalled elected official, may run for the vacant seat.

A few housekeeping notes. Only persons currently eligible to vote in the recall vote (if any) are eligible to solicit and verify signatures. Excluded from such eligibility are elected officials and anyone authorized to conduct voter registration. Moreover, any notary public who might notarize one or more of the petition sheets must be otherwise qualified to vote in the recall, but may neither solicit signatures personally nor sign the petition as a petitioner.

In closing, let me make it clear that at the time of a recall election, all then eligible voters may vote. Whether a voter was registered at the last election, whether or not they voted, and how they voted, are all irrelevant.In the case of the sheriff, all currently registered voters anywhere in the county would be eligible to both sign the petition and vote, but only District 4 voters in the case of Commissioner Sears.

While I definitely do have strong personal preferences in these matters, this informational letter is not intended nor should it be construed as advocating any one course of action over another. It is strictly intended to educate the electorate on the "mechanics" of a recall vote.

Jay Moreno
St. Marys

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ignore The Bad And Focus On The Positives

This will be Bill Smith's slogan for his campaign 2008.

Ignore The Bad And Focus On The Positives

Can we use this slogan is everyday life? Let's See:
(not that this has happened, just showing you how the slogan works)

  • In our schools if a teacher rapes a child ignore it because 90% of her or his students passed. 90% you say, that is good news.
  • Mike Vick is charged with cruelty to animals ignore it, because he throw for 3,000 yards last years. 3,000 yards you say, that is good news.
  • The post office never delivers my bills on time, ignore it because your playboys make it on time every month, now that is good news.
Can you think of anymore I could go on for hours and since everyone is so concerned about my job status, maybe I will go on for hours, beside I have nothing better to do.

Please give me your examples of how Bill's new slogan will play in everyday life.

New Blog Supports Sheriff!!!!!!!

See at http://www.4thebadge.blogspot.com/

Completely open and honest, well except they moderate their comment so yours might not make it on the site.

They claim we are after all of law enforcement.

Good for them. We need to hear some positive news, but they don't have any on there yet.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Boats, Booze, And Babes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Camden County is now part of the war on terror. Bill Smith has purchased the S.S. Smith and Sears for a reported $100,000 plus of drug money.

What is he doing?
Well, He could be draining the account so when the Commissioners do get it there is nothing left, and then he will order deputies not to stop drug dealers and then he will make the Commissioners look like fools. Like they already don't, hell at the last meeting most of them admitted they look like fools.

Or he thinks the Coast Guard and Sub Base guys can't do the job.

Or he needed a new fishing boat.

Now on to the Booze:
It has been discussed on this blog that Wesley Walker was stopped coming from Browntown traveling at a high speed and was pulled over by GSP. They go on to say that he was driving drunk. Now I don't have any idea whether these reports are true or not, but a statement from the Sheriff's Office would be greatly appreciated. Normally I would not comment on these types of events, but it is also my understanding that he was in a county car. Which makes it an issue. A statement from the Sheriff's Office on this would put and end to these rumors. Of course if the person who first commented on this has proof I would be willing to post that evidence.

There has also been an issue raised about this being libel, that is why I have come out and asked the question to the Sheriff's Office. In other words you can say something about someone that you know is not true. That is why I raised this question.

To the person that brought this issue up, if you can tell without the threat of retaliation please do so, or at least email me the details. Thanks

And to the Babes:
There are none it just makes the headline sound better.

