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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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The complete P.O.S.T record of Bob Godley. The former cop that thinks the whole county owes him an apology for his bad behavior.

There is a new blogger in town, who is also upset with this school system. Thank you Paul for standing up for what is right, and not backing down to the ESTABLISHMENT.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

From What I Can See, This Is True

I have been talking to the Navy for a better part of the day. They could not give me information on this case, but did acknowledge that there was a case, and I did find out who investigated the case and I will be talking to them tonight. The police in Arizona have not called back yet, but they said it could be a day or two. That will leave only our Sheriff's office to produce what they have on Godley. This is TRUE folks. A man who has been removed from 3 jobs because of sexual problems is not a man we need on our police force.

Sheriff Smith why did you hire this man back?
Why is the Sheriff surrounding himself with people like this?

This is well documented in our own Sheriff's Office.

To the 95% of you good officers, thank you for all your help and information. When we get a Sheriff in there that cares about Camden, maybe we will be able to get you all a well deserved raise


Anonymous said...

He took him back because a man with nowhere else to go is slavishly loyal to BTW.

That was one of Ed Wassman's old tricks.

Anonymous said...

On second thought, you never know when those Al Qaida babes might doff those burqas and try to sneak in across Cumberland Sound wearing double-D bikini tops stuffed with C-4 and ball bearings.

He might be just the lookout we need!

Anonymous said...

Raises were approved by the C.C. months ago. The money that earmarked for the raises was used by the C.C. to buy equipment for the road department instead. At least I think it was the road dept. Why don't you check into that and see who voted to buy the equipment. I'll bet that you find out that your demi-God Mr. Berry took the raise money from the Deputies to buy equipment for the road dept. After you check these facts, maybe then you will see that the Sheriff had nothing to do with them not getting the raises. Why don't you spned some time on that. There is no way that you could look ANY deputy in the face and say that Steve Berry has their best intrest in mind and is pro-law enforcement.
Also.....was deputy Goodley EVER found guilty of any of the charges that you speak of in a court of law? Look into that also, you'll find his record spotless. You seem as though you are the watch dog of the government for the people yet you are printing things here that you have no proof in hand of. What happened to innocent until proven guilty, one of the cornerstones of our country. How about we label you a drunk because you got a D.U.I. don't throw stones Mr. Rogers. You also live in a glass house.
4 the Badge

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

I will check on those raises, but if the Sheriff didn't turn his budget in on time then it probably did go eslsewhere.

As far as my glass house I have not taken one oath to this county or state, Mr Godley did, and I know for a fact that he was sexually harrassing a woman out in Arizona. According to his personnel file from there. Was he convicted no he was FIRED same as the first time here and on the subbase.

These are all true statements and I stand by them.

Maybe you will realize that the people are not held to the same standard as police, firemen and elected or any government employee.

Why do you keep defending bad cops. There are plenty of good one you can brag about.

The Sheriff has lied several times in court, he was not convicted, does that mean he didn't lie. No it means he got away with it.

Anonymous said...

4 the badge,

Rick Rogers did not post the information about Robert Godley I did and there are not allegations do your homework and see yourself!

No, Mr. Godley Was never charged criminally, therefore no convictions.

Mr. Godley left the Camden County Sheriff’s Office prior to the Internal Investigation being fully completed. The female jailer who reported Mr. Godley was satisfied with just his resignation in lieu of termination and not having to work with him ever again.

The charges of sexual harassment and others charges reported to the Bull Head City Arizona Police Department were not dropped and the Internal Investigation there led to termination from their department as a police officer.

As for the Naval Investigative Service “Kings Bay” investigation Mr. Godley’s inappropriate visits to child / pornography websites while working and employed as a police officer with Department of Defense led to his termination there.

All of these incidents are immoral and unethical and are documented in all of the appropriate investigative files, just ask for them under to open records act.

None of these charges led to criminal charges but Mr. Godley was found guilty by the investigations or internal investigations and was punished by termination on three separate occasions.

It’s Time for a Change

Anonymous said...

