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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Comments Of The Week

These are a few comments left by you the readers, That I thought were the best.

Under The Radar said...
I am the one that posted that message on the 4 the Badge blog and I am not the moderator of that blog. I will say that I used to be a supporter of BTW at one time, but can't seem to allow myself to back a man that is doing what he is doing. I am a member of the S&R team and i will say that this has PISSED me off to see that a group of volunteers here to help the people of this county do not mean anything to him. We have spent our own money in many cases to provide things we need. I see now why it could not be provided by him.
8:50 PM

Anonymous said...
Under the Radar, Hang in there... There are many who greatly appreciate what you and the other S&R team members do for our county! I want to publicly THANK YOU!I think I met you and you gave me your home number at Sonny’s one day... If it wasn’t you, it was one of your teammate who shares your views... I know for a fact a New Sheriff will provide for his volunteers. Thanks Again! Vote 2008!
9:01 PM

Anonymous said...
Submitted for posting on 08/25/2007 4:45 p.m. for the 4 the Badge blog But of course they did not post it.IN RESPONSE TO THIS UNKNOWING, OBVIOUS MISINFORMED, or OTHERWISE FAILED TO DO THEIR RESEARCH COMMENT ABOUT OUR CANDIDATE FOR SHERIFF of CAMDEN COUNTY.POSTED PREVIOUS:Anonymous said... I don't know who rick is but i went to his blog and he seems to be a supporter of a candidate for the office of Sheriff for Camden County. I guess he already has all the facts before they are finalized in court. He must be living vicariously through steve. I for one would think that a veteran like himself would be able to cut through the bull and make sound decisions himself. lets not take lose focus of what is at stake and try not to jump on any wagons without all the facts. Jumping on the band wagon of the first candidate to say they are going to run for office is like saying that b/c Bush has done such a bad job you are going to vote for Hillary b/c she is the opposer. not the way to go. THIS COMMENT IN PARTICUALR I RESPOND TO:<<<<>>>>> on another note, we need to give a raise to the county commissioners so that they will start to take their job seriously. We have no comprehensive plan on anything in Camden County. Our infrastructure, streets, water, sewage are not in place to support the future and our county's growth. we finally hired a county manager. about time. this is the first smart thing i have seen the county commissioners do. it only took them a couple of years. wow. on this pace we should have a comprehensive plan that takes time and research in place in about 2015. August 23, 2007 5:51 PM MY RESPONSE TO YOU:First and foremost, do your research on those you slander or misjudge before posting a comment. This candidate has more integrity, experience, and more leadership capabilities than the current Sheriff could ever hope for. And yes, before you comment on me, I too am jumping on the bandwagon to rally behind the candidate. It is time for a change - a definite change. It is time for the candidate, or anyone for that matter, to step up and not stand for the embarrassment this county has seen recently with the current Sheriff’s Office situation(s). Not to mention the many questionable incidents from the past under the current Sheriff’s reign. We need a Sheriff to come forward and represent the highest law enforcement office with professionalism, integrity, and as you desire (and I too) – viable experience and leadership experience. I assert the candidate id the better choice.Let’s take a look at the first quality you denoted, EXPERIENCE:How much experience does the current Sheriff have vs. the candidate since you did your research before posting? I assume you did some research before posting, since you exalt the candidate has none. I would venture out and say the Sheriff’s father (former Camden Sheriff) had more experience policing than he does. I do not recall the current Sheriff ever patrolling with his deputies, investigating a single crime, or answering a call for service himself. Does he even know how the divisions in his department function? Has he ever made an arrest? Oh wait a minute! He served with the FBI before becoming Sheriff, right? That gives him experience. Take a closer look at that. What did the Sheriff do for the FBI? Did he ever serve in a law enforcement capacity with the FBI? I think you will be surprised at what you find. You (the person I’m responding to) claim you want someone with experience. I assert the candidate has it, and his track record speaks for itself unlike Bill Smith’s. Bill Smith has a lot of political experience, but lacks viable work experience.Now let’s take a look at the candidate, Tommy Gregory who is currently seeking the Office of Sheriff of Camden County. I think had you (the person I am responding to) done your research you would see that the candidate’s experience speaks for its self. The candidate has put his resume, or track record if you would, out for all to review. How does the candidate’s experience measure up to Bill Smith’s with regards to your qualities you want to see in a Sheriff? I say they do not compare to one another. Yes, the Sheriff as been in office for some 30 or more years. This has to amount to something, right? Indictments, scandals (trustee), poor publicity, lies, and gross embarrassment – maybe even some more indictments headed his way? Yeah, I say he has amounted to a lot. This is not the person I want to see further lead the Sheriff’s Office. When is enough – ENOUGH???The candidate comes with real working experience. He has the inner working knowledge of the department, having served with the department for many years in many LEADERSHIP roles. I for one think this is a plus. It appears, based on just a minor inquiry of his credentials made available for public review, that he has experience working illegal drugs, serving in uniformed patrol, supervising patrol functions, serving as law enforcement financial officer (big plus given the latest news with the budget situation), and more. But, this was learned by simply looking at his basic resume on his candidate website: www.gregoryforsheriff.com Did you (the person I am responding to) not view the candidate’s website before saying he lacks experience? I for one get the impression that he has “walked the walk” unlike Bill Smith who “talks the talk.” Actions speak louder than words in my book. Visit his site – need