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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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The complete P.O.S.T record of Bob Godley. The former cop that thinks the whole county owes him an apology for his bad behavior.

There is a new blogger in town, who is also upset with this school system. Thank you Paul for standing up for what is right, and not backing down to the ESTABLISHMENT.

Camden County Schools The Truth


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Remember Dennis is the one framed by former Sheriff Bill Smith and his lying so called detective Dale Bundy.


Monday, December 31, 2007

According To The Federal Guidlines

Bill Smith is using Drug Money For Campaign purposes. He can not legally set up scholarships according to the guidelines. Scroll down under Impermissible Uses:

¨ Uses of Equitably Shared Funds· Permissible UsesEquitably shared funds shall be used for only law enforcement purposes and aresubject to the laws, rules, regulations, and orders of the state or local jurisdictiongoverning the use of public funds available for law enforcement purposes. Thefollowing expenses are pre-approved as permissible uses of shared funds andproperty.
a) Activities Calculated to Enhance Future Investigations. The support ofinvestigations and operations that may result in further seizures andforfeitures, e.g., payment of overtime for officers and investigators; purchaseof information; “buy,” “flash,” or reward money; and the purchase ofevidence.
b) Law Enforcement Training. The training of investigators, prosecutors, andlaw enforcement support personnel in any area that is necessary to performofficial law enforcement duties. Some examples of such training are:
(1) assetforfeiture in general (statutory requirements, policies, procedures, case law);
(2) the Fourth Amendment (search and seizure, probable cause, draftingaffidavits, confidential informant reliability);
(3) ethics and the National Code of Professional Conduct for Asset Forfeiture;
(4) due process rights; and
(5) protecting the rights of innocent third-parties (individuals and lienholders);
(6) this Guide; and
(7) use of computers or other equipment used inor in support of law enforcement duties. Payments for college tuition,hospitality suites at conferences, and other indirect training expenses arenot allowed.
c) Law Enforcement Equipment and Operations. The purchase or lease ofbody armor, firearms, radios, cellular telephones, computer equipment, software to be used in support of law enforcement purposes, vehicles (e.g.,patrol vehicles, surveillance vehicles), electronic surveillance equipment,uniforms, travel, transportation, supplies, leasing of office and other space fortask force and undercover operations, and leasing or purchase of other typesof equipment that support law enforcement activities. Forensic labs andequipment and related training and certification expenses are also permissible.
d) Detention Facilities. The costs associated with construction, expansion,improvement, or operation of detention facilities managed by the recipientagency.
e) Law Enforcement Facilities and Equipme nt. The costs associated withbasic and necessary facilities, their construction, updating, remodeling,furniture, safes, file cabinets, telecommunications equipment, etc., that arenecessary to perform official law enforcement duties.
f) Awards and Memorials. The cost of plaques and certificates for lawenforcement personnel to recognize a law enforcement achievement, activity,or the completion of law enforcement training. Shared funds may also beused to pay for modest commemorative plaques, displays, or memorials tohonor officers killed in the line of duty. The cost of these awards orcommemorations shall not create the appearance of extravagance orimpropriety. Shared funds may not be used to pay cash awards.
g) Drug Education and Awareness Programs. The costs associated withconducting drug education and awareness programs by law enforcementagencies. Such costs include meeting and entertainment costs, costs of antidrugabuse literature, travel expenses, and salaries for officers working in adrug education program.
h) Matching Funds. To pay a state or local law enforcement agency’s matchingcontribution or share in a federal grant program, provided that the grant fundsare used for a permissible law enforcement purpose in accordance with thisGuide.
i) Pro Rata Funding. The costs associated with supporting multi-agency itemsor facilities. For example: a town purchases a new computerized payrollsystem; the police department payroll represents twenty percent of the totaluse of the payroll system. The police department may use shared money tofund its pro rata share (twenty percent ) of the operating and maintenanceexpenses of the system.
j) Asset Accounting and Tracking. The costs associated with the accounting,auditing, and tracking of revenues and expenditures of equitable shared cash,proceeds, and tangible property. For example, the use of shared funds to payan outside accounting firm to perform an audit is permissible.
k) Salaries. Many of the costs of the activities described above could entail thepayment of salaries of the personnel involved. However, equitable sharingmonies generally may not be used to pay the salaries and benefits ofcurrent, permanent law enforcement personnel, except as permittedunder this section. Due to the extreme sensitivity of asset forfeiture work,the payment of salaries of sworn law enforcement officers is limited to thefollowing categories:Overtime for officers and investigators.The first year’s salaries for new law enforcement positions that supplementthe current workforce.Salaries or contractual appointments that do not exceed one year. Salaries of officers assigned to specific approved specialized programs,which do not generally involve traditional law enforcement functions. Anexample is the DARE program. When authorized by law, federal grant programs such as the CommunityOriented Policing Services (COPS) program established by the ViolentCrime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, expressly permit stateand local law enforcement agencies to use equitably shared asset forfeiturefunds to meet the local match requirements of that program.When a law enforcement agency assigns an officer to a task force for aperiod of at least one year(this is how Bundy got paid for framing Dennis Perry), or the life of the task force, and hires a new lawenforcement officer to replace the officer so assigned, the agency may useequitably shared funds to pay the salary and benefits of the replacementofficers for the life of the task force and up to six months after the taskforce has disbanded. The principal duty of the replacement officer shouldnot involve the seizure of assets or narcotics law enforcement.The above expenses are not meant to be all-inclusive and other expenses maybe permissible. Guidance from the Treasury Executive Office for AssetForfeiture should be sought for any proposed use of shared cash or proceedsthat could be questioned as to its law enforcement purpose.

Note: The fact that the shared property was forfeited as a result of a particularfederal violation does not limit its use. For example, when an agency receives a share of property that was forfeited for a federal drugviolation, the shared property does not have to be used in a department’sdrug program. Priority consideration should be given, however, tocompletely equipping units that generate forfeitures in order to fosterfuture forfeiture investigations.