Rick, one you are an idiot, 2 you need to get your facts straight. Deputy Godley was found of no wrong doing at kingsbay, thats fact,, He could have sued the NCIS for there stupidity. But I imagine he will be suing your Du--A-- for your allegations. Your no better than the next guy. You dont care who you hurt just to Get to Bill Smith, Mr. Godley has a wonderful family, and now you post this crap, which is lies as usual. This will be the last time I visit your site. I am not a sheriffs office employee, and I was really following your progress, but this just goes to show what kind of person you and Jay Mareno are. You both need to get a life and quit trying to hurt families.I have known Godley for years and he is a good cop and father,,, what are you? A drunk

Anonymous said...

I would make sure all the story on Mr. Godley is true and correct or someone will make Mr. Godley and his family very rich. He may have violated policy on Kingsbay for misuse of a government computer, but reading your personal email is considered misuse. Mr. Godley was let go because SAC Rich Gamble wanted to become the Sheriff by smearing Lt.Godley of NSB Kingsbay Police who was also a part-time Deputy when this took place. But that ploy didn't work. It just got Agent Gamble in hot water with Washington D.C. To my knowledge Mr. Godley has never committed a crime or even been charged with a crime. If any of you really knew the guy you would know what a professional he is. He just got caught goofing off at work on a computer, and paid the price for it at Agent Gambles expense. That's why TSA hired him right after as a Supervisor Security Screener to train the screeners at our Airports across our Nation for about 2 and 1/2 years. Even the Federal Government knew it was all just a crock of s--t. He came back to Camden S.O. because he is a person that belives in provding good law enforcement for the people of the community. And if I know him, I don't think anyone writting these type things would confront him because he would not stoop to such low levels as this type crap.

Anonymous said...

My Name is Robert W. Godley, and many people that are my friends read this stuff that is on your blog Mr. Rogers. They have rang my phone off the hook, calling to make me aware of this rubish you are allowing to be printed. I'm only writting to say that I do work at the Camden County Sheriff's Office, and I am very proud to be a member of that Orgaization that allows me to serve the people to the best of my ability within this community. You, or any other bloggers that need me as a law enforcement officer because a crime has been committed angainst you will get a professional response. Jesus Christ is the only perfect person that I'm aware of. I have made mistakes in my life, not to the degree of the bloggers. However, My mother always told me, if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything. But if anyone wants to know about me, then ask me, in person. I work in Woodbine, GA. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Defending bad cops????? Have you lost your freaking mind? What you are printing here has many legal implications that you should speak with a lawyer about before you continue your headhunt. People are starting to catch on to you Mr. Rogers. You are making it quite clear that you will stop at nothing short of smearing an extreamly good and innocent Officers name. You are trying to show yourself as a threat but you are actually showing your true colors. I know for a fact that if you are in posession of any part of his personel file, you and the ones who gave it to you are in violation of MANY federal laws. I also know that no law enforcement agency is going to send, fax or anything else any part of a file such as this. If they did, Deputy Godley will be getting a LARGE paycheck from them once again.
So let me pose the same question to you that you have asked me...what is YOUR real agenda? Have you been promised something by the wannbe ruler of the universe Steve Berry? What do you stand to gain by your actions? People are starting to suspect you just as you are suspecting them.
Look into the statement that I made about the raise money. I doubt that we will hear anything else about it though after you find out that your hero is just as many have said. You have chosen to worship him and that is your choice but how open do you really think that he is about HIS dealings with county money. Answer one question......why did all but 1 council member vote NOT to do a complete audit of county books? You know the answer Mr. Rogers you just refuse to accept it.
4 the Badge

Anonymous said...

ROCK ON BOB!!!!!!!
4 the Badge

Anonymous said...

So is Mr. Godley admitting that he did do the things that Mr. Rogers has suggested? There are alot of people that would haave loved to be given the opportunity to be trained and received such a fascinating position with the Camden County Sheriff Dept. Why would Sheriff Smith select someone with Mr. Godleys background to obtain such a position.

These are the very things that make Sheriff Smith appear so suspect!! First he goes and retrieves a meth producers and pays him with drug fund money. Then he allows Commissioner Sears to fund her campaign via food/tiki torches from the jailhouse account. Followed by training and promoting a person with a history such as Mr. Godleys.

I am sure there are many law enforcement officers with stellar backgrounds that would have loved to be given such an opportunity.

