Welcome To The New Real School Police

Welcome To The New Real School Police

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The Godley Files


The complete P.O.S.T record of Bob Godley. The former cop that thinks the whole county owes him an apology for his bad behavior.

There is a new blogger in town, who is also upset with this school system. Thank you Paul for standing up for what is right, and not backing down to the ESTABLISHMENT.

Camden County Schools The Truth


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Remember Dennis is the one framed by former Sheriff Bill Smith and his lying so called detective Dale Bundy.


Friday, April 27, 2007

What Positives?

From the T&G:

Battering of sheriff's department ignores all the good

Dear Editor,
No. It's not time for Sheriff Bill Smith and Maj. Jim Proctor to go. Yes. We do deserve the best, and we think we have the best in the Camden County Sheriff's Office. We have a chance every four years to say who we want as sheriff of our beloved Camden County, and we spoke four years ago and will speak again in 2008 if we are given the opportunity by our present sheriff.My grandmother used to say, "A person who doesn't do anything is a person that doesn't make any mistakes." Yes, mistakes are made by the CCSO, but what about the good things. Are they worth talking about as well? I guess that isn't "news".

By the very nature of law enforcement, people become angry and resentful at the sheriff and his department. We also see that the political system and the outcome of the "people's voices" has caused many "get even" and negative things to be written.Are these the ones that speak for the majority of the citizens of Camden County? Is that the attitude that helps this county? Is that what the people of Camden County really think and need?There are many, many citizens that respect and depend on the CCSO. We feel safe and protected. We appreciate the "open door" policy of the administrative staff; We appreciate the deputies, as they are approachable and professional. We know we can walk in the door of the jail in Woodbine and, if the sheriff is there, we can talk to him. We don't make appointments; we go there and see him face to face.There are two words that we use to describe the CCSO. They are heart and history. Bill Smith is a kind and generous man. He and his family have been here for our families in Camden County for 70 or more years. They have worked with the good, bad and ugly of Camden County. We agree with William Terrell when he says there is the "personal part of the story" that the media and scorned people care nothing about.

Many of the new folks moving to this area appreciate the "heart and history" of Camden County. Continually "spewing" negative criticism is what we are tired of hearing.We need to hear the positive as well, and there is more positive to the CCSO than negative. If you will listen, you rarely hear CCSO responding to this criticism. They are taking the "high road", accepting the challenges as they day by day continue to protect Camden County and do their job. Don't tell me how much you know until you show me how much you care. Thank you, CCSO, for caring.

Roger and Mary Ann Seman
St. Marys

TRSP Review:
Roger and Mary Ann,
Thanks for your views they are always accepted here. I understand that you are sick and tired of hearing only the negatives, but why didn't you tell us some of the positives.

First of all, All of Uncle Bill's friends must realize that no one has ever said one bad thing about any deputy, so stop trying to make this issue about the deputies, it is not. They do what they are told and most do a great job of it.

Of course once again we hear what a good man he is, But not what kind of Sheriff he is. Not once do they say he is a good sheriff.

As I have said in the past this is not personal, I have never even talked to Bill Smith. I just comment on his record. I know nothing about his personal life and I don't care. He could be a complete ass and still be a good sheriff, but just because you are a good man does not make you a good Sheriff.

And why is the Sheriff not responding to the criticism? How would he say "I take full responsibility." Heard that before did it fix anything, NO.

Lt. Terrell writes a letter to clear up some questions; and he did not answer a single one, instead he bashes the paper. Great PR work.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Press Release from Tommy Gregory

Dear Readers of The Real School Police:

Below I've posted the press release going out to the media announcing my decision to run for Camden County Sheriff in 2008. I've also posted my biography. Everyone is invited to my Press Conference on Thursday, May 3 at 11:00 a.m. on the steps of the Camden County Courthouse. I'll be talking about my Six-Point Plan to improve the Sheriff's Office, and answering questions from the media and public. Look for more campaign announcements soon, including a website. My campaign email is tommy@gregoryforsheriff.com if anyone wants to contact me. Thank you for your support and I look forward to earning your vote in the following months.

Tommy Gregory


Gregory Launches Candidacy For Camden County Sheriff

Local law enforcement veteran of 24 years to challenge Bill Smith for county’s top spot; holding May 3 press conference at Camden Courthouse to kickoff campaign

WAVERLY, Ga. (April 24, 2007) -- Declaring himself the “taxpayers’ best friend and criminals’ worst enemy,” Tommy Gregory of Waverly will announce at a May 3 press conference that he’s running for Camden County Sheriff in 2008.

Gregory will kickoff his candidacy at a press conference on Thursday, May 3 at 11:00 a.m. on the steps of the Camden County Courthouse in Woodbine. Media and the general public are encouraged to attend.

Gregory said, “I see a need to improve the Sheriff’s office, and I want to put my 24 years of law enforcement knowledge and experience to work for the people of Camden County.”

At the press conference, Gregory will unveil his Six-Point Plan to improve the Sheriff’s office. The points of the plan include:

1. Provide Superior Public Safety
2. Reform Trusty Program
3. Save Taxpayers’ Money
4. Boost Employees’ Morale
5. Create Honest, Open Sheriff’s Office
6. Increase Police Visibility in Community

“My plan represents the six key improvements I will make to the Sheriff’s office if elected,” said Gregory, a third-generation law enforcement officer. “The people of Camden County deserve the finest Sheriff’s office in Georgia.”

Currently, Gregory serves the City of Kingsland Police Department as a Training Officer and Patrol Shift Supervisor. He also works for Coastal Georgia Community College as a Police Officer, in charge of providing campus security.

Gregory served the Camden County Sheriff’s Office for 18 years from 1987-2005. Positions included: Chief Financial Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Patrol Shift Supervisor, Patrol Division Commander, and Training Division Commander. Before then, Gregory worked as a Narcotics Agent for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Gregory began his law enforcement career at the young age of 17, while attending Brunswick High School. He worked as an undercover agent for the Glynn County Police Department, cracking down on alcohol sales to minors. He also interned with the Georgia State Patrol and United States Park Police.

During Gregory’s career he has been appointed to various local civic boards, including: Camden County Budget Review Board, Retirement Review Board, Healthcare Benefits Review Board, Library Board of Directors, and the Safety Review Board. Gregory participates in several law enforcement organizations such as the Georgia Sheriff’s Association, Peace Officer Association of Georgia, and the American Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

Gregory graduated from Georgia Military College with a degree in Criminal Justice. While in school, he earned membership into the Phi Beta Kappa national honors society.

Gregory enjoys the close knit Camden County community and is an involved citizen. He’s been a member of the Kingsland Volunteer Fire Department, Woodbine Masonic Lodge #326, Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Gold Wing Road Rider Association Kingsland Chapter, and the Woodbine Athletic Association. Gregory is a supporter of Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association. He is also a graduate of ‘Leadership Camden.’

Gregory lives in Waverly with his wife, Jodi; his sons, Scott and Jon; and Jodi’s children, Mandy and Garrett. He and Jodi enjoy riding their motorcycles and going on family camping trips. The Gregory Family are parishioners at both Waverly United Methodist Church and Kingsland First Baptist Church.

