Welcome To The New Real School Police

Welcome To The New Real School Police

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Boats, Booze, And Babes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Camden County is now part of the war on terror. Bill Smith has purchased the S.S. Smith and Sears for a reported $100,000 plus of drug money.

What is he doing?
Well, He could be draining the account so when the Commissioners do get it there is nothing left, and then he will order deputies not to stop drug dealers and then he will make the Commissioners look like fools. Like they already don't, hell at the last meeting most of them admitted they look like fools.

Or he thinks the Coast Guard and Sub Base guys can't do the job.

Or he needed a new fishing boat.

Now on to the Booze:
It has been discussed on this blog that Wesley Walker was stopped coming from Browntown traveling at a high speed and was pulled over by GSP. They go on to say that he was driving drunk. Now I don't have any idea whether these reports are true or not, but a statement from the Sheriff's Office would be greatly appreciated. Normally I would not comment on these types of events, but it is also my understanding that he was in a county car. Which makes it an issue. A statement from the Sheriff's Office on this would put and end to these rumors. Of course if the person who first commented on this has proof I would be willing to post that evidence.

There has also been an issue raised about this being libel, that is why I have come out and asked the question to the Sheriff's Office. In other words you can say something about someone that you know is not true. That is why I raised this question.

To the person that brought this issue up, if you can tell without the threat of retaliation please do so, or at least email me the details. Thanks

And to the Babes:
There are none it just makes the headline sound better.


Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Anybody got any pictures of the S.S. Smith and Sears please email them to me. I would love to show everyone what did not cost us dime.

huddle house reporter said...

The 3 deputies that are running
the boat are very fine law enforcement officers. It was just a few months ago that Bob Godley risked his life by entering a burning house and pulling a woman out of it.

And I think that is the point - we need these officers, protecting and serving, on the streets of Camden County and not running up and down the intercoastal waterway.

Anonymous said...

Is Smith going to be 'protecting' NAS in Jacksonville too, where the other boat was seen? And why did he need another big boat? He already had one.

huddle house reporter said...

The only boat the SO should have is one for search and rescue and that one boat could likely be furnished by the DNR when needed.

The other boats are not needed and the taxpayers of Camden County should not be paying for them. Even if the boat was purchased with seized assets, the salaries (around $120,000.00 a year for the 3 deputies assigned to the new boat),
gas, truck, ins., etc. are being paid by the taxpayer. And, without question, the seized asset money could be put to better uses for the deputies.

You will likely recall the picture and comments in the newspaper when Honda donated the jet skis to the SO for police purposes on the water and within a few months the inmates were playing "chicken" on them in the Crooked River. Look for a headline soon about something similar with the inmates water skiing behind this boat or going to Cumberland or some other nonsense.

As for Smith, it appears that he is going to do as he pleases until he is leaves office or is removed from office. He obviously has no regard for the taxpayers of Camden County.

Anonymous said...

huddle house reporter said...
The 3 deputies that are running
the boat are very fine law enforcement officers. It was just a few months ago that Bob Godley risked his life by entering a burning house and pulling a woman out of it.

I agree with you Huddle House…. Brannen and Coffel are very fine deputies. And it is wonderful that Robert W. Godley pulled a lady out of a burning house but… He does has a history that would make one question why Sheriff Smith would ever hire him back?

Deputy Godley left the Sheriff’s Office years ago after a female jailer brought Sexual Harassment charges against him. (Sheriff’s Smith was aware of this.)

He left and got employed with the Bull Head City, Arizona Police Department within days of leaving the Camden County Sheriff’s Office. (Sheriff Smith never told them of the Sexual Harassment charges here he fled from.)

Guess what? After several months Bull Head City Arizona Police Department fires Mr. Robert Godley for Sexual Harassment. (They called and informed Sheriff Smith of the facts.)

Robert Godley returns to the Camden County area gains employment at Kings Bays Naval Sub Base with the Department of Defense Police Department.

Then one evening when Officer Robert Godley was working all alone someone using his card key scans his pass code enters a building and signs one to a computer using his secret internet I.D. and pass code and visits several internet child pornography websites.

To say the least Naval Criminal Investigative Services did an investigation and this led to the termination of Officer Robert W. Godley. (Sheriff Smith was also called and informed of this information.)

Now comes the crazy part. Sheriff Smith armed with all this personal knowledge of this unethical / criminal behavior. Why did he hire Officer Godley back? (Un-Ending loyalty because no one else in the business will touch him!) THATS WHY!

Is it possible that his wife Judy Godley writes letters to the editor to defend Sheriff Smith because of her husband’s new position?

These are not allegations, all of these incidents are part of Officer Robert Godley’s personnel files at all three departments and can be verified. Don’t hold your breath getting anything out of the Sheriff.

95% of the employees of the Camden County Sheriff’s Office are great people. But there are several employees that make it bad for all.

To the 95% Great Job! Keep your heads up! Keep doing a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

When Tommy Gregory goes in office, I hope this criminal isn't allowed to work for law enforcement any more. Wonder how much he paid Smith to go back to work for Camden County?

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure, if Tommy Gregory goes into office as Sheriff I bet he retains Godley, because they go way back, and Gregory knows what an asset Godley is to any sheriff's department

Anonymous said...

i have one word for you slander it can be very costly. If you are going to post comments about people you should atleast have the facts correct. To Officer Godley from what I have read you would have a great case to sue for slander.

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