Instead of taunting Mr. Rogers look into the Sheriff Smith mirror..

Anonymous said...

"Instead of taunting Mr. Rogers look into the Sheriff Smith mirror.."
And you know of Dep. Godley's background how? Why does everything ALWAYS have to revert back to the Sheriff. Would anyone have even cared to post these alegations if he worked for SMPD or KPD. This just gets funnier by the minute! The amount of misinformation that is posted here by the misinformed is quite humorous. Dep. Godley has given you all an open invitation to speak with him. Let's see how many take him up on it or will you continue to hunt the witches.
4 yhe Badge

Anonymous said...

"4 yhe Badge" or "4 the Badge"

It is evident that you have a comprehension problem. I simply asked a question based on what Mr. Godley posted himself!!!!

Why does everything go back to Sheriff Smith, you ask? Because Mr. Godley would not be on the taxpayers payroll if it were not for Sheriff Smith..

For the way you are diliberating misreading information, you must be on the Sheriff Inner Circle Payroll. Sounds to me like you might be the washed up Realtor that everyone suspects you of being.

Are you driving one of the luxury vehicles at taxpayers expense?

If what Mr. Rogers has said is true about Mr. Godley. He should be on Chris Hanson "To catch a pedophil or sexual predator."

But I guess if he will hire a meth dealer, he should not discriminate against someone with Mr. Godley credentials.

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooo!!!!!! I just had a GREAT idea Rick! Why don't you get Steve Berry to represent you in the lawsuit when Deputy Godley sues you ass off. He might do it for nothing. Hell, just the face time that he would get in the media would be worth millions in the election for his upcoming bid for Superior Court Judge. Woops! Did I let the cat out of the bag?

Anonymous said...


Keep up the good work. Very entertaining blog. You sure have a way of stirring up camp Willie Smith.

Please correct me if I am wrong.. But aren't blogs just opinion pieces. The opportunity for anyone to voice their opinion of what they may have heard.

Don't worry about your past DUI. I am sure as you have stated many time before that it was a great learning experience for you. Hell George Bush ran and won the Presidency with the same type of background.

Anonymous said...

Steve Berry Superior Court Judge? When Hell freezes over, he has the IQ of a marble.

Anonymous said...

Its time for a change? You said that 3.5 years ago and got your A$$ whipped in the election, why dont you try again, or maybe you have a little more common sense than we thought, but its not time for a change, its time for Bill to lock all your a$$es up and throw away the key.

Anonymous said...

"4 yhe Badge" or "4 the Badge"
OUCH!!! You cut me to the core by correcting my spelling.
I will be whomever you wish to think I am. Hell.....I could be Steve Berry running a HUGE scam on all of you! Wouldn't that be funny!!!!!
I will tell what I am. I am a person that thinks getting ya'll all spun up at will (opps, guess you'll bring up at-will employment now), is the greatest fun in the world for me right now. I could care less what you think, think of me or think that you know who I am. Pissing you people off is easier that shooting fish in a barrel. You guys think that you starting quite the revolution but you are only showing how ignorant you are by playing follow the wannabe leader. It is quite evident that Dep. Godley is being attacked because his wife wrote a letter to the editor defending the Sheriff's Office and there is nothing new to attack Bill Smith on today. So....why not start attacking his employees? That makes alot of sense.
I do respect your right to your opinion but your opinion is worthless if it is based on the half truths and total lies of others.
4 the Badge

Anonymous said...

Mr.Godley posted saying that if you want to know the truth, something most of you know nothing about, then go see him. Don't be scared he can't eat you, but if you violate the law he will put your ass in jail, this much I do know about the guy. He's not the Sheriff, he's just a Deputy and a good one, I bet that's why the Sheriff rehired the man back. I don't think Godley's got an axe to grind, or a beef with anyone he's not that way.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Rick let's all forget about your past and focus on someone else. Your past is not significant because you don't work the Sheriff. You people crack my ass up!!!! Man, you really do!

Anonymous said...

4 the Badge

I am not spun up by what you say. But I do affirm what you have said. You have your opinion and I have mine!!

But my opinion would never be in support of a unrighteous situation.
This is not 4 the Badge blog, this is Mr. Rogers blog. But since you can't get anyone to go to your blog you attack those who respond to Mr. Rogers blog.