# # #


Tommy Gregory has 24 years of law enforcement experience in Camden County and Georgia and is a third-generation law enforcement officer. Witnessing his family’s passion for public service led him to his calling in law enforcement. Gregory’s father and grandfather were state troopers, and his father also served with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in Kingsland.

Gregory began his career at the young age of 17, while attending Brunswick High School. He worked as an undercover agent for the Glynn County Police Department, cracking down on alcohol sales to minors. He also interned with the Georgia State Patrol and United States Park Police. Growing up, Gregory was a member of the Brunswick Fire Department’s Boy Scout Explorer Post, various high school sports teams, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

After graduating high school, Gregory worked as a Narcotics Agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. In 1987, he began a long career with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office. His hard work and dedication led to swift promotions within the Sheriff's Office. Positions included: Deputy Sheriff, Patrol Shift Supervisor, Patrol Division Commander, Training Division Commander, and Chief Financial Officer. In 2005, Gregory began working for the Kingsland Police Department, where he now serves as a Training Officer and Patrol Shift Supervisor. He also works for Coastal Georgia Community College as a Police Officer, providing campus security.

Gregory graduated with honors from Georgia Military College earning a degree in Criminal Justice. He is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society. Gregory currently holds the most Georgia P.O.S.T. certifications of any law enforcement officer in Camden County. He is a state-certified instructor of Firearms, Speed Detection, Driver Training and Emergency Medical Services. He’s also state-certified as a Communications Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, Narcotics Agent, Field Training Officer, Supervisor, Manager, Intoximeter 5000 Operator, Radar Operator, First Responder, Emergency Medical Technician, Health Care Provider, Firefighter, and External Heart Defibrillator Operator.

During Gregory’s career he has been appointed to various local civic boards, including: Camden County Budget Review Board, Retirement Review Board, Healthcare Benefits Review Board, Library Board of Directors, and the Safety Review Board. Gregory participates in several law enforcement organizations such as the Georgia Sheriff’s Association, Peace Officer Association of Georgia, and the American Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

Gregory enjoys the close knit Camden County community and is an involved citizen. He’s been a member of the Kingsland Volunteer Fire Department, Woodbine Masonic Lodge #326, Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Gold Wing Road Rider Association Kingsland Chapter, and the Woodbine Athletic Association. Gregory is a supporter of Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association. He is also a graduate of ‘Leadership Camden.’

Gregory lives in Waverly with his wife, Jodi; his sons, Scott and Jon; and Jodi’s children, Mandy and Garrett. He and Jodi enjoy riding their motorcycles and going on family camping trips. The Gregory Family are parishioners at both Waverly United Methodist Church and Kingsland First Baptist Church.

The Real School Police Names BOE Employee of The Year

The Real School Police is proud to announce Dr. Angela McManigal our BOE employee of the year. Dr. McManigal has been the driving force in the success of DLRES. She has always been fair and honest with the parents at DLRES. I have never heard anyone say a single bad thing about her. She believes in the student and works wonderful with all children. She is a huge asset to this school system and to DLRES. But as with all good things they must end, at least for DLRES. Dr. McManigal was offered the principal job at MLCES, so she will be leaving us. She will be missed by all at DLRES. The parents at MLCES do not yet know how lucky they are to have Dr. McManigal.

Dr. McManigal,
Thank you for everything you have done for my children and others. You will be missed.

Congratulations and Good Luck
Rick Rogers


Sheriff's Office announcement should be this week. You will hear all about it here before anyone else knows. Stay Tuned!!!!!

Attention All Public Employees

If you recieve or send email from a government owned computer all emails are subject to the Georgia Open Records Act. Meaning if you are sending an email that you don't want ME to see you better not. I will be requesting emails in the near future. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Commissioners stop deleting them, Just because you hit the delete button does not mean they are not gone. And if you do delete them and they are recovered than it will show your trying to hide something.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sheriff's Office Attacks Newspaper

From the T&G:

Sheriff's Office defends handling of trustys
Dear Editor, I am writing to address the issues raised in your editorial of April 18, 2007 and to make a few other brief remarks. Most of the questions you ask in the editorial were either never asked of me or were already answered through a press release or during a telephone interview with Emily Goodson. To imply that these are unanswered questions is irresponsible journalism.

TRSP Review: I am not posting the whole letter if you want to read it click the link to the paper. He never address' a single issue or answers the many unanswered questions. He just attacks the paper.

Mr. Terrell when was the last time the paper denied you access to print anything. Your accusations are pointless. You can try to spin it any way you want, but the paper is just doing its job of asking questions, that is what they do. Have they printed something that is wrong, NO. So you want to silence them also. Why don't you call Mr. Taylor Jones, he will silence them.

People don't you see what is going on here. Let's blame everyone but the Sheriff. I have asked many questions of the Sheriff's office to which I get no response and I think that is irresponsible leadership.

I Have The Right To All Government Emails in Georgia

According to the Georgia Sunshine Laws ( see link in links section) I do have a right to all electronic communications. So look out. Make sure you read the post under this one!!!!!

From A Citizens Guide to Open Government Provided by the Attorney Generals Office.
A. What Records Are Available To The Public?
Georgia’s Open Records Law provides the public with broad access to governmental records and
documents.1 The public has a right to see, inspect and copy all “public records.” “Public records” are
broadly defined to include the following:
? Documents;
? Papers;
? Letters;
? Maps;
? Books;
? Tapes;
? Photographs;
? Computer-based or generated information; and
? Similar material prepared and maintained or received in the course of the operation of a
public office or agency.2
Public records also include records received or maintained by a private person, firm, corporation or other
private entity in the performance of a service or function for or on behalf of a public office or agency,
unless the records are otherwise protected by specific statute or court order from disclosure.3
The Law specifically designates “computer records” as public records subject to the Law.

The Open Records Law mandates that if a county maintains a computerized index of county real estate deed records, the index must be printed and made available for public inspection no less than every 30 days.4
And, courts have held that government may not keep details of litigation settlements secret.

I Am Looking into This

Using e-mail for board business? Check open-meeting laws
By Andrew Trotter
Andrew Trotter is an associate editor of Electronic School.

If you send an e-mail message to a member of the Seminole County (Fla.) school board, you're also sending one to Mike Barry, a reporter for the Orlando Sentinel. "Any e-mail that goes to the board goes to me," Barry says.
In December, at the education reporter's request, the school board arranged to forward all of its e-mail automatically to Barry and to his editor. Far from an invasion of privacy, the arrangement is really openness in government, says Seminole County's board president, Sandy Robinson. Florida's "Sunshine Law" gives the press the right to riffle through school board mail, and the Legislature has explicitly included electronic documents under that law.
Like their counterparts elsewhere who are taking advantage of e-mail and voice mail, Seminole County board members are working out the rules for the electronic age. They're weighing the implications of "sunshine" and open-meeting laws, as well as confidentiality and protocol.
Using district-owned laptop computers, the county's five board members can check their e-mail from home. "I've found personally it has cut down a tremendous number of phone calls," Robinson says. "It allows me to work on school board things on the weekend." She says most of the flow of information via e-mail and a new voice-mail system is between the board and the administrative staff, rather than among board members. For example, the administration will send e-mail to the board with the latest developments on a land purchase.
But Robinson says the board members are "painfully aware" that the sunshine law bars them from discussing among themselves in private "any issue that may come up for a vote." In electronic communication, they err on the side of caution: "If there's any concern, we just usually stop the conversation."