· Impermissible Uses:

a) Payment of Salaries for Existing Positions. The payment of salaries forcurrent permanent law enforcement personnel is not permitted, except asindicated in item “k” in the section under Permissible Uses.
b) Uses of Forfeited Property by Non-Law Enforcement Personnel. Use of ashared vehicle or other forfeited tangible property by non-law enforcementpersonnel for non-law enforcement business.
c) Payment of Non-Law Enforcement Expenses. Shared funds may be usedto pay the expenses for drug testing of law enforcement personnel, but maynot be used for the testing of all municipal employees. Shared funds may notbe used for scholarships or financial aid, except for law enforcementpersonnel pursuing training that is necessary to the performance of theirofficial duties.
d) Uses Not Specified in the TD F 92-22.46. Requesting state and localagencies must specify on the TD F 92-22.46 what uses will be made of the shared assets. Any major departure from such stated uses shall be approved in writing by the Treasury investigative deciding official or the Executive Officefor Asset Forfeiture unless the use is already specified in this section under
Permissible Uses.
e) Uses Contrary to the Laws of the State or Local Jurisdiction. Sharedfunds and property may not be used for any purpose that would constitute animproper use of state or local law enforcement funds or property under thelaws, rules, regulations, and orders of the state or local jurisdiction of whichthe agency is a part.
f) Non-Official Government Use of Shared Assets. Any use that creates theappearance that shared funds are being used for political or personal purposesis not permitted. For example, the use of shared funds for a sheriff’s campaignparaphernalia is impermissible. The use of shared funds to settle a lawsuit isnot a permissible use.
g) Purchase of Food and Beverages. Shared funds generally may not be usedto pay for food and beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) for consumption by law enforcement personnel or their guests, except for the limitedcircumstances noted herein. Shared funds may be used to purchase food andbeverages when such food and beverages are provided as part of a“conference package,” e.g., a hotel provides complimentary coffee and danishwith the rental of its conference room for an authorized training event.Shared funds may also be used to purchase food and beverages if state or locallaw or rules governing reimbursement of expenses permit officers to bereimbursed for such expenses, e.g., meals purchased while an officer is onofficial travel, attending a training conference, or engaged in a disasteroperation, such as an earthquake or hurricane.
h) Extravagant Expenditures. Receiving agencies should use federal sharing monies prudently and in such a manner as to avoid any appearance ofextravagance, waste, or impropriety. The payment of personal credit cardbills, the purchase of meals (except personal meals incurred during officiallaw enforcement travel), alcoholic beverages and other such expenditures are impermissible.

Remanufacturing The News

The Sheriff's Office continues to give us the same old news, yet complaining about not getting enough good news.

Q. How does the newspaper get news from the Sheriff office?
A. William Terrell

Q. If there is no news from the Sheriff's Office, Who's fault is that?
A. William Terrell

Q. Should the newspaper make up news to make Terrell happy?
A. Yes

Q. Terrell says they by cars for the department and ourselves, Who is ourselves?
A. William Terrell, Bill Smith, Jim Proctor, Charlene Sears. They are not part of the department.

Q. Name one person that got money for college or the Citidal and is using their education in Camden County.
A. I don't know any.

Q. Why did Corky Rozier get 10,000 dollars from the drug fund and then did not testify.
A. He framed Dennis Perry.

Q. Why did Bill's cousin say he "F' ed up after his wife died?
A. Ask him.

Q. If you found $667,000 in the back of a semi truck, would you turn it in if you were Bill Smith?
A. No

I gave out a lot of new news that the Sheriff just ignores. Why not answer these questions Mr. Terrell.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Was Racheyl Going To Leave Steve?

Forget that the investigators couldn't even get the victims name right. The bigger question is why is part of this statement blacked out? When I asked I was told because there was incriminating evidence that was not made public since there was no charges in the case.

A few questions for Ms. Kicklighter:
What time was it when Racheyl was at your house?
What did you say that got blacked out?

And now a few questions for Mr. Bundy:

If Racheyl fell asleep in the tree stand, was she holding her gun?

And if she was holding her gun, how did she grab hold of the tree stand when she fell?

Did she drop the gun?

If so, How did blood get on the butt of the gun?

And was that gun sent off to be tested for hair and tissue remains?

Oh and one more question:


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Who Was Racheyl Brinson?

A mother, a daughter, and a fellow co-worker.

What happened to Racheyl? It all depends on who you talk to.

Based on reports here is the overview.

Racheyl and her husband were hunting at Mumford Island Hunting Club at about 6 PM on November 25, 2001. She was in a tree stand that some say she would have never been able to climb in to. You see a wrung was missing on the ladder and it was a huge step to get up there.

Well, apparently she fell asleep in the tree stand and fell to her death. Some of our great investigators came up with that theory, because of scratch marks on the stand. She fell off because she was asleep, but has the sense enough to try and grab the stand on the way down. So she tries to hang on and then falls maybe 7 ft. The tree stand was about 12 ft high. How many people do you know that have died from fall 7 ft. And if she was hanging on her feet would have it first.

This tree stand came in to question again when someone asked why she was not in her normal stand that she had just finished baiting for the hunt.

Who was the investigator on this case?

No one other than the famous framer Dale Bundy.

But more important who was her husband?

Steve Brinson, cousin of the one and only Bill Smith.

What did you mean when you told your Dad, that "you really f%cked up"?

I have many more details and reports I will post shortly.

Many of you know her from working at Napa for many years.

And yes to answer your question there was at least one Sheriff's Deputy fired for speaking out against this case.

Mr. Bundy I will have many more questions for you later.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Did Bundy Screw Up Another Murder Investigation?

Or was it a hunting accident.

Find out more tomorrow.

I wonder how they will try and defend this one!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cecily Hill, R-St. Marys Must Go

Ms. Hill drops everything to find out what happened to the shrimp, But what about the DRUG MONEY Ms. Hill?

Or, Was there fresh SHRIMP at the party the other night.

This is why I am no longer support Ms. Hill. She is one of Smith's puppets, and she will not get re-elected.