So who is really the sad blogger. If what Mr. Rogers is saying is true. How pathetic of you not to want the taxpayers of Camden to know about it.

Keep up the good work Mr. Rogers of informing the public of what is really going on. If 4 the Badge had positive information to report he/she would. But instead he/she spends time attacking you and your bloggers.

4 the Badge create your own following!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's just too funny to reply to. I care not if you want to attack me or my site. Come on over.....you may just learn some truths! Like I said......way too easy!

Anonymous said...

I think if you took every cop that ever did anything wrong ethicly or moraly off the job then we would not have any police on the streets. They are all human last time I looked. You make mistakes and learn from them. I mean look at the Former Deputy Tommy Gregory, he was having an affair with the Parole/Probation Officers wife, who was a WES teacher, while his own wife, also a WES teacher was diagnosed with cancer and unfortunately passed away god rest her sole. Everyone has skeletons, I just can't see how he would be better than Sheriff Smith as the Cheif Law Enforcement officer of the County. Sheriff Smith has compassion even for those who truely dislike him.

Anonymous said...

To those who think they know…THINK AGAIN

“A Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide to Open Records in Georgia”

Ok go ahead Google it!

It’s real!

For all of you who think you know the law but don’t have a clue!

Better yet here is the link:


Law Enforcement Officer’s Personnel files and Internal Affair’s records state:

Section: N

Internal Affairs Records

Investigative records of a government agency relating to the suspension, firing, or investigation of complaints against a public employee ARE subject to the Act’s disclosure requirements 10 days after the investigative record is submitted to the agency for action or the investigation is otherwise concluded or terminated.

So for all of you who think you know the law and threaten to have Mr. Godley sue because what Mr. Rogers may or may not have a part of Godley’s file.

Read it for yourself! It is your or Mr. Roger’s right as a citizen to obtain this information with or without Mr. Godley’s permission.


Anonymous said...

I don't think people keep files that are more than, oh, I think maybe ten years old and was nothing more than a witch hunt then as is a witch hunt now! Maybe if there was an investigation that revealed some wrong doing, or maybe a crime, but I don't think that's the case with Mr. Godley's past, and boy do I mean past!! It' funny the guys been back there almost three years and all of a sudden he so popular. Iguess there is more to him than even I know. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

For those who have their information mixed up!

Tommy Gregory legally separated from his former wife during the year of 1995 and sought legal council (Randall Sorenson) for divorce that same year!

He and his wife reconciled that same year after marriage counseling (Kingsland Methodist)!

It was not until 2000 that his former wife was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in February 2003.

Tommy Gregory valued his marriage and worked hard to make it work! So to whom ever that wants to get two separate events mixed up by five to eight years apart please have your facts straight.

Tommy just told me if you want to know anything just call him 912-576-3905 (home)

P.S. It’s ashamed that people stoop so low as to bring up people who have passed away.

Anonymous said...

The facts are, He had an AFFAIR and the unfortunate loss of his wife later in their marriage after she forgave him, for his wrong doings still does not aleaviate the fact that he to has had problems as a police officer. Your poor justification of Mr. Gregory's wrong doing makes no difference. I'm just sayiing that he too is not without tarnish, but you want him as Sheriff, Bill Smith out, and Mr. Godley thrown to the wolves, is the way it sounds to me. I know them both to be good law officer, and wile both were employed at the sheriff's office together they were able to make a good working team for Sheriff Smith. My point is that everyone has a background, Everyone!!! That don't make them terrible villans,thugs, or sexual preditors. It just means they are normal people, not a robot or a god.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll please leave these two guys alone. No one is going to win in this fight. I'm done with it myself. These two are both very good officers and both deserve the respect of the citizens of this county. These guys have enough to worry about with the stress of their jobs, they don't need this. I am not going to get any one to see my point of view just like some here are not going to change mine.
Be done with the officers that answer your call for help. I bet they won't be a bad person when they show up at your door at 2:00am when you call, no matter what they have done in the PAST.
4 the Badge

rock23 said...