TRSP Review: This is interesting. Could you imagine The Real School Police getting every E-mail to the board. What would I have to complain about then? Nothing!!!!!

Ohio court orders board members removed from office

An Ohio state court has ordered three of five members of the Madison-Plains School Board removed from office for holding illegal secret meetings and hiring teachers lacking proper certification, including one who was charged with inappropriate physical contact with students. Scott Ebright, spokesman for the Ohio School Boards Association, says he knows of only one other case where a board member has been removed. Lauren Ross, attorney for the three board members, has filed notice of appeal with the Ohio Court of Appeals. Ms. Ross acknowledges that her clients made mistakes, but contends that their conduct does not justify removal. She argues that open meetings violations were technical in nature and that the board handled the uncertified teachers by obtaining their resignations.

Akron Beacon Journal
By Associated Press

TRSP Review: Good job judge. School attorneys are clueless when it comes to the law. This was a total abuse of power and these members got exactly what they deserved.

Questions That Need To Be Answered

  1. Is there more to the latest trusty incident? Ms Sears seems to think so, as she said because of her status as an employee of the Sheriff she could not release anymore info.
  2. Who bailed the trustee out? Were they arrested as well?
  3. Was that all that was in that locker? Lt. Terrel thinks that was all that was in that locker.
  4. Was there a video camera on this locker? There should be, I believe state law requires that all evidence be under 24 hr. surveillance, but I could be wrong on that.
  5. Where was the locker and why didn't anyone see him in that locker?
  6. How many more officers are we going to hire before we figure out that the problem is in the leadership?
  7. Is this what happened to all the evidence in the Daniel Perry case? Ask the Sheriff, he will tell you "I don't know".

Thursday, April 19, 2007

To Make My Self Clear

I do not care what commission he is on, He should not be on any. If I think You are not a good Sheriff , I don't think you should serve on a governor's commission.


The Governor's Office is looking in to the my complaint. They have been on this blog 3 times today and I expect them to be on it more.

Thank you Mr. Governor and your great staff for taking the time to look into this matter for me.

Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission

From the Governor:

Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission
Sheriff William “Bill” E. Smith, 68, Woodbine – Smith is the sheriff of Camden County. He has served as a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an officer in the United States Marine Corps and worked for Gilman Paper Company in St. Marys. He is a member of the Woodbine Lions Club. He served three terms on the Camden County Board of Commissioners. Smith graduated from the Citadel Military College in South Carolina. He has three grown children.

Sonny, I think you made a huge mistake here. I will call and inform you of the problem I have with Sheriff Bill Smith being on any state commission.

The Bill Smith Time Line

This is a partial list to be updated as needed. If you know of something not on the list post it under the comments section.

1985-1995 All evidence in murder case lost.
June 1991 Trustee drives drunk
Nov. 2001 Hunting Accident or Murder
2001-2004 $250,000 Sent Out of State to Citadel
Sept. 2006 Jet Ski Incident
Sept. 2006 Trustee Escapes
Dec. 2006 Sheriff Employees do background check on me for speaking up
Feb. 2007 Sheriff’s Attorney threatens to sue for speaking out against the Sheriff
March 2007 Lawsuit for open records
April 2007 Sheriff accepts plea deal for ethics charges
April 2007 Trustee Bails Himself Out With Stolen Money

Another Mothers Plea For Justice

Name: Patricia Smith
Subject: My daughter's death--
Apr 12, 2003 at 11:40AM
My daughter died nov.25,2001, while hunting with her husband. Her death was ruled an accident. My son-in-law is kin to the sheriff, Bill Smith here in Camden Co., Georgia. Yes this is a good-ole boy county. I have tired to get the 911 calls she made, autopsy photo's sent to Ross Graham Investigations, He has two doctors waiting to read the autopsy and see the photos. If they find any wrong doing they were going to present her case to the Vidog Society in PA. Then I could get it investigated and it wouldn't cost me an arm and leg. I don't have alot of money. They were have domestic problems, he hit her several times and nothing was done by the law. Now I cant get the reports and other information that I need. So far I have contacted the representatives in GA.,senators,attorne y general,govenor,Pres ident,vice President and John Ashcroft. I still have not get any results. I still have a few letters that have not been answered. I will not stop until I have the truth. I did have the FBI(a family friend) in Florida read the reports that I do have and they said it needed to be looked into. They also said if I did continue to seek the answers that I should be careful. They know well of the reputation on the law in Georgia. Please cant you help me in any way. Please answer.
Patricia Smith

TRSP Review: Wow!!!! The more I dig the deeper it gets. Yet at this time 8 of you people here in Camden think he should not resign. So I will continue to dig until I change the mind of you 8 people.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What Are They Not Telling You About The Trusties?

These are just snips of the full story in today's Tribune & Georgian:

Terrell said no pending cases were affected by Bryant’s actions because the only evidence in the locker was the cash and Playstation.“I don’t believe there was any other evidence in the locker,” he said.

TRSP Review: They don't believe or they don't know. Who is in charge of the inventory of these lockers. An inventory list will tell you exactly what was in that locker and I guess they don't inventory their evidence.

Commissioner Charlene Sears said she could not release any additional information about the incident because of her status as a sheriff’s office employee, but did say that she knows department administrators plan to change evidence storage protocol to ensure a similar incident does not happen in the future.

TRSP Review: Meaning there is more information, we just are not going to tell you. We will treat you like the mushrooms you are, keep you in the dark and feed you @#%&!!!

However, Commissioner Steve Berry now says it is obvious that hiring more deputies was not the answer, and that the sheriff's office may have to reconsider how much freedom of movement it gives the trustees

TRSP Review: Gee, how did he figure that out all on his own.

However, commission Chairman Preston Rhodes said the board as a whole has not yet called into question whether the trusty program should be suspended or stopped altogether.“I haven’t called for any investigation or anything on that,” he said.

TRSP Review: It's not the program, its the person running it. When trusties run around town drunk while under the sheriff watchful eye, Somethings wrong.

The Commissioners are just as at fault as the Sheriff. They need someone to hold their hands the entire way. Why was this issue not resolved the last time. I said that hiring more officers would not help until you change the leadership. All 5 of the Commissioners are guilty of not standing up for the people of Camden County. What more information are they hiding from us. MS. Sears you can't comment more WHY? Because of your job with the Sheriff. You took an oath to uphold the constitution and not telling the whole truth is just as bad as lying.

Something stinks again I don't know what it is, but I will find out.

Next Question: Who called First Coast News? If it was not for them we would not have heard of this would we Mr. Sheriff. He was rearrested April 10th we did not find out until 3 days later. Why?

More question I will guarantee the Sheriff will not answer.

Did a Trusty Steal the Evidence That Put This Man Behind Bars

From http://www.injusticebusters.com/04/Perry_Dennis.shtml

Feb. 2003: Dennis was convicted of a double murder

A plea from Georgia

injusticebusters received this message.