The Florida Times-Union
November 27, 2007
Mystery of the missing shrimp
By Gordon Jackson, The Times-Union
ST. MARYS - Despite accusations, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources is denying any role in the mystery of the disappearing shrimp off Cumberland Island. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
The missing shrimp became an issue after a former National Park Service ranger on Cumberland Island sent a message to state Rep. Cecily Hill, R-St. Marys, with a claim that a DNR trawler pulled more than 500 pounds of shrimp from the sound side of the barrier island on Nov. 19 and left none for commercial and recreational castnetters.
Hill said she contacted DNR officials over the weekend and is now satisfied they did nothing inappropriate. Although no castnetters have complained to her, Hill said she felt an obligation to check out the claim by former ranger Zach Kirkland, who said neighbors told him the DNR trawler made six passes and netted all the shrimp.
Hill said DNR officials told her they dropped their nets in two locations, near Dungeness and Greyfield Inn, and pulled no more than 5 pounds of shrimp from the water. The shrimp were donated to a nonprofit organization in Brunswick, DNR officials said.
"They were taking tests to determine the health of shrimp in the area," Hill said. "They were just doing their jobs."
Kirkland questioned why the vessel lowered its nets in an area fished by castnetters and whether it is a coincidence the shrimp disappeared after the trawler left.
"Someone has vastly different stories," Kirkland said. "This place was loaded with shrimp. They [fishermen] were doing quite well."
Kirkland said he wasn't a witness and all he wanted to do was make sure DNR officials had done nothing inappropriate.
"I think we accomplished what we wanted to do," Kirkland said. "All I asked her [Hill] to do was look into the matter."
Spud Woodward, DNR assistant director for marine fisheries, said he was surprised at the complaint because a DNR trawler has done exactly the same thing every month for the past 31 years. The monthly survey - the longest of its type on the East Coast - determines the overall health of shrimp, blue crab and fish populations. The trawler fishes the same locations - including the ones off Cumberland - each month and have been seen in the area for years, he said.
"The real value of the survey is it's been going on over 30 years," he said. "It's strength is in its continuity."
Woodward said the monthly studies help DNR officials determine the length of fishing seasons and monitor trends.
If the trawler were to have netted 500 pounds of shrimp, as claimed, Woodward said the agency's policy is to put the majority of shrimp back into the water as close as possible to where they were caught.
"We try to do our very best to avoid conflicts," he said. "The information [gathered during the monthly survey] is valuable to determine the status of shrimp."
As for the shrimp disappearing soon after the trawler left the area, Woodward said the monthly survey played no role. Instead, he said other factors such as a full moon creating high tides, a cold-weather spell and rainy weather could have driven the shrimp into deeper water.
"That's just a circumstantial relationship," Woodward said of shrimp disappearing with the arrival of the DNR boat. "I assure you the trawler did not drive the shrimp out of the area."
(912) 729-3672
This story can be found on Jacksonville.com at http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/112707/geo_220608915.shtml.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Open Records Request

Guess what the Sheriff's response will be!
Leave a comment as to what you think it will be.
I say he does not release them due to litigation. How much you want to bet.

Comments Of The Week

A1C. Richard Shane Umphrey , USAF (Fighting for our Freedom, and Dennis Perry's loving brother. said...
How can (who is supposed to be an honorable, unbiased, trusted member of the legal system) a judge, stand up and turn her back on a trial that is going on in "her" courtroom? At that point she should have been stripped of all legal duties as an "honorable" judge. That takes away a persons right to a fair trial when you have a (and I use this term very loosely) "honorable" judge turns her back on a case that she is hearing. The law is the law, period. You as a judge "must" hear the trial presented in front of you. Also this is the same person who presided over Dennis Perry's so called "fair" trial, and in the same breath she has been known to not hear all evidence presented in another case and form a biased opinion IN THE COURTROOM! So I ask, how can a defendant {Perry} and his lawyers present a case when she does not allow certain evidence (DNA, I will say that again...DNA!!!) that undoubtedly proves Perry innocent? And this so called "honorable" judge says that the DNA is not significant to Perry's case and will not allow it. The word here people is justice, and there isn't any, at least not for Perry. What happened to "all evidence will be heard"? What happened to judges who care about who they put in prison? What happened to "And Justice For All"? Thanks for reading and I hope some of you may rethink the way "our" (meaning yours too, this could easily be you in Perry's shoes) legal system is run.
Fri Nov 23, 02:27:00 PM EST

Anonymous said...
you got that right, Rick is gonna tell it like it is, I remember another famous Rodgers statesman name will Rodgers, one of his quotes:" I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts" keep up the good work Rick, you are appreacated by many people out here for the stand you've taken, and God Bless you and all your efforts.
Mon Nov 19, 12:13:00 PM EST

Anonymous said...
woo-hoo rick aren't you SPECIAL !!!!! don't you think for one minute you have All of us fooled.
Mon Nov 19, 03:38:00 PM EST

Jay Moreno said...
Smacks of Charlene's signature bitchiness, don't you think?
Tue Nov 20, 11:19:00 AM EST

Anonymous said...
I think Corky had better be very careful about who he threatens with jail time, as he's closer to it than he thinks. Don't forget Corky, there is still proof that you were willing to lie on the witness stand for Bill Smith and John Johnson. Be careful...BE VERY CAREFUL!!
Tue Nov 20, 01:38:00 PM EST

Anonymous said...
I'm sure he has greased some of the GBI hands with Kickbacks, new cars or free gas, do you think they are gonna look very hard? I doubt it very seriously.
Wed Nov 21, 09:55:00 AM EST

Anonymous said...
1. How does the Sheriff justify hanging with convicted felon Cisco when his rules state you are not to associate with a felon?2. Why does the Sheriff go off on gambling junkets with Cisco?3. Why does the Sheriff go off on gambling trips to Vegas and New Jersey with Cisco?4. Why does the Sheriff not allow deputies to arrest Cisco for D.U.I.?5. Why does the Sheriff have the Christmas parties at Cisco's river house?6. Why does Cisco allow the Sheriff to use a Cisco credit card to the tune of several thousand bucks a month?7. Why does the Sheriff hang out with Cisco and young girls in Florida?8. Why does the Sheriff get money from a convicted felon for charties, schools, etc.?9. Why does the Sheriff permit the illegal gambling operations of Cisco?10. Why does the Sheriff allow Cisco a convicted felon to have an arsenal of guns at his river house?1l. Why did the Sheriff get $50,000.00 for his campaign from a convicted felon?12. Why did the Sheriff's deputies bust their butts to get to Cisco's house when Peggy left?13. Is the Sheriff worried about the paper trail that Cisco has leading back to the Sheriff?14. How long do you think it will be before the Sheriff allows Cisco to go after any one who knows the truth?15. Is there any one who is going to notify the Feds that Smith allows Cisco to violate the law by having guns?16. How long do you think the guns will be in Cisco's house after reading this?17. Will the Feds talk to felony Cisco?18/ How will the Sheriff and Cisco explain pictures?Quiz: If yu can't figure this out then you qualify for the idiot award.
Fri Nov 23, 12:47:00 PM EST