There must be nothing else new with the Sheriff, that we have to go on a smear campaign of officers now. Some of you are so good , you should go work for Presidential campaigns, you like throwing around so much crap. I have always said, if you have done wrong then you should pay the price and I firmly stand by that, but I would say I hope you have your facts straight and true, or your validity and stature goes straight down the toilet and it becomes nothing more than reading a tabloid, entertaining, but useless and worthless information.

There was the saying from Jesus,
" Let those without Sin cast the first stone"

There are a lot of sinless people on these blogs....congratulations to all of you.


Anonymous said...

Being unfaithful to your wife(if he even was) is a far cry from being a thief, which Bill Smith is. Whatever Tommy Gregory did or did not do didn't take anything away from the citizens of Camden County. However, that's not the case with the sherrif who thinks that whatever he does is supposed to be acceptable and how dare anyone question him? This man has no business being in charge of anything.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Should I had just ignored it.
I did not bring this up.
There has been a comment in one of my post that said all of this. And as many of you know I pride myself on having the correct information. I almost thought yesterday that it was someone trying to get me to bite on something. I did call BullHead City police. The first call the sergeant said he was not familiar with the name Godley. He was the one that called me back after he looked into further. Before that call I almost took that post down because I didn't think it was true either.

I have never said anything about anyone on this site that is not public record. What these people do with there personal time is their business. I put things out so people have the facts, and those are the facts.

Yes I could have said oh well, not a big deal, but sexual harassment and kiddie porn are a big deal.
And shame you for trying to downgrade it. If it was your daughter would you feel the same way. I think not.

All public employees are held to a higher standard. And they should be.

And as far as Steve Berry is concerned I don't trust that man either. He has let this slide for seven years. But there is one thing Mr. Proctor fail to tell us about Berry going to jail. Do a little research and tell me who the arresting officer was that arrested Steve.

As far as I am concern this topic is over I have done what I said I was going to do with this site and that is to document public records that are so hard to get from some government agencies. (Sheriff's Office and School Board)

And yes there is no grounds for a lawsuit as this is public records.

Anonymous said...

Let me begin by making one simple statement. I have an equal disdain for both Sheriff Smith and Steve Berry. In my opinion they are both cut from the same cloth. But that is my opinion and thank goodness I live in a place where I can voice that opinion. With that said, this particular topic really isn’t about bashing Sheriff Smith, Steve Berry, Mr. Rogers, Rich Gamble, Tommy Gregory or Robert Godley. What this should be about is getting to the heart of some very serious allegations made against a person who swore an oath to serve and protect the citizens of our county and our great state. If there is even one shred of validity to either of these allegations, we owe it to the safety of our children and the women in our community to seek the truth and lay this matter to rest once and for all. We accomplish nothing by verbally attacking each other for simply having opposing points of view.

Mr. Godley was gracious enough to post here in response to the allegations against him; however, he really didn’t speak directly to any one specific thing. I say now to Mr. Godley that you have a very powerful venue at your disposal here. I can only imagine how uncomfortable this whole situation is for you; however, your voice is the one voice here that can speak volumes and put an end to this matter. If these allegations are all conjecture and innuendoes, then please for the sake of all concerned, speak out and put this matter to rest. Although, I’m am not asking you in person Mr. Godley, I am respectfully asking you on this forum where these allegations first surfaced, to answer two very simple questions and lay this whole matter to rest once and for all.

1). Did you at anytime outside the course of your official capacity as a law enforcement official conducting an investigation, have occasion to view child pornography?

2). Did you at anytime during the course of your law enforcement career sexually harass women?

The answers to the above questions should clear the air and lay this matter to rest once and for all. I would ask that we all refrain from speaking on behalf of Mr. Godley or against Mr. Godley and allow him the opportunity to speak for himself.

Anonymous said...