I would like to ask anyone a question. If there was an 18 year old murder and 8 yrs of investigation ensued. And all 8 yrs of the information was lost along with all the evidence in the case by an incompetent sherrifs office, except for the only DNA found which exonerates a suspect, should a DA be allowed to begin a case without any evidence, circumstantial or otherwise? What if they hire a guy to investigate it for 40,000 dollars of drug money and he takes a sole picture of anyone fitting the description to taint the only witnesses? Do you believe this can happen in the U.S.? It did. Ask me about it. In a time when we are convicting innocents and sending otherwise free people to their deaths, we need a change in the power the prosecutor has. If the District Attorneys were some foreign entity murdering our innocent defendants we would spend billions of dollars and even give our lives to defend our innocent victims of this Justice system. I bet you never looked at that way. Did you know the Medical Examiners office is controlled by the DA? The DA can fire him or cause him grief! If the DA wants someone to be convicted he can do what ever he wants with the evidence. The DA can hide the innocence of a person! The DA should not control the M.E. or the evidence. I suspect Hundreds or maybe thousands of COMPLETELY INNOCENT people are being held against their will right now in OUR prisons! There is a conflict of interest in the DA. He is an elected official and if he doesn't get convictions he's gone! Please Help we are in a race against time. What can we do? Contact me with your ideas. Daniel Perry at drkanglmoonshdws@aol.com

To be fair I will let you hear Bill Smith's response to what happened to the evidence as described by Gordon Jackson of the TU:
The man ultimately responsible for safeguarding the evidence, Camden County Sheriff Bill Smith, was blunt with his response about what happened: "I don't know."
Smith testified all the evidence should have remained intact after lead investigator Butch Kennedy quit his deputy's job in 1992, and he didn't know what happened.
"I don't get directly involved in the process," Smith said.
Though only two men are responsible for holding evidence and releasing it to investigators, Smith said nobody has ever been reprimanded for losing evidence that could hold the key to a conviction.

Reviewing the RED: I Don't KNOW enough said.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How Much Do Trusties Save Us

Well this one cost us 32,000.
From daltondailycitizen.com

State inmate still resides at county jail

Associated Press
KINGSLAND, Ga. (AP) — William Daniel Murrell was sentenced to 10 years in state prison for manufacturing methamphetamine, but two years later he still is lodged in the Camden County jail — at a cost to county taxpayers of $32,000.According to the Clerk of Court Office, the paperwork to have Murrell transferred to the Georgia Department of Corrections was sent to the Sheriff’s Office the day after his conviction, Nov. 24, 2004.Lt. William Terrell, chief spokesman for the sheriff, said he didn’t know why Murrell’s paperwork has not been filed in two years.“We are looking into the status of William Murrell’s paperwork,” Terrell told the Georgia Times-Union, which inquired about why the 50-year-old inmate is still in the county jail.The newspaper said Murrell recently was at the scene of an accident where another inmate, Anthony Van Lewis, broke a hip when he crashed a personal watercraft owned by the Sheriff’s Office into a private dock.Witnesses said Lewis and another inmate, Carl Jason Hawkins, had been riding on the watercraft while Murrell waited at a boat ramp on Sept. 16. The three were out of jail doing work as trusties, but they were not being supervised by officers at the time of the accident, the Times-Union said.A few days later, Sheriff Bill Smith announced he would meet with county officials to discuss concerns about the trusty program, and steps he would take to prevent similar problems.Smith accepted responsibility for the incident but never explained to the county commission why the inmates were unsupervised. The sheriff told commissioners he needed more deputies to oversee the inmates, and a few weeks later they authorized funding for 11 new deputies, the newspaper said.
Copyright © 1999-2006 cnhi, inc.

Reviewing the Red:
So we were told how much money they save us, but they never told us how much money they cost when the Sheriff does not do his job. If the Commissioners do not stand up tonight and demand answer I will also ask them all to resign as well. If the Sheriff refuses to cooperate than cut funding. Then not only will the commissioners demand answer so will the people. Give them just enough to operate. The commissioners hold the purse strings. It's time for at least one of them to stand up and demand answers. The problem with the Jet Ski's as Bill Smith put it is that he did not have enough officers. This time the trusty beat the system. What will the excuse be next time.

Commissioners Meeting Tonight

The Commissioners should also ask the Sheriff to resign. If they have the county's best interest in mind.

Calls To Resign Echo The Halls of Camden

Since my letter to the editor last week and the recent jail mishap more people have come forward and asking the Sheriff to resign. Now would be the best time before even more people come fourth and he is forced to resign in disgrace. It has been a great career but even the Sheriff has to know when to say when.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Where Have All The Drug Funds Gone?

Mon, 05 Jul 2004
Post and Courier, The (Charleston, SC)Copyright: 2004 Evening Post Publishing Co.Details: http://www.mapinc.org/media/567Continues: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v04/n962/a08.html


Georgia Lawman Doles Out Confiscated Drug Money To Unusual Organizations

WOODBINE, GA. - Battle lines have been drawn in one coastal Georgia county sheriff's race over how money seized from suspected drug dealers is spent. Since 1985, the Camden County Sheriff's Department has seized nearly $15 million in suspected drug money and gotten back more than $10 million of the money after it was processed by federal and state officials. Laws restrict how counties can spend the returned money, with the intent being the money will support programs that discourage illicit drug use and help law enforcement.
While much of the money is doled out to civic organizations in donations of $10,000 or less, or to buy equipment for deputies, Sheriff Bill Smith has also given substantial donations to other causes.
Rich Gamble, who is running against Smith for the Republican nomination for sheriff, said Smith has gone too far, though he concedes that no laws have been broken.
Since 2001, Smith has donated $2,500 to a local Boy Scouts chapter, $3,000 to the Camden County High School cheerleader squad, $5,000 to the high school's band booster organization and $5,000 to the American Cancer Society. He also has donated $150,000 to Habitat for Humanity and $250,000 to his alma mater, The Citadel, in South Carolina.

Why is the most of this money going outside the county. And this is just until 2004. The rest we will never know.....

Sheriff Accepts Plea Deal!!!!

The Florida Times-Union
April 14, 2007
Sheriff will pay for ethics breach

WOODBINE - Camden County Sheriff Bill Smith has agreed to pay a $1,350 fine for five violations of the state ethics law for failing to file an accurate list of his property and business holdings on financial disclosure forms in 2001, 2002 and 2003.