I republish it for you?Now let’s examine LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE:Again we’ll start with the current Sheriff, Bill Smith. Yes, he is the chief law enforcement officer of Camden County, and serves as the Sheriff’s Office department head, but what leadership experience does he have? Has he ever immediately supervised his staff? Does he even know the infrastructure of his divisions within his department? Has he ever led any criminal investigation and supervised subordinates in the course of that investigation? I say not, but I recall an instance where he was directly involved in a leadership role. That was when “at will employee” situations gave to rise. The Sheriff is real quick to dismiss an employee using his policy of “to serve at the will of the Sheriff.” From someone who does not directly supervise any of his staff, he sure does take a vested interest in hiring and firing. Is this a good way to lead your department – with employees fearful of their jobs? Let us not forget the gross example of this in 2005 when he laid off more than 10 employees for this policy surrounding his re-election. Most of those employees laid off were considered career employees with many having much tenure with the department. Now that’s leadership. Who did he replace these employees with? Maybe those most “favorable” – not more qualified. To employ qualified employees, I think it is good to have the background experience to effectively hire qualified staff. To do so without it would be a leadership error. I think the current Sheriff lacks this leadership experience to effectively do this. But, he may leave this up to a divisional supervisor to hire and fire – smart. But, why does the current Sheriff have his hands in hiring and firing of many employees so much? This is another issue for another thread. Going to the basics, one would have to be present to lead. Would you agree? Why is it Bill Smith is never present? Why is he always away from his department or out of the state? Why is he hardly ever in his office and available to the public? I prefer a Sheriff available to the public they serve. Not always out of town. I prefer a Sheriff who knows how his department works. Not one who is a department figure head. I prefer a Sheriff that can lead by example and has the experience and know-how to do so. Not a politician. I prefer a Sheriff that can rally his department towards a common goal and boost the morale of its employees- not have them in fear of their job. Not a bully. I prefer a Sheriff that can work with the community and community government. Not one who has the “Us vs. Them” mentality.I believe the candidate, Tommy Gregory, has the leadership experience to make the Office of the Sheriff of Camden County more than what it is now. The candidate has served in many capacities within the ranks of the Camden County Sheriff’s Office – this has to be a plus. The candidate has served as a drug agent, patrol officer, front line supervisor, and multiple upper management supervision positions. Furthermore, from viewing his site, he has served as the chief financial officer for the Camden County Sheriff’s Office. How can one serve in this position and not know the infrastructure of every division in the department? I’m not saying he should be Sheriff based on his accounting skills, but it is evident his leadership experience is there, contrary to the person I am speaking to believes. What do you need to see this? Speaking of money and budget s this could become a thread in itself too. I’m sure you have read the scandals regarding the seized assets and the hoopla about the budget situation. I do not recall hearing problems as this when the candidate was the chief financial officer. Now that the candidate no longer serves in that role - look at the budget situation. One might counter this comment with saying, look at the Sheriff's current seized asset circus arena – this was suspect when the candidate served with the Sheriff’s Office. I would pose this question for your research. Who is in charge of the seized asset account at the Sheriff's Office? I think you'll be surprised to see that it is not the Chief Financial Officer. Why not? It would seem this be a task fitting the chief financial officer or something that would easily fall under the direction or overseeing of the Chief Financial Officer. When the candidate served in this role, why was he not overseeing this account or managing it? One word: Integrity. I'll leave you to your own devices on what I mean by that. But, in case you need a place to start, start with the many articles in the many papers around. Like I said this subject is better dealt with in another thread. Now back to the issue of leadership experience. From speaking with the candidate myself as his number is listed on his website, I learned he also served to facilitate many internal investigations within the department while employed there. This is a position not taken lightly and not a task given to those who lack leadership experience and department knowledge. From speaking with him, I feel he is full of professionalism, integrity, and is eager to improve the image of the Sheriff’s Office and move it in the right direction. He comes well qualified and has the credentials to back it up.I attempted to call the Sheriff, several times this week alone, but was unsuccessful in making contact. I gave up. This is not something I expect to from my highest law enforcement official. I could probably go on for longer, but I think I have filled enough space on this thread. I for one am jumping on the bandwagon to remove the current Sheriff from office and I personally would like to see Tommy Gregory elected as Sheriff in Camden County. To the candidate, should you see this thread – you have my vote, and thanks for answering all my questions on the phone, and following up with meeting me in person. I will work with you to have you speak in my neighborhood and look forward to seeing you again. To the person I am speaking to, I welcome you to visit the candidate’s website www.gregoryforsheriff.com for information about him since you failed to make note of his experience and leadership experience previously. I also encourage to you call Tommy Gregory and speak to him about his plan for the Sheriff’s Office should he be elected, It might help you change your opinion. Try calling and speaking with the Sheriff or finding him in his office. I couldn’t. Now this post was not to flame you or put you down, but simply to encourage you to do your research before passing judgment. Thanks for hearing me out.
3:28 AM