I, Robert W. Godley made a previous post that I would gladly speak in person to anyone who would like to hear all the details of my wonderful life. I want the person, to see how a good individual can be knocked down, stepped on, drug through the mud so to speak, based on alligations of any kind, and still beleive in the career of Law Enforcement for the salary which I am paid to do this job. I commend someone for wanting to weed the bad apples out. I found through my twenty year career that most cops that have never been complained on by the public for something, are not very good cops at all, they just wear a badge, waste gas and draw a check. They have never make any criminal cases and never been to Superior, let alone Federal Court, as I have. The Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Traing Council, P.O.S.T, along with NCIS, G.B.I, and U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security have all conducted intense investigations on every place of employment and any alligation ever made against me. It was determined through this action that I was fit to serve a Law Enforcement officer. This is why I am back a Camden S.O. This has made me a better individual, and a more understanding Law Enforcement Officer, because when you pin on the badge you have no personal life, you and your family are always under the microscope, and the target of those persons who have something in their lives to hide. I have no problem with this concept, just remember, I look back twice as hard, because this is the type experience and training I have received. I am here to serve everyone, I work for the public, this is a quote from Sheriff Smith. Thank You!

Anonymous said...


Did you do it?

Anonymous said...

I think the questions have been answered by Mr. Godley, or these fine credible Law Enforcment Agencies would not have allowed him to continue his career as a cop, and I know Sheriff Smith, he would not have hired him if it were anywhere close to being true. I know I've read several stories in our local paper that shows Godley has been putting people in jail and making big drug and money busts in our county. So kudos to Mr. Godley. I'm begining to think someone has a beef with Mr. Godley?

Anonymous said...

And I sais all that to say this..uh..uh..uh...You're right. I don't see where he answered the questions either. Just like I said before..if they can't dazzle you with their brilliance..they'll baffle you with their BS!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Sheriff Smith would approve of casting stones against Tommy Gregory for committing adultery. The Sheriff would not want to have to defend himself in that catagory. If you rated the two of them on a scale of 1 to 10, Tommy would be a -1 and the Sheriff would be a +10.

Anonymous said...

As to the question of why the Sheriff would hire people of a questionable nature, the answer is simple. Those types are readily available for a job and do not question what they are put to a task for. You have to have those types to do the things the Sheriff is involved in. As one commentator said "slavishly loyal."

Anonymous said...

4 skin over the badge or what ever you call yourself, What we probally had here was an officer that thinks with the wrong part of his anatomy. Thinking he was just a little above the law, he took a peek at a porn site and got caught.He embarrased his peers and all those who try to do there job to the best of their abilities. So being the good politicians they are, they didn't take any action towards this individual, because they didn't want their badges tarnished. They let this person go as a way of throwing out their garbage, another agency hires them thinking they're ok, and the problem cycles again, and again, then guess what? It comes right back to where it started and starts over. What goes around, comes around. Adultry, BTW gets more ass than a toliet seat

Anonymous said...

4 skin over the badge or what ever you call yourself, What we probally had here was an officer that thinks with the wrong part of his anatomy. Thinking he was just a little above the law, he took a peek at a porn site and got caught.He embarrased his peers and all those who try to do there job to the best of their abilities. So being the good politicians they are, they didn't take any action towards this individual, because they didn't want their badges tarnished. They let this person go as a way of throwing out their garbage, another agency hires them thinking they're ok, and the problem cycles again, and again, then guess what? It comes right back to where it started and starts over. What goes around, comes around. Adultry, BTW gets more ass than a toliet seat

Anonymous said...

4 skin over the badge or what ever you call yourself, What we probally had here was an officer that thinks with the wrong part of his anatomy. Thinking he was just a little above the law, he took a peek at a porn site and got caught.He embarrased his peers and all those who try to do there job to the best of their abilities. So being the good politicians they are, they didn't take any action towards this individual, because they didn't want their badges tarnished. They let this person go as a way of throwing out their garbage, another agency hires them thinking they're ok, and the problem cycles again, and again, then guess what? It comes right back to where it started and starts over. What goes around, comes around. Adultry, BTW gets more ass than a toliet seat

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Anonymous said...
I just spoke with a lady that had called Judge Williams number to ask for Dennis Perry's plea be thrown out and to grant him a new trial. Guess what? As soon as Dennis' name was mentioned, the secretary or whoever she was got very cold and told the lady she would have to send the judge a fax or write her a letter. AND THEN SHE WOULDN'T GIVE HER THE FAX NUMBER!! She was told she would have to write a letter..which the lady has done. Does that tell you there is something wrong with this case? You people in Camden County better wake up and smell the roses before you find yourself in the same position that Dennis is in. He isn't asking to be released. Just for a FAIR trial!!

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