Russ Willard, a spokesman for the Attorney General's office, said Smith admitted to the five violations and agreed to pay the fine on April 5. In return, a hearing scheduled with the State Administrative Hearings office about the alleged violations has been canceled and all other charges against Smith are dropped.
"I am pleased to be exonerated of these politically motivated charges," Smith said in a prepared statement. "I look forward to putting this issue behind me and continuing the work of protecting the citizens of Camden County."
Rich Gamble, a candidate for Camden County sheriff who was defeated by Smith in 2004, filed the complaint against Smith during the campaign. Gamble said Smith's reaction to the dismissal of other charges didn't address the sheriff's inaccurate paperwork filed with the state.
"He should be saying, 'I made a mistake and let's move on,'" Gamble said. "He's trying to make it like it never happened."
He said the dismissal doesn't address the fact that Smith failed to disclose all his assets, just that the state decided not to fine the sheriff for failing to file accurate paperwork.
"Does that mean it didn't happen, or that they [state officials] didn't want to do anything about it?" he said.
Gamble's complaint claimed Smith failed to list 10 pieces of property and direct ownership in three companies on his 2001 financial disclosure form.
The complaint also said Smith failed to list eight pieces of property and direct ownership in three businesses in his 2002 disclosure form. It also asserts Smith failed to disclose the address of a business in his 2002 and 2003 disclosure forms.
Smith faced a possible $1,000 fine for each asset he failed to claim on the disclosure forms. Every constitutional officer, elected state official and executive head of every state department or agency, whether elected or appointed, is required to file the paperwork covering the previous calendar year by July 1 each year, according to the State Ethics Commission.
Taylor James, the Atlanta attorney representing Smith, could not be reached for comment. Prior to the ruling, James said Gamble's complaint inaccurately listed property owned by a W.E. Smith. But it was another man living in Camden County with the same name as the sheriff.
"Someone did a title search and found a bunch of property owned by W.E. Smith," James said during an interview with the Times-Union in November. "It's not him; he didn't own it."
James acknowledged the sheriff forgot that he owned bank stock left to him by his father and failed to disclose it on the paperwork.
Despite the sheriff's claim, Gamble said his complaint against Smith was never politically motivated.
"It took me running for office to look [at the disclosure forms]," Gamble said. "It spoke of an integrity issue. It was the point I was trying to make."

gordon.jackson@jacksonville.com, (912) 729-3672

This story can be found on Jacksonville.com at http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/041407/geo_9238425.shtml.

Reviewing the RED:
First, what charges were dropped.
Second, Mr Smith, you were not exonerated, You plead guilty to a lesser charge. Why do you insist on telling lies to the people of Camden County.
Third, Now it is political, It was not political when Charlene Sears posted that stuff here on my blog.
Mr. Smith, You accepted a plea deal so you would not have to go to Atlanta. Your Attorney said so in the Tribune. Stop the lies and tell us the truth. How many people have you thrown in jail over political reasons. I know of at least 2. I am sick and tired of hearing lies from the office of the Sheriff.

Prisoner Escapes Camden County Jail Again

How does an inmate get out of jail with $8,000 in cash and a PlayStation. I really can see the cash that is easier to hide, but how do you get a PlayStation out? Now you can say he did not escape he was bonded out. That is true, but with whose money. I would say it was the peoples money, but I am sure that Bill Smith would call it his money. More to come be sure and watch the video.

First Coast News Video:
We are having video problems so please check back.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Members Same Results

The board of Education does not want to hear from you. They don't know what is going on in these schools and I think they really don't care. Mr. Rowland ran for this seat on the grounds of opening up the schools. He promised open meetings and we don't even come close to open. In fact he has made it harder to speak freely at these meetings.

Now the board is going to face a tough decision because the law states you either have public speaking or you don't. There is no law that gives them the right to limit or censor our speech at these meetings.

If you don't want the public to speak then do away with the public portion of the meeting. You do, by law, have the right not to allow public speaking. But if you do that then their is the issue of you people constantly saying you want parental involvement. The choice is yours, but either way I will make sure you obey the law.

You can't have it both ways.
Any one who thinks I am wrong and would like to check this out for yourselves can call Mr. Ritter at the Attorney Generals Office at 404-656-7298. Please read him the public part of the agenda and see what he tells you. If you need a copy of the agenda please click on the schools link on the left and go Board Members. You will find the agenda there.

Then you will get a big I TOLD YOU SO from ME.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Are The School Board Members Just Puppets Of Dr. Proctor?

From: miamitodaynews.com

Power-hungry superintendent teaches bad civics lessons
By Michael Lewis

Let's hope a judge gives Miami-Dade Public Schools students a vital civics lesson this week. The superintendent should get the same lesson — and a reprimand. The case to be heard today (3/29) in circuit court will help decide who's really in charge of the schools — the board we elected or the superintendent the board hired. Capitalizing on board weakness, Superintendent Rudy Crew has had the temerity to seize control of what members can discuss in their own public meetings and even limit what they can discover about school finances. It was easy to keep members in check — except for Marta Perez, who has a penchant for asking about spending and a push to be heard. Dr. Crew refused to answer her seven public-records requests about finances, including for costs of renovating the board's offices. He also refused to let her put four items on the agenda, saying the topics were none of the board's business. Dr. Perez didn't cave in. She sued Dr. Crew for the information and the right to talk in public. The information issue went to a magistrate for resolution; the right to get on the board agenda is due to be discussed in court today. What kind of lessons has Dr. Crew been teaching? •Thumb your nose at the bosses. Now that you're doing the job, they can't fire you, so push 'em around. •Keep things secret. What they don't know can't hurt you. •The public has no rights. The records Dr. Perez requested should be available to every member of the public — but you can stonewall 'em. •Muzzle elected officials. Board members can't talk among themselves in private — it's against the Sunshine Law — so if you keep them from talking in public, you can control everything they do. When Dr. Perez asked Dr. Crew for records she had every right to get as his boss, as an elected official and as a member of the public, he wrote her: "I do not believe that the effort required of my staff to gather and organize the information regarding job descriptions and cost of all board office renovations ... is an effective use of their time." That could be the response of every public servant trying to hide facts from the public. That's why Florida has a Sunshine Law, requiring that requested information be turned over in a timely manner. But even were there no Sunshine Law, can you imagine anyone telling his boss that answering her questions isn't an effective use of time so he's not going to do it? Dr. Crew, that's your boss asking. What nerve! Now, it's perfectly true that Dr. Perez asks about a whole lot of things. She's nosy. She can be a nitpicker and a nuisance. But she was elected to ask. Whether she's on target or way off base, she deserves answers on two grounds — she's the boss, and it's the law. What part of that doesn't Dr. Crew understand? Besides withholding information, Dr. Crew is choking discussion. If members can't get items on their agenda, they can't discuss them. That may be fine with him, but the superintendent has no right to limit free public discussion. It's the board's agenda, not his. But Dr. Crew and his attorney have decided the law lets them control the agenda. Several board members disagree, and they're right. It's not the law that gives him the power but the muscle he wields over a compliant board. That's the issue in court today. Of course, the fight to pry loose information is costing big bucks. Board members are paying Dr. Crew's attorney $450 an hour of public money to keep the public in the dark and muzzled when it suits the superintendent to do so. And so, his other lesson to date: •It's on your nickel. Whatever I screw up, you pay for. All of this is upside down. The board hires the superintendent, who should realize that he is employee, not boss. But the board lets him get away with murder — murder of our rights. What is this teaching young people? Let's hope that this week's court case is a better educator, one that teaches that might does not make right, that public information is indeed public and that public service should be exactly that — public service. Dr. Crew should be lucky not to get detention.

Reviewing the RED:
Yes, What are we teaching our child?
You want to talk about bringing back communism, all you need to do is go to a board meeting and you will see communism at it's best.

You people have no idea what goes on in these schools, but yet we are supposed to trust you. Yeah Right.