Anonymous said...
Ask Nancy Bailey with Watson Realty, she is the friend of Dr.Chua's that totally stabbed him in the back working with the DA and the court appointed reciever to insure that they siezed all of his assets and sell them while she sat back and collected the commissions. She is the one that produced John Doe #10, after he testified he walked right off the stand to sit with Nancy Bailey and she took him to lunch and back to the airport so he could fly home. She is the one that was there 2 weeks ago with the reciever making sure Dr.Chua's sister didn't take anything that Nancy believed to be the Dr.s while the sister was being evicted. She is the one who is setting up the auction of his personal belongings. She is the one that visited Dr.Chua in jail and then went straight to the DA to tell him the details of the conversation. So she knows what property he once owned, but be careful around her, she helped send him to prison and she was his friend for years, so screwing you would be nothing.
Sun Nov 25, 05:28:00 PM EST

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Party At Charlie's Monday Night All Invited Paid For At No Cost To Taxpayer

Our Favorite eighth grader Charlie Easterling who lives almost a mile on 252 on the right off of U.S. 17 in White Oak, GA is having a party Monday night Nov. 26.Anyone with the news media please show up.This party is for all the profile boys that roam from state to state under the guise of drug interdiction task force. Remember the large bust Bill bragged about from S.C. and getting a share of the money.Well all these fine boys, some while driving marked patrol vehicle will be at a BBQ financed by Bill Smith (our tax dollars) and get this alcohol will be plenty. I give you one guess how they are getting home. Yes many who serve and protect will partake and drive home. Just sit back and watch. How safe do you feel now?

Friday, November 23, 2007

How Many Are Innocent?

From the T&G:

Waycross inmate reveals questionable trial proceedings

Dear Editor,

I am an inmate who was tried and sentenced in the old courthouse in Woodbine in 1997. The presiding judge was the Honorable Judge Amanda Williams. I am one of many, in my opinion, who did not get a fair trial with this judge in an old courtroom that had "paper-thin" doors. After reading some of the letters sent to your newspaper, I decided now is the time for me to have my say. I was inspired by the letter written by a Mr. Rick Rogers, so here is a small part of my story.
During my trial, the jurors were asked to leave the room, for a Jackson-Denno hearing held outside of the presence of the jurors. At trial, defense counsel told the trial court that the bailiffs said they could hear the testimony from another room and that jurors probably heard it, too. The judge and counsel agreed that "something needs to be done about the paper thin door." They engaged in a conversation about the construction of a new courthouse and then started talking about other matters. Never once did my public defender move for a mistrial or inquire into what the jurors may have heard.
My parents hired an attorney for my appeal; during the appeal my attorney was supposed to question these jurors to find out if anything was heard during my trial at the Jackson-Denno hearing. It was later discovered that none of the jurors were ever questioned. One juror could not be found since he had left the state; this juror had attended a party where the district attorney and the sheriff had also attended. This is a fact, was admitted to in court and is on my court documents.During a hearing in front of the "Honorable Judge Williams," (part of the appeal process), this judge turned her back away from my attorney and faced the wall. I was appalled that a judge would do this, but she did.I know that writing this letter will not help me to get home to my family any sooner, but I am hoping that it will help Camden County to become a better place to live for everyone. For me, this experience has been an eye opener and I plan to go home one day and be a productive citizen.

David Davitt
Ware State Prison

TRSP Review: Anyone got more info on this case?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Carol Ann's Testimony Please Corky Please

I brought this post to the top to prove my point. Read the comments and then come back and read Carol Ann's testimony.

Someone seems to think that Corky didn't take the stand because Carol Ann had already said Dennis admitted to the killing, So not true. So here is the proof.

This is a page from the Perry transcript. The facts are that DA in his opening statement had all intentions of calling Corky as the paper shows. Now it is my understanding that Dennis' mother confronted Corky in the hallway of the court house after opening statements were completed. His mother asked Corky why he was going to lie on the stand. You see, these houses are way back in the woods, and you can't see them from the road, can you Corky? It would have been impossible for Corky to see anything. And Corky isn't it true that you said as you turned around to leave "I need to go see the DA". And you were never called as a witness. Come on Corky you seem to remember so much about this case, so tell us why you did not testify?

Click on pic to enlarge:

See the complete transcript on http://www.dennisperrytrial.blogspot.com/

or at least as much as I have posted so far.

More to come I am not done with this witness yet.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Would They Kill For Him?

From the Times Union:

