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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Where Is Our Sheriff?

Has our Sheriff fled the county? Where is he?

Budget meeting- no show
Commenting on the accusations of wrong doing- not in town
Drug fund meeting - no show, but he did send his campaign manager.

So lets talk about that:
Mary Anne Seamen once again says forget about the bad things he has done and focus on the good. She says he is a good man and lets forget about the bad things.

The BTK killer was a good man and a deacon in the church as well, so we can forget about the bad things he did.

Ted Bundy was a good man and women loved him, so we will forget about the bad thing he did.

I know Bill has never killed anyone, but he has covered up some killings(just a simple hunting accident) and lost all evidence in a murder case. (in his own words" I don't know what happened to the evidence)
So he might as well pulled the trigger.

Why didn't Mary Anne address the charges against the Sheriff, that's an easy one. She can't, because they are true. If they were not true the Sheriff would not flee the county to get away. He would stand proud and tall (well as tall as he can) and defend himself. but how do you defend bringing a meth maker back to town? That is why Proctor never address the real issue with the food for BBQ's. Because you can't defend it if it is true, but you can hope some people will believe you got that food for the inmates. Lies, Lies and more Lies. Lies coming from those who claim to Christian. Welcome to the bible belt.


Anonymous said...

The people that Mary Ann Seaman go out and solicit to vote for the Sheriff should start to ask her the tough questions.

1. Why did he allow Commissioner Sears to use taxpayers money to fund her campaign dinner?

2. Why did he use taxpayers dollars to go get a drug dealer and bring him back to Camden County?

3. Why does he use taxpayers money to fund all projects surrounding his son?

4. Why is his son still on the CCSO payroll?

5. Why hasn't he prepared a itemized budget for his department, before threatening the taxpayers with a lawsuit?

6. Who are the 27 people that he has issued County credit cards to?

7. Why is he charging the taxpayers for his out of town gasoline bills?

8. Why has he purchased private vehicles for his inner circle with taxpayers money?

9. Why has he given Charlene Sears 3 promotions since she was elected?

10. Why would he go against the law enforcement agencies to protect Dr. Chua?

Seaman I will give you those ten to start with. Have the courage that you have had publicly and answer these ten questions on the blog. This will allow all of your followers to have access to the standard answer when confronted.

You really should be ashamed of yourself for misleading so many people!! And how do you possibly justify your actions.

Anonymous said...

Camden County's own version of the Teflon Don did show up on WTEV 47 news last night. You know he has always loved those cameras. I find it ironic how he makes the statement that the Commissioners were not present when the drug money was seized. Neither was the Sheriff. When is the last time he has made an arrest on anyone. I'm not even sure he would remember how. It pains me when he takes credit for what his under paid road deputies do and yet rather then raise their pay, he slaps them in their face by surrounding himself with his overpaid harem of office workers. Most of which make more than road deputies. As for the likes of Wesley Walker, he's Fairley Cisco's (the conficted felon) son-in-law. Nuff said!!!

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

It looks like others have done their homework. These are good questions that need to be answered.

Will you answer them Mary Anne?

huddle house reporter said...

Wherever he is, you can bet that you, the taxpayer, are paying for his gas and, of course, the car he is driving.

Helen Umphrey said...

Well..you know how it is. If you can't dazzle people with your brilliance..baffle them with your BS!! If you don't want to answer questions..just make yourself unavailable like the sherriff.

Helen Umphrey said...

And..by the way..he was seen in Jacksonville with that big boat that has.."purchased with seized crug money" Can he use this for his personal recreation?

Helen Umphrey said...

Sorry...there was a typo in that last message..It was supposed to be drug money.. I just wanted to say too..I know for a fact, if questions need answering, he sends his flunkies to do it. And if he's trapped and has no way out of a question..his favorite answer is " I don't know" This "brilliant man" is not someone I would want in a public office looking out for MY welfare!!

Anonymous said...

I hear he just bought a new boat for 100k, and it will be on the news next week,,, it was in the Brunswick News,, Like they need another boat,,,

Anonymous said...

Hey Sheriff Smith, You can't cut your budget without laying off employees, but you sure can spend $500,000 on a new fleet of boats... go on... keep rubbing it in our faces 2008 will be here soon!

This is a Wake UP Call CAMDEN COUNTY!

It's time for a change!

Anonymous said...

Willie doesn't have enough people to run the boats he has.

Anonymous said...

That new boat is at Hickory Bluff Marina, me and my brother rode up there last week and looked at it. Very Nice,,, it is at least 120k,,, Keep up the good work Bill,,,

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