School Board Uses Executive Session To Protect Bad Employees

With the newest installment of what you can and can not say, the board has now put it in writing that they will protect bad employees from public scrutiny. Yes Dr. Proctor wants to know first and then if she thinks it is necessary then she will allow you to go into executive session to discuss it with the board. The whole time the public is clueless as to what goes on in these schools. Would you want to know if a teacher at the high school is going on to myspace and looking at his students profiles and then trying to arrange dates with those students mothers? Well it is happening and that teacher knows exactly what I am talking about. If I was to address this with the board do you think you would ever hear anything about it. Or what about three grown school employees holding a child down on the floor in the office because he is so out of control? If that was happening in your school were your child could see this happening, Wouldn't you at least want to know what's going on? Both issues are happening in Camden Schools and I can prove them both, But the board doesn't care. It is going to take a student being hurt or even worse before the rest you will stand up and join me. Well, according to Mr. Ritter in the Attorney Generals Office this is illegal. So I am revising a letter I gave to the board last night and sending Mr. Ritter an updated version which he said he would reply to the board after receiving it. So when they receive that letter you will hear a big I TOLD YOU SO. Let's hope between now and then the board does not get sued. If by chance they do get sued over this policy then I might just turn around and sue again because I have warned them time and time again that they are breaking the law with their illegal meetings.

Just an extra layer of accountability. How can you be against that? I don't know why don't you ask Dr. Proctor she is against it.

Parental Involvement My Butt

I had high hopes for this new board, but after last night they have proven they are the same old board. Mr. Rowland you are not keeping your campaign promises of open meeting. Not allowing the public to speak freely in an open session is NOT an open meeting. I thought you were all about open meetings? The new if you have nothing nice to say statement proves my point that you illegally use executive session. Here is the new blurb:

a. Public Participation
The Board of Education has established a practice that permits citizens to address the board on a variety of topics of general concern to the operation of our schools. We welcome visitors to board meetings and are interested in hearing from the taxpayers and patrons of our school system. We have a few simple rules for public comment; each person wishing to address the board must sign this roster; each person is limited to five (5) minutes; we request that a citizen refrain from attacking personally any employee of the school system; any citizen who has a specific complaint involving an employee must first address the issue with the superintendent and, if not resolved; then may speak with the board. However, certain matters involving personnel and students must be heard in closed session; the superintendent will inform you whether your complaint is one that should be referred to an executive session with the board. By signing the roster, participants are agreeing to abide by these rules.

You can not take people back into executive session to hear evidence against a school employee. That must be done in public. YOU WILL BE SUED OF THIS. You must first hear what the person has to say in public then you can go into executive session. I do agree that people should not attack anyone personally, but a complaint against an employees job performance is not attacking them personally.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Another Principal Who Wants To Be An Ass

From Fox News:

Arizona Principal Hesitates to Excuse Absences of GI's Kids

Sunday , March 25, 2007

TUCSON, Ariz. — When her husband comes home to Tucson on leave from Iraq, Keila Rios could face a dilemma she finds infuriating.
She plans to take their children out of school for a week to spend time with their Army dad.
But when she asked for makeup work they could do at home, she initially was told they'd receive zeros if they didn't go to class.
The head of the charter school they attend declared the absences inexcusable and told the Arizona Daily Star that Rios' children would not be allowed to make up missed assignments. It now seems the principal is reconsidering.

"I couldn't believe what I was hearing," said Rios, 29, of her March 19 conversation with Lee Griffin, principal and founder of Children Reaching for the Sky, an elementary charter school.
Her husband, Staff Sgt. Enrique Rios, 30, is due home sometime this week for a two-week rest and relaxation leave. Some of it falls during the school's spring break and the family asked for an extra week off.
Keila Rios said Griffin told her that families pull kids out of class for all kinds of reasons — from beauty contests to Disneyland vacations — and said it wouldn't be fair to approve her request for makeup work when he's refused the others.
"I said, 'We're not talking about Disneyland here. Their father has been at war for the last eight months and all we have is this little bit of time together.' God forbid if he goes back to Iraq and something happens to him," Keila Rios said.
Enrique Rios, a Cholla High Magnet School graduate, is overseas with the 82nd Airborne Division of Fort Bragg, N.C. His wife and children are living in Tucson with his parents while he's at war.
The couple has an 11-year-old daughter, Khalina Polanco, and an 8-year old son, Andres Rios, attending the charter school, and a 2-year-old boy at home.
"I'm disgusted," Enrique Rios wrote in an e-mail to the Star. The principal "obviously isn't a patriot and has no understanding of what it is like to put your life on the line," he said.
Griffin told the Star he is a former soldier himself, and that he supports the troops and sympathizes with the family.
The Rioses are "awesome" parents and their children are exceptional students — but rules are rules, he said in a telephone interview Thursday morning.
"We have a policy saying we don't give out makeup work for unexcused absences. We can't pick and choose and give preferential treatment."
Several hours later, it appeared Griffin might be backing away from his hard line.
Keila Rios said she received a phone call from him around 4 p.m. Thursday. She said Griffin then said he was prepared to view her situation as a family emergency, and as such, her children could make up missed class work.
Griffin could not be reached after that by the Star.
State law gives school principals discretion to decide when an absence is excusable. Several principals contacted Thursday said they'd have no problem accommodating a military family in the Rios' situation.
"Oh my goodness, yes," said Jerry Gallegos, principal of Manzo Elementary School, a west Tucson public school. "If the dad just came back from Iraq, I would honor the parents' wishes."
Clay Connor, principal of Academy of Tucson Elementary School, said military families at his school have been in the same situation.
"We would try to come up with a win-win solution," Connor said. "We work with the parents when there are extenuating circumstances."
Keila Rios said she hopes her last talk with Griffin marked the end of the problem.
She and her husband "have been worrying all week," she said. "It was very upsetting to think the children's grades would suffer if they spent time with their dad."

Reviewing the RED: one word reconsidering.
If this was a public school he would not reconsider. Why? Because this is a charter school and if they don't make the parents happy they won't stay in business. Unlike public schools were they don't care what the parents want, Charter schools depend on the parents to stay alive. A bad comment or review could close this kind of school down. There is alot more accountability in Charter schools than public schools. And it all comes down to money. Charter schools need your money and public schools don't, they will get from the next sucker that walks through that door.

What Happens When They Are Wrong?


Local Teen Wrongly Accused Of Making Bomb Threat

The school hotline received a bomb threat at 3:17am on March 12th

The district never changed its clocks, so when Cody Webb called the hotline an hour earlier, he says administrators wrongly accused him

(KDKA) HEMPFIELD TWP. A teenager in Westmoreland County who spent 12 days in a juvenile detention facility when he was wrongly accused of making a bomb threat says he doesn't want to go back to the school and he wants an apology from administrators.Police arrested Hempfield Area High School sophomore Cody Webb, 15, last month after school administrators claimed he called in the threat 3:17am on March 12th.But officials now concede that the call didn't come from Webb and the misunderstanding stemmed from Daylight Saving Time.Webb, an honor student who never even had a detention, admits that he called the school's hotline that morning – an hour earlier.The district, however, never changes its clocks – and insisted that Webb made the threat.After his attorney finally convinced the school what really happened, Webb was finally released and all charges were dropped.Now the school wants Webb to come back to class, but the teen says he was humiliated by the principal and doesn't want to return to the district.He and his family are considering their next course of action.
MMVII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Reviewing the RED:
This young man was wrongfully accuse, why? Because every thinks the schools don't make mistakes. This was a huge mistake and to this day no apology. None what so ever. The school is not always right and as soon as some in OUR school system learn that we can move forward.