The Florida Times-Union
November 20, 2007Security at Camden meetings a concern
By Gordon Jackson, The Times-Union
KINGSLAND - Camden County commissioners want to hire an outside company to temporarily replace their own county-paid security during meetings because of a simmering adversarial relationship with county deputies.
The goal is to hire a security company to maintain order before tonight's commission meeting, said Steve Howard, the county administrator. He said the move is temporary - perhaps the next four meetings or so - until relations calm between deputies and elected officials.
"It hasn't been warm and fuzzy what's been happening to us," Howard said of recent commission meetings. "Commissioners have been discussing some issues that are very delicate at best."
Commissioner Steve Berry said the move is being considered because of the large number of uniformed deputies who have attended recent meetings while wearing their sidearms.
Both the Kingsland Police Department and Georgia State Patrol have refused to provide personnel for security although commissioners have offered to pay them, Berry said.
Berry predicted the Dec. 4 meeting could also be very emotional because the Sheriff's Office likely won't make its payroll on Nov. 30.
Commissioners voted in August to slash the Sheriff's Office budget by $1.3 million and told the department not to go over budget. They also voted to split the $7 million budgeted into equal monthly installments as a way to control the Sheriff's Office.
Despite the monthly stipend, officials with the Sheriff's Office said they were not going to have enough money to make payroll at the end of the month because November has three pay periods.
"It's going to be volatile at the next meeting," Berry said.
There already have been some confrontations.
During the Nov. 6 meeting, deputies openly argued with commissioners as they discussed a takeover of the county's 911 emergency dispatch operations and after learning they may not get their Nov. 30 paychecks.
One deputy at the meeting "got out of line" when he openly disagreed with elected officials, Commissioner Katherine Zell said. The deputy should have withheld his comments for a public comment period set aside each meeting and not spoken as commissioners were debating the issue, she said.
"It was inappropriate," she said. "It should not have happened."
After that meeting ended, Berry, Zell and commission Chairman Preston Rhodes said they were told Col. Charlie Easterling, the department's chief deputy, shoved Marlon Mitchell, a county employee and former sheriff's deputy who is normally in charge of security at the meeting chambers.
Berry said he saw the altercation begin but his view was blocked as the situation escalated. Apparently, Mitchell asked Easterling to leave the meeting chambers after he became disruptive, Berry said.
Easterling, however, said he never shoved Mitchell, who he described as a close friend and former co-worker the past 35 years.
"There was no altercation," he said. "I don't understand where this is coming from."
Easterling said he was trying to usher an upset deputy from the meeting chambers when he and Mitchell accidentally bumped into each other.
"I was trying to get the deputy out of there," he said. "There was no harm done."
Commissioners said they also expect to ban deputies from wearing sidearms to their meetings.
Berry said he and other commissioners were "intimidated" by the armed, uniformed deputies at the meeting and who argued with commissioners.
"Common sense tells you that you don't bring guns to public meetings," Berry said. "I've never heard such a thing."
Berry accused deputies of acting like "hooligans" who are trying to intimidate commissioners at the urging of Sheriff Bill Smith.
"He's [Smith] stoking the emotional furnace of these employees to direct their anger toward the commission in order to divert attention from his own corruption," Berry said.
"I wonder, were they on the clock when they showed up at the meeting? Were the taxpayers paying for them to yell and scream at us?"
Zell said a commission meeting is no place for an on-duty deputy, and those who do attend should not be allowed to wear their service revolvers in the meeting chambers.
"You just don't know how people will react," she said.
The only person in commission chambers allowed to carry a weapon should be the person in charge of security, Berry said.
"We had a room full of armed people, loud and angry," Berry said of the most recent commission meeting. "I think it's a sad state of affairs when the law enforcement agency who is supposed to protect you is the one you need protection from."
Officials with the Camden County Sheriff's Office did not return two phone calls and two pages for comment.
Berry said Commissioner David Rainer was opposed to the proposal to hire private security to maintain order at meetings. Rainer was not home Monday and could not be reached for comment.
Rhodes said he takes the issue seriously and doesn't want future meetings sidetracked "by personal and emotional issues."
"It should be more secure," Rhodes said of meetings. "We're looking at all options, both immediate and long term."
(912) 729-3672

Monday, November 19, 2007

Corky Or Friends Threaten Me With Jail Time!!

From a previous post:

Anonymous said... Where are you? I will meet you anywhere and discuss any thing you want to .I heard you have been in jail before so you want mind going again

Fri Nov 16, 06:00:00 PM EST

My Response:

So you are Corky,Why do we have to meet. You don't have nothing to hide do you. Let's Discuss it here.Are you throwing me in jail? May I ask what for? Are you threatening me? That's what it sounds like to me.
Fri Nov 16, 07:19:00 PM EST

Let's discuss it Corky, First start with why you didn't take the stand? Then we can go from there.

You first, the stage is all yours.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Bill Smith Refuses To Prove He Is Right

I must admit I was wrong, and the Sheriff was not right.

The sheriff refuses to release records that can prove that he has not misspent any money.

This tells me he has. These are public documents that must be released by law.

Sheriff Smith,
I went to bat for you and you fouled out. You are hiding things from the people of Camden County. You are a liar, and it is you that does things for political gain.

Why don't you Sheriff Smith submit to the same voice test you are giving good honest deputies?

I don't think I can trust or believe another thing you say. You have completely lost the trust of the people of Camden County.

Oh and by the way I got some interesting pictures in the mail yesterday of a certain Christmas party from a few years ago. Do you remember that party. If I posted them I would have to change the rating on my blog to XXX. Remember now.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Corky, Corky, Corky. Why Didn't You Take The Stand

From the T&G:
Sheriff could not have influenced Glynn jury
Dear Editor,
A short while ago your newspaper printed a letter from a Mr. Rick Rogers to Judge Amanda Williams about a man named Dennis Perry who is in prison for killing two people in 1985. In the letter, Mr. Rogers accused the judge, the sheriff and the district attorney and the witnesses of trying to get an innocent man put in prison.

Mr. Rogers said the sheriff coughed while they were picking the jury. The cough was supposed to be a signal to the DA about which jurors he wanted. I guess Mr. Rogers doesn't understand how picking a jury works. If he wanted to the sheriff could sit with the DA and help him pick the jury, and it's not illegal.

And if I remember correctly, all the people on the jury lived in Glynn County and none were from Camden. Even if he wanted to, the sheriff couldn't influence that jury. And the whole story did not come out about the so-called missing evidence. I think back in 1990 or 1991, the GBI took a lot of files and evidence out of the sheriff's building. When the stuff was returned a lot of it was missing. I believe that's what happened in this case.

Two individuals who gave information leading to the arrest and conviction of Dennis Perry split the reward money, which came from seized assets. Contrary to what Mr. Rogers would like to believe there was nothing going on under the table.None of us would ever want to send an innocent man to prison. The jury from Glynn County who said he was guilty.

None of them would gain anything by sending an innocent man away, and none of them could vote for the sheriff. You cannot blame this case on Sheriff Smith or Dale Bundy? I guess it won't be a beautiful day in Mr. Rogers' neighborhood.

Brian "Corky" Rozier


TRSP Review: So Corky why didn't you testify? If you look at the Perry trial I have posted, Mr Johnson says that you could tell the jury that Dennis was in Camden that day, Why didn't you.

Why did you receive $12,000 at the same time Jane Beaver did? Why Corky?