Sheriff's Office Is Not On Taxpayer's Side

The Florida Times-Union
August 14, 2007

Sheriff might need cosigner for expenses

By Gordon Jackson, The Times-Union
KINGSLAND, Ga., - Camden County commissioners will consider a proposal next week that may make moot a judge's pending ruling on who controls a confiscated drug money account. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
Steve Berry wants fellow commissioners to immediately begin enforcing a 1995 policy requiring Sheriff Bill Smith to have a county commissioner cosign every check issued from the account. The proposal, which will be discussed at the commissioners' Aug. 21 meeting, would also require a commission vote on all expenditures from the account, which totaled about $1.6 million last year, he said.
Drug money expenditures "would have never been a debate if we followed this policy," Berry said. "It puts us in a win-win situation. If the judge says no, we're going to insist this policy be implemented."
The policy was discovered after commissioners voted to ask Smith to return control of the account to them after they recently learned some of the money may have been spent for purposes forbidden under federal guidelines. Smith has refused to comply with the request, and commissioners have asked a Superior Court judge to force him to give up control of the account.
It's unclear if commissioners ever cosigned any checks from the account written by the Sheriff's Office, but Berry said he's certain the policy hasn't been followed since he was elected to office seven years ago.
He said there are no elected officials currently in office, other than Smith, when the agreement was approved by commissioners.
"It was incumbent for him to follow this policy," Berry said. "The public would have been aware of how this money was spent."
At 1 p.m. Monday, Smith showed off a new boat bought with seized drug assets that will be used in a new marine patrol.
During the news conference, Smith said, "I wish I had never heard of seized assets."
Smith also said he didn't believe anyone in law enforcement believes that "commissioners should be in charge of seized assets."
Sheriff's expenditures
Commission Chairman Preston Rhodes said none of the commissioners was aware of the policy until County Attorney Brent Green investigated how Smith was given control of the seized drug money account.
"We are aware that protocol has not been followed," Rhodes said. "My opinion is the law should have been followed."
Berry described Smith's use of the money as a "private slush fund" that he uses to generate political support and for personal gain.
"We would not have approved trips to Las Vegas, the purchase of hundreds of automobiles we don't need, donations to his cronies, money to build a house on Cumberland Island," he said. "The sheriff would not have been able to spend the money as he pleased."
Money from the account was also used to pay jail inmates, including a convicted methamphetamine manufacturer, for labor, records show.
If commissioners approve Berry's motion, he said Commissioner Charlene Sears should not be allowed to sign any checks because she is an employee of the Sheriff's Office and has been paid an estimated $2,000 from the account.
"She should stay out of the debate, but she rarely does," he said. "She's actually shared in that money."
Commissioner Katherine Zell said she didn't know about the requirement for a cosigner but she supports Berry's proposal.
"It should have been enforced and should still be in effect," she said.
Vehicle use debate
Berry said he also plans to ask commissioners to rescind a 1995 agreement that allows Smith to drive his county-owned vehicle anywhere he wants at taxpayer expense.
Commissioners, at the time of the agreement, said Smith was on call at all times and needed his vehicle and equipment, regardless of where he was traveling.
Lt. William Terrell, a sheriff's spokesman, said Berry is "entitled to put anything on the agenda he wants."
But the proposal, if approved, will cost taxpayers more money because Smith has been driving a vehicle paid for with seized drug money. If commissioners approve Berry's proposal, Terrell said, they will have to buy Smith a car at taxpayer expense.
"They were getting a good deal," Terrell said. "Now, they will have to buy him a car."

A recent examination of Smith's gasoline credit card expenses show he took his county vehicle for many trips to South Carolina, where he has relatives. He has also traveled to Atlantic City this year, according to gas receipts obtained by the Times-Union under Georgia's Open Records Act. Those receipts show Smith spent more than $3,000 for out-of-town gas purchases on his county credit card from July 1, 2006, through May 1.
Berry called the policy allowing Smith to drive his county vehicle anywhere he pleases "ridiculous."
"Certainly, the commissioners did not intend the sheriff would use the car to go to South Carolina four or five times a month," he said. "He makes $93,000 a year; he can afford to drive his own car."
Zell agreed with Berry's proposal, saying it will not take Smith any longer to drive to Camden County in a personal vehicle than in a county car.
Rhodes said Smith should drive his own car when he leaves the county on personal business. He said it's another way Smith can reduce expenditures from the Sheriff's Office budget, which was cut by $1.3 million recently.
"We're all looking for ways to cut expenses in each county department," he said. "It's a way for him to trim his budget."
(912) 729-3672
This story can be found on Jacksonville.com at http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/081407/geo_191179181.shtml.

TRSP Review:
What is Lt. Terrell doing? Why would you say it is going to cost the taxpayer more money? Smith has a care now, that he can still use for police business. Why would the taxpayers have to buy him a knew car? Why?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Did Smith Use Drug Money To Take Dr. Chua To China?

In the drug audit this form is the only one from 2000-2006. It is for the 2005-2006 audit.
The same time frame that Smith went to China. You have a total of $15,256.44 in travel expenses and one of those is for Swissotel. There is only one Swissotel in North America, Chicago. But there are two in China.
Now the year before, travel was half this amount. Maybe some of you could do some checking. I don't understand why things would be omitted from an audit. It clearly states that this is not standard accounting proceedure. And as always click on pic to enlarge.

Georgia Transparency Headlines

The Parents Have Declared War

The Parents Have Declared War

Get On The Open Government Band Wagon

"Honorable and righteous men do not fear the exercise of liberty."

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Office Phone: 404-656-1776

Please Call Judge Williams

Tell her to throw out the plea deal in the Perry case,

And grant him a new fair trial.


From the Blog:

Anonymous said...
I just spoke with a lady that had called Judge Williams number to ask for Dennis Perry's plea be thrown out and to grant him a new trial. Guess what? As soon as Dennis' name was mentioned, the secretary or whoever she was got very cold and told the lady she would have to send the judge a fax or write her a letter. AND THEN SHE WOULDN'T GIVE HER THE FAX NUMBER!! She was told she would have to write a letter..which the lady has done. Does that tell you there is something wrong with this case? You people in Camden County better wake up and smell the roses before you find yourself in the same position that Dennis is in. He isn't asking to be released. Just for a FAIR trial!!

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