Friday, April 06, 2007

We Asked The Sheriff To Resign

Sheriff, may I please have your resignation?

Dear Editor,

As I read your newspaper last week and saw that once again our sheriff (Bill Smith) is in hot water (Tribune & Georgian files Open Records Act suit against sheriff," March 28), all I could think of is the great Bible verses that his supporters like to tell us. Well, I have one for the sheriff. "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32.But first you must stop with the no comments. When an elected official says "no comment" that person is probably hiding something. And let's face it, there is probably a lot to hide in Woodbine. Yes, Mr. Taylor (Jones) (Bill's attorney in Atlanta), I am questioning your client's ethics and, no, Mr. Jones, I am not questioning your ethics; I will leave that up to the Georgia Bar.

Mr. Smith, for years the people of this county have allowed you to do whatever you want and these days are now over. We are going to hold you to the law just as you would hold one of us. We have had scandal after scandal since August, and the now-famous jet ski incident, which in my mind is still questionable and questions still have not been answered. If there really was a family emergency, why were we not told of this at the special meeting, if that was the truth, than waiting six months to release that information?

Then there is the issue with the seized drug funds. Is that money the county's money or Bill Smith's money? How many of you citizens would have voted to send money to the sheriff's alma mater in South Carolina? And the school does not show it as a gift from Camden County, but as a gift from Bill Smith, sheriff of Camden County. We have used this money for scholarships, attorney fees, but, heaven forbid, you donate it to churches to help those who can't pay their electric bills in our own county. I do believe that if this money is not going to be used in Camden County that it should be voted on by the county commissioners.

Needless to say, the last year and a half has been filled with scandal after scandal, and the longer Bill Smith is sheriff the more money Camden County will lose. I do believe that this county cannot go another two years under the poor leadership of Bill Smith so I am publicly asking for Mr. Smith to step aside. I am not doing this because of any personal reasons. I have never met Bill Smith and I really don't need to. I did vote for him in 2004 and, since then, I have been kicking my own butt.

I have done a lot of research, and the research does not favor the sheriff. I ask my fellow citizens to stand up and demand the same. I know what can happen by doing this, and I am prepared to take on any type of retaliation and will help others also.

Rick Rogers

Where Do They Find These People

Substitute teacher put clothespins on kids' lips

Thursday, April 5, 2007 3:46 AM


AMANDA, Ohio -- The Amanda-Clearcreek school district in Fairfield County permanently suspended a substitute teacher after confirming that she disciplined four kindergarten boys for talking in class by putting spring-type clothespins on their lips, Superintendent J.B. Dick said yesterday.
Ruth Ann Stoneburner had worked for the past several years as a substitute teacher after retiring from the district as a school nurse, Dick said.
None of the boys was injured in the clothespin punishment, which was delivered the morning of March 26 in a kindergarten class of 18 boys and girls at the Amanda-Clearcreek Primary School, Dick said.
Certainly, the district does not favor this method of discipline, the superintendent said.
"It's unfortunate and it's not something that we at Amanda-Clearcreek support in any way," Dick said, adding that he will report the substitute teacher to the Ohio Department of Education.
Officials learned of the incident after a parent of one of the boys complained.
Principal Mike Johnsen talked to the boys individually and each confirmed that he had had a clothespin put on his upper or lower lip for too much talking, Johnsen wrote in a letter sent home to parents Monday, and other students confirmed it, too.
The substitute teacher confirmed it when Johnsen called her Monday, Johnsen wrote to parents, adding that she will never be used as a substitute in the district again.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Please Excuse Our Dust While We Remoldel.

We are currently under construction. Please check back for the great new improvements to The Real School Police.

The Sick Twisted Minds of Some Principals

TheStar.com - News

Principal admits throwing excrement

April 02, 2007

Peter SmallCourts BureauA suspended Toronto elementary school principal has pleaded guilty to throwing feces (excrement) on a child.
Maria Pantalone, 49, was charged with two counts of assault - one against that child and one against another – but only admitted to one of the charges today.
“I couldn’t take it any more,” she testified, in describing the provocative circumstances leading up to the incident last June 30.
But she agreed it wasn't in any way justified.
Pantalone, who is the sister of Toronto Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone, was principal of Keele Street Junior Public School and Mountview Alternative, which collectively have 500 students and operate out of the same building near Keele St. and Humberside Ave.
The names of the victims cannot be published owing to a ban imposed by provincial court Justice Howard Borenstein.
Neither were students at her school.
Since being charged last summer, she has been suspended with pay and ordered to stay away from anyone under the age of 16, unless under supervision.
Both Crown prosecutor John Ball and defence lawyer Michael Caroline jointly recommended that she receive an absolute discharge, which will leave her without a criminal record, and enter into a peace bond not to have contact with the two children.
Caroline submitted some 20 letters of support for his client, including one signed by 19 staff members at her school.

Reviewing the Red:
Here is a question for someone to answer: Why would you suspend her with pay? And now they want to drop charges and enter in to a peace bond. This person should have been fired charged with assault and made to pay damages to these children. And then I think the kids have a right to return the favor and throw it back at her. This is just plain sick and the bigger kicker is that she will get away with it because her brother is the mayor. Friends and Family. Don't tell me this could not happen here and we have no way of stopping it because principals in our schools have absolute rule. Case in point when I had problems in Camden Middle with Officer Douglas, Coach Gibbs told me it was her word vs. my daughters and no action was taken. Then two months later a teacher accused my daughter of chewing gum in class. My daughter said that she was not chewing gum, So you would think it would be my daughters word vs, the teachers word and no action would be taken, WRONG. Double standards, that is what we are teaching our kids. After all if they see the people in charge of them getting away with lying, of course they are going to do it as well.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Now That's Funny


Inmates on Jet Skis? Camden County Still has no Answers
Category: Boating Accidents
Camden County Commissioners have asked for a grand jury to investigate why two inmates from the Brunswick Correctional Facility were operating jet skis on the Crooked River when one of them crashed into a dock, requiring a trip to the hospital.
Camden County Sheriff Bill Smith says that he left instructions for the jet skis to be pulled from the water. That was the last thing he heard about until news of the accident broke.
While the accident deserves mention under the category "News of the Weird," and conjures up images of inmates lounging on the beach at "Club Med--Crooked River," the accident probably has a perfectly sound explanation. Trustees are frequently assigned to do work that needs doing, but that guards and police officers are too busy to do. If the Sheriff's Department permitted two non-violent trustees to move the jet skis from one location to another, leaving guards to do their job, I'm okay with that. The only real question I have is why the Sheriff's Office needs jet skis in the first place?

Reviewing the RED:
I don't believe that the Commissioners asked for a grand jury to investigate and if they did what ever came of it. Club Med you gotta love it.

Still wondering why it took Sheriff Smith 6 months to find out one of his deputies had a family emergency.