Why didn't answer these questions in your letter. And if it is legal for the Sheriff to pick the jury why did Smith sit in the back and cough. Why Corky? And what about your daughter not providing the info she knew from the party? Why Corky.

Please Corky we need a newspaper to respond to these question, by all means tell us all right here Corky. Come on this blog and explain yourself.

You better check with Smith next time you right a letter. Your version of what happened to the evidence contradicts what Smith said on the stand. Maybe that is why you didn't testify, because perjury is a crime.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sheriff Threatens Jail Time For Commissioners

Does that include Charlene Sears?

Click on pic to enlarge:

Bill Smith Sends Letter To Commissioners

I don't have it yet, but it is my understanding that he sent a letter stating the 911 center was his and that any Commissioner or county employee caught going in to the 911 would be arrested.

Stay tuned.

Thank You Sandy Feller

I just wanted to say a few words about your actions in the last two weeks. You kept telling us the the commissioners were wrong, We could not figure out what you were talking about. But, by asking questions of you and reading your blog it all clicked yesterday. Yes the Commissioner are wrong and YES THEY NEED TO GIVE THE SHERIFF SOME MONEY TO MEET PAYROLL. (read next post for explanation)

Sandy you stood strong on an issue most of us was against you on. Your stand may have cost you the election in St. Marys. But it has shown me that you are not here for anyone but the people. Thank you.

We need better communications from all elected offices. Sandy, when he was commissioner had a blog to communicate with the people. Why won't the others do the same. How many times has your commissioner called and asked for your views? Mr. Rainer has never called me. Maybe they don't care what we think. If Sandy didn't have his blog, we would have never gotten to the bottom of this. These blogs are NOT worthless.

Commissioners need to call an emergency meeting and vote to give Smith the missing payroll.

Just so everyone knows they are short on payroll because of three pay periods this month.
Remember Smith gets 550,000 a month, throw in an extra payday and you can see it isn't there, and not because Smith misused it.

The Sheriff Is Right

At least when it comes to the budget. The money for payroll is not there. Why? Because lets just say he get $550,000 a month. All that is his 7 Million dollar budget divided into 12 months. Now that normally is enough to cover two payrolls a month, but November has three payrolls. That third payroll is spread out over 12 months. So the money is not there. I will comment more later. So yes the Commissioner should give the Sheriff the third payroll for the month. Yes I was wrong, my apologies, but maybe the Sheriff should have better spokes people to get this info out.

What do you think now.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Comments Of The Week

Best comments from weeks past:

  1. Anonymous said...
    The Sheriff fired Charlie last year for 2 weeks, because Charlie cussed out Roger Dyals as he does everyone. Roger had moved a trailer, and pissed Charlie off. So Charlie cussed Roger out and went stupid calling him names. Well Roger went to the Sheriff and told him and the Sheriff fired him. Then everyone suspects Charlie knew way to much on the Sheriff, and the sheriff figured I better bring him back because if he tells about all the crooked shit I have done, I will be in big trouble. This firing people happens weekly up here, just last last week Rob Mastrianni was fired for like 2 days.
    Mon Nov 05, 08:29:00 AM EST
  2. Anonymous said...
    This is one thing I would like for people to know. The night the Swain's were killed, a forensics team was being brought in the next morning to take blood sample's and collect other evidence. Before they could get there, Bill Smith ordered the crime scene to be cleaned of all blood at the scene and return the church to the way it was before the murders. Is this any way to conduct a murder investigation? Or to preserve crime scene integrity? The Swain's hands were bagged in order to check under fingernails for DNA because there was a struggle at the scene..BUT THE CORONER DIDN'T BOTHER CHECKING!!! I guess it wasn't important enough, just like it wasn't important enough to collect blood samples. SOME OF IT COULD HAVE BELONGED TO THE KILLER!!! But........I forgot....they did DNA on the hair that was found at the scene that excluded Dennis 100% but it wasn't allowed to be brought up at his trial so..I guess they figured blood would have been done the same way. WHAT A SORRY LOT!!!!What a brilliant sherriff Camden County has!!
    Mon Nov 05, 02:20:00 AM EST
  3. Anonymous said...
    Rick,I read on Topix that the Purchasing Officer for the Sheriff Office is now serving on the Grand Jury. Can you find out if this is true. If so, Bill is stacking the deck just as he did in the Perry case.I wonder how many chips Bill called in to get this to happen. Maybe if the Clerk of Court and Probate Judge help him to stack the Grand Jury he will start writing tickets again.You grease my palm and I will grease yours.
    Tue Nov 06, 11:50:00 AM EST
  4. Anonymous said...
    Willie is losing ground and fast. He was at the commissioners meeting tonight. Why? Because he thought he had the votes to keep 911. He even got up before Wesley talked about the 911 center and said "This is all politics and Steve Berry is the cause of it". It is always politics in Willie's mind. Let's all just wait and see if the Federal Government thinks it is all politics?? I will abide by their decision.
    Tue Nov 06, 09:21:00 PM EST
  5. Anonymous said...
    Voting for Charlene Sears has been one of the worst things the taxpayers of St. Marys could have done. NOW there is no representation for St. Marys. She is of no benefit to St. Marys or the Sheriff. Maybe Wesley will wise up and realizes that he is more of a hindrance than help. He should fire her to show the others that he is reducing payroll of the unnecessary top heavy.
    Wed Nov 07, 03:49:00 PM EST
  6. Jay Moreno said...
    Hey, thanks for that latest Jib-Jab: you solved a mystery.I've always known that Charlene reminded me of something, but I couldn't quite get it.For a while, I thought maybe the love-child of Pia Zadora and Alvin, the chipmunk, but that wasn't quite right.But your cartoon brought it to me clear as a bell: the real Charlene looks exactly like a Charlene Sears bobble-head doll!
    Wed Nov 07, 05:38:00 PM EST
  7. Anonymous said...
    A position was created for Mrs. Sears by the sheriff himself. When all of the shenanigans started breaking at the sheriff's office, Willie scrambled to come up with a title for her. She sat in the lobby of the substation doing Public Relations work for some time. Then after the Gina Evanson escapade, she was moved to Purchasing agent. The funny thing about the purchasing agent is Roger Dyals is listed on the sheriff's web site as purchasing agent. Mr. Dyals was the purchasing agent for Durango for many years and I can understand him in that position. However, Dyals is Willie's errand boy and hog farmer. Captain Dyals has been promoted and does no service work for the public, unless keeping Willie happy is a service. Dyals works everyday for sheriff and the sheriff only. I do hope the GBI has or will interview him and he will not lie for the sheriff. So Charlene was given the Purchasing agent job and Dyals is on the road for the sheriff daily.
    Thu Nov 08, 08:08:00 AM EST
  8. County WatchDog said...
    David is not as educated has he would have you think...just at one time well connected. He is pig headed puppet for Bill Smith. David you will go down just like all the other incumbents did recently.A word of caution, Mr. Henning who was recently elected to Woodbine City Council is Bill Smith nephew. I pray Mr. Henning you are there for the citizens of Woodbine and not for Bill Smith.We will be watching and we will see.
    Thu Nov 08, 12:02:00 PM EST
  9. How did this get by. Why wasn't the people informed that Mr. Henning was Bill Smith nephew. I hope Mr. Henning is a man of integrity.As for David Rainer he is the worst thing that ever happened to Camden County. He was terrible for the School System and even worst as a County Commissioner. The County is in trouble financially NOW. We missed a awesome opportunity when George Scott ran against Rainer. Hopefully George will give us another opportunity to vote for him. Rainer please don't bother running.
    Thu Nov 08, 03:03:00 PM EST
  10. Anonymous said...
    I have no fear of my day of accountability. I think that the words of Edmund Burke, "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing" are relevant here. I am glad that men like Jim Stein, Steve Berry, Rick Rogers and others are speaking out against the shameful excuse of a Sheriff that we have and I look forward to the day when a man of integrity and honesty is holding the office.
    Sat Nov 10, 01:32:00 PM EST
  11. Anonymous said...
    Re: Rumor of "stacking the Grand Jury."To suggest that Sheriff Smith is stacking the GJ, one would also be suggesting that the Clerk of Superior Court, Susan Waldron, is a pawn of Smith. All juror pools are pulled via the clerks office. Are you suggesting that she is a pawn among the many others?
    Sat Nov 10, 09:44:00 PM EST
  12. exposed said...
    Hire is daughter? Not only did Brian "Corky" Rozier work at the sheriff's office, Currently his daughter Vicky Rozier,Knight,Taylor and now Lee and his other daughter Lori Rozier and also his wife Glenda Rozier currently work for the sheriff.Vicky went from failing the Police Academy to being Bill's Ace Investigator so he could pay her more money. The Sheriff is currently paying Lori's college tuition with seized assets. Talk about pay off of 12,000. it's more like $100,000 per year for the "Rozier" family from our fine up standing sheriff.
    Thu Nov 01, 04:28:00 PM EST
  13. Anonymous said...
    If all of what you say is the truth, how do these people put their heads down to rest at night knowing they put this man in prison. Can all of this be proven and if so why not public with this info? Does anyone who runs this county, including BS and his loyal workers not have a conscience? Is money and greed that important? NO!Someone needs to stop this madness. Is there anyone who can?Please do right by Dennis and his family. Thank you Roxy!!!!!!!
    Thu Nov 01, 10:25:00 PM EST
  14. Anonymous said...
    Remember the deal made to Dale Bundy is that he only had one year to complete his investigation. I find if odd that Dennis Perry was convicted less than a year before Sheriff Smith had to run for re-election. One of his points in his re-election campaign was "Look I solved a twenty year old murder case". Sorry that was just wrong! Another thing please find out who controlled the evidence room prior to this going to trial. You will find it interesting.Remember all the evidence that cleared Dennis Perry by the GBI Agents went missing from the Camden County Sheriff's Department.
    Fri Nov 02, 06:56:00 AM EST
  15. Voter said...
    Call it politics or not, Did the sheriff do it or not? If it takes an election to get to the facts so be it... Now lets answer the question did the sheriff do all these bad things? YES or NO... Do not tell me its all politics... or say look at all the good the sheriff has done. We see all of these things... that should not change rather or not the Sheriff is or is not doing illegal things.So call it what you want but answer the question? Did the sheriff do Wrong? The Sheriff is a Law Enforcement Officer... He should enforce the law not break the laws or think he is above the law.Thank You!
    Sat Nov 03, 04:22:00 PM EST

TRSP Review:

Thank you all for commenting, the only way we can keep government honest is to keep talking about it. People on the inside have to tell what is going on, so we can expose it and fix it. The election in St. Marys proves that the people control this county and not it's politicians.

Thank you all and keep posting and exposing these people for who they are.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Clueless In Camden

From the T&G:

Newspaper sends wrong message with article
Dear Editor,
I read with interest the story about the Camden County trusties in the Jacksonville paper. This tabloid article was very misleading and contains factual errors. Why are they so determined to vilify Sheriff (Bill) Smith and all the great things he has and continues to do in our community?Shouldn't they mention some of the good things the trusties have done? In many cases, this is more than likely the first honest work a lot of these inmates have ever done. I have seen them cleaning up exit ramps on the interstate, cleaning up cemeteries, helping local churches, and have heard of essential work they did for Camden House plus assisted the Salvation Army.
I have only lived in Camden County for two years it seems to me that Sheriff Smith has placed more emphasis on the rehabilitation and helping these inmates to turn their lives around than any other place I have lived. There was no mention of this fact. Instead of telling the whole story, once again, the focus was on the negative and on malicious headline that will sell papers. What about the inmates that read this? What kind of message as a community,(including the newspaper) are we sending them? I feel that we should let them know that what they are doing is important and is honorable work.I think the newspaper's deliberate distortion of this story is shameful. The trusties and all the good work they do does not deserve to be castigated by a cutthroat operation out of Florida.

Lisa Callam
St. Marys

TRSP Review:
Dear Ms. Callam,
Do you think Bill Smith breaking the law to help criminals is OK? You " I have seen them cleaning up exit ramps on the interstate, cleaning up cemeteries, helping local churches, and have heard of essential work they did for Camden House plus assisted the Salvation Army." Take the interstate clean up out of that sentence and everything else he uses the trustee's for is illegal. Unless that cemeteries are government owned. By law these trustees should be working on government property only. And they should not be paid by the taxpayer of Camden County. Yes the drug fund money is the taxpayers money not Bill Smith. I don't care what clueless Charlene says Bill does not own the 911 center and he does not own the drug fund. We the people do.