Anonymous said...


I like the way you are posting good comments on your main page.

The more readership, the better.

You know, it really tickles me the lengths to which the die-hard Smith supporters will go on the other blogs to assure me just how unmoved they are by mine and your comments and expose's (well, your's, with my comments) over and over again. Methinks they doth protest too much!

Jay Moreno

Anonymous said...

This post you printed from for the badge was great. I wonder why they did not post it. Could you find out for us readers?

I liked how the person who wrote the post compared the current Sheriff to the candidate. It was funny, but actually true. It is neat to see them compared side by side like that.

GREAT POST, and I can see why it was a post of the week!

Anonymous said...

very good and true, people are blind in this county because of the favors done by the sheriff, hey you commit a crime and you knew the sheriff, he will take care of it. but if your not part of the few chosen, the camden hotel you go.

FNU LNU said...

You would not be referring to people such as Fairly Cisco would you?

Seems I remember him getting into some trouble and the charges mysteriously go missing.

Huh, points to ponder.

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Anonymous said...
I just spoke with a lady that had called Judge Williams number to ask for Dennis Perry's plea be thrown out and to grant him a new trial. Guess what? As soon as Dennis' name was mentioned, the secretary or whoever she was got very cold and told the lady she would have to send the judge a fax or write her a letter. AND THEN SHE WOULDN'T GIVE HER THE FAX NUMBER!! She was told she would have to write a letter..which the lady has done. Does that tell you there is something wrong with this case? You people in Camden County better wake up and smell the roses before you find yourself in the same position that Dennis is in. He isn't asking to be released. Just for a FAIR trial!!

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