It's Confirmed The Board Knew Nothing In Santos Case

I just received an email from Dr. Proctor, and she said that they did not have any reports of wrong doing in this case. She said of course they don't talk about personnel issues, but that she did not hear of anything in this case. I told her then, that this case is closed.

But, I do find it disturbing that the Board of Education really has no clue what goes on in these schools. They leave to much of the controls to the principal and then when the parent has a problem with the principal were do they go. No you can't go to the board because remember you can't say anything bad about any one. But if that is they way they want it that is fine and when OUR school system gets sued I will say I told you so.

I still think the board should investigate this, but I am done with it unless someone wants to add anything to it. But, If Ms. Santos is not complaining about it than I certainly will not either.

But this case does show that the board has no clue what goes on in our schools.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Some Say He Is A Good Man

From Bad Cops News:

Read the Red

WOODBINE, GEORGIA - A former Camden County sheriff’s deputy who was fired a year ago for using excessive force to subdue a suspect is suing to get his job back.
An attorney representing former deputy Albert Crosby has sent a 42-page letter to the sheriff’s office and the Camden County Commission notifying them of their intent to file a lawsuit in federal court. Government agencies must receive notices to sue 30 days in advance. The letter was sent Dec. 26, Crosby said.
In her letter to the county, Columbus attorney Lea London claims Crosby has been “severely and forever harmed in his personal and professional life” because he was fired from the job he held for six years.
“He will allege that he has suffered damages and injuries from the wrongful dismissal of him as a deputy sheriff with Camden County, Ga.,” London said in her letter to the county.
Crosby and another deputy, Richard “Sean” Billington, were fired for using excessive force in the arrest of Irwin Kirk Griffen, 22, of Cary, N.C.
Griffen was arrested Feb. 8, 2006, after leading authorities on a 45-minute high-speed chase through three counties. He was stopped after he drove his vehicle over stop sticks, a mat with hollow sticks that deputies laid on the highway to puncture and slowly deflate Griffen’s tires.
After Griffen stopped his vehicle, the videotape from a camera mounted on the dashboard of a deputy’s patrol car shows officers run to Griffen’s car with guns drawn and drag him from his vehicle. The video shows Brantley County deputies punch the suspect repeatedly. Billington is seen driving his knee into Griffen’s torso several times. The video also shows Crosby using pepper spray on the suspect.
The fired deputy’s wife, Amanda Crosby, a former bailiff in the Camden County Courthouse, was also named as a plaintiff in the lawsuit. London claims the sheriff’s office retaliated against her after they learned her husband had hired a lawyer to challenge his firing.
Amanda Crosby was “effectively removed from her duties in the courthouse against her wishes” and reassigned as a road patrol deputy, the letter says. Amanda Crosby quit her job of nine years and now works for the Camden County Road Department, her husband said.
Officials with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office said their policy is to not comment about any type of pending lawsuit. Preston Rhodes, chairman of the Camden County Commission said he hasn’t seen the letter of intent to sue the county, adding that he couldn’t comment on any lawsuit filed against him and fellow commissioners.
Crosby said his goal is to get his job back, with back pay. He also wants a public apology from Sheriff Bill Smith, who fired him after the incident.
He said the sheriff’s office never followed its policy after the incident, which should have included reviews of the videotape by the chase review board, as well as a review by the disciplinary board.
Crosby said his only role after the chase ended was to use pepper spray to help deputies subdue Griffen, who Crosby said was resisting arrest.
The extensive coverage of the incident by newspapers, radio and television was “devastating,” Crosby said.
“I never thought they would put me out to dry like that,” he said of the release of the video to the media. “I never wanted to do anything but work for the sheriff’s office.”
Crosby, who is now a patrol officer for the Glynn County Police Department, said he was given two years’ probation and a reprimand by the Peace Officers Standards and Training Council, the regulatory agency that certifies law enforcement officials and grants them arrest powers in the state. Billington, who was rehired as a deputy in Camden County, was given three years’ probation by the agency and reprimanded for his role in the arrest.
Crosby said he was upset that all the criminal charges against Griffen were dropped including one of attempted murder of a police officer for ramming a patrol car during the chase.
“The threat [to the public] was really high,” he said. “He totally ran a red light, ran people off the road, tried to hit police officers with his car. He wanted to get out of that situation by any means necessary.”
Crosby said Griffen should have been charged criminally and his release sends a dangerous message to criminals aware of the outcome of the chase.
“If you run from the police and assault a police officer, you can get away with it,” he said.
Crosby’s attorney could not be reached by telephone Monday to say when she plans to file the lawsuit in federal court.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

All Quiet At The Sheriff's Office

When are you elected people in this county going to understand that we the people elected you and you are there to our business, what we want and not what you want. All last week I said it was too quiet at the Sheriff's office and now we know why. They are being sued by the Tribune & Georgian for an open record request Bill Smith refuses to release. Mr. Smith your employees are government employees and they are subject to the open records act just like any other employee of the government. Teachers, cops, garbage men, meter readers any of them are subjected to the open records act. By not releasing these records I can only assume you are trying to hide something. We have been told in the past what a great guy you are, so why are you not complying with the law? What is in the records that is so damaging, or is the question what is missing from those records. We are not talking about national security here, we are talking about normal government employees and you should release these records immediately. DON'T MAKE THE TAX PAYERS PAY FOR SOMETHING WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO. I AM SICK AND TRIED OF PAYING YOUR ATTORNEY BILLS BECAUSE YOU HAVE ISSUES. THE PEOPLE ELECTED YOU AND YOU ARE LETTING THEM DOWN.

Georgia Transparency Headlines

The Parents Have Declared War

The Parents Have Declared War

Get On The Open Government Band Wagon

"Honorable and righteous men do not fear the exercise of liberty."

Important Information

U.S. Attorney's Office in Savannah, Georgia.

Mr. James D. DurhamAssistant U. S. Attorney
100 Bull Street Suite 201
Savannah, Georgia 31401
912 652 4422

Office of the Attorney General Of Georgia
Attorney General, Thurbert Baker
Office of the Attorney General
40 Capitol Square,
SWAtlanta, Ga 30334
(404) 656-3300

Open Records Violations
Stephan Ritter

Report Bad Cops
Police Complaint Center
We put ourselves on the line in pursuit of equal justice

State Board of Pardons and Paroles
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive,
SE Suite 458, Balcony Level, East Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4909
Telephone: (404) 657-9350

Office of the Governor,
Georgia State Capitol,
Atlanta, GA 30334
Office Phone: 404-656-1776

Please Call Judge Williams

Tell her to throw out the plea deal in the Perry case,

And grant him a new fair trial.


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I just spoke with a lady that had called Judge Williams number to ask for Dennis Perry's plea be thrown out and to grant him a new trial. Guess what? As soon as Dennis' name was mentioned, the secretary or whoever she was got very cold and told the lady she would have to send the judge a fax or write her a letter. AND THEN SHE WOULDN'T GIVE HER THE FAX NUMBER!! She was told she would have to write a letter..which the lady has done. Does that tell you there is something wrong with this case? You people in Camden County better wake up and smell the roses before you find yourself in the same position that Dennis is in. He isn't asking to be released. Just for a FAIR trial!!

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