What would you like the paper to report? The news is that he is doing all of this ILLEGALLY.

Read the law Ms. Callam, and if you still believe Bill is your hero, then by all means vote for him. If you can vote for a criminal more power to you.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The House At The Ponderosa

Is Bill cheating on his taxes. There is no mention of this house on the record.

You decide

David L. Rainer, You Are Just Like Charlene

Mr Rainer,
You have a lot of explaining to do. How can you sit there and vote the way you did? Why would you encourage the Sheriff to sue for something he does not own? That was an agreement we had with the Sheriff, how many agreements has the Sheriff gone back on? Many. The first was this oath to the people. You sir also took an oath to serve the people, not Bill Smith.

You will probably need plastic surgery to fix that nose of yours, because as soon as Smith takes a hard right is going to break off. Come July you will need to look for a new job. Maybe we should discuss stripping your name off of a real good school.


Is Charlene Sears Really that Dumb?

The 911 center is Bill Smith's property.
The Drug Fund is Bill Smith's property.

When are these people going to wake up and realize Bill does not own this stuff. It belongs to the taxpayers.

Once again Charlene proves that she is not able or intelligent enough to hold office.

Charlene please resign your post immediately.
That means quit just in case you need it spelled out for you.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Your Comments On Smith Stacking The Grand Jury

Leave your comments and read the next post as well.

Did Smith Fire Bundy Twice Before He Rehired Him

Last night I sat down and started reading the transcripts of the Dennis Perry trial.

The first witness was Sheriff Bill Smith, he described how he was such good friends with the Swains. But when asked if Bundy had been fired from the SO before Bill gave him this investigation, Bill said "I don't know". He said that Bundy quit once and that maybe he fired him the second time, but could not remember.

How can you not know whether you fired someone or not?

So I am assuming a man who was fired once and quit once was the best man for the job. And out of that came a full time job.

Would anyone else like to read this transcript. I am think about starting a blog and scanning this transcript for all to read. Please let me know.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Politically Motivated?

I have a few questions for those who say this is politically motivated.

First, The Sheriff holds POLITICAL OFFICE, yes he is a politician. Believe it or not. So, how do you bring up wrong doing against a politician?

Second, Not one thing about the Sheriff involves his personal life, if it did then it would be political. Kind of like Steve Berry suing his daughter, or stealing text books from his college. Neither of which affected this county one bit. But the Sheriff supporters including Proctor who works for the Sheriff, has been saying that about Berry, Yet they have not question his job performance one bit, which would be fair game. I guess the Sheriff knows how to be politically motivated also.

But the Sheriff misusing money, paying inmates, and framing an innocent man does affect the county and therefore is fair game.

The Constitution of the United States, guarantees me the right to question my elected official without the threat of retaliation, but not in Camden County.

What about Charlene Sears doing a background check on me and posting on this blog, was that political?

Or about the Sheriff office employee getting my mugshot (in digital format) and posting it on their blog, was that politically motivated?

I can't believe some of you would still defend this man, But really no one has. No one has said that Smith never did any of these things, No one. No one can prove that Smith was not in the court room hand picking a jury, that is because he was there. No one has disputed anything, except that this attack is political. That is not a defense!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Was Bundy's Daughter in Charge Of The Evidence Room?

Does any one know?

I know that she worked for the Sheriff and got some drug money as well.

Please people call Judge Williams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Organization In Sheriff's Office, Says One Deputy

From Topix

An Insider says:

Taking your pay and stripes is not always the case. This is one way they have of getting rid of you. If your are liked by the "thugs in charge" you lose no pay. This is a proven fact. This can be verified by the finance department. As long as you are in the sheriff's favor, you can move anywhere you want to without penalty of losing pay or stripes. There is not a line of progression showing a pay plan or a line showing advancement. Not all road deputies make the same. Three differnt sargents may make three different rates of pay. I know why this is true, and I will always remain at the bottom, while Willie is still here. Usually an organization of our size will show you a line of progression with an organizational chart. We have NO ORGANAZATION so we don't need one. Most charts will show something like one major, two captains, three lieutenants, four sargents, five corporals, and then your road deputies. Same chart for the jail control personnel. This would appear as a pyramid if you drew it out. If ours were drawn out it would look like a pyramid turned upside down. As in something like five majors, four captains, three lieutenants, two corporals, and a few non ranking personnel. Now Mrs. Sears is entirely different. She has no stripes to lose. However, the sheriff can give her a raise anytime he wants to and he has proven this time and again. Dyals, the hog farmer is another example. He is a captain and has never worked the jail or road. Only the Ponderos as he continues till this day. He has been rewarded well by the sheriff. I do wish the FBI would yank his tail in and spill the beans on the sheriff. Bottom line, if you don't cater to the sheriif, you are placed in the sheriff's purgatory. Or if someone tells the sheriff that you said something out of line, or if someone wants to put you on the outs with the sheriff or his thuggies, all they do is tell a tale on you. YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR DAY IN COURT WITH THE SHERIFF OR EVEN GET A CHANCE TO DEFEND YOUR SELF AGAINST YOUR ACCUSER. This is the way Willie runs it. And when Willie is not around, Easterling threatens everyone. He believes you should be scared of him to do a good job. I am waiting on the indictments and hopefully someone will one day run this department like a sheriff's office.

U.S. Department of State Visits The Real School Police

Look out here they come:

Click on pic to enlarge.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Who Is Donnie Barrentine?

Donnie Barrentine was the only man picked out of the lineup in the Dennis Perry case. He was just released from jail on weapons charges before these murders took place. He was at a party bragging about killing these two people.

A party that a Sheriff Office employee was at.

Yes, Vicki Knight was at that party.

Vicki Knight refused to be interviewed.

Who is Vicki Knight

Well she is Corky Rozier's daughter.

Corky Rozier the man who Bill paid $12,000 to keep his mouth shut. I guess in return Bill hired his daughter.

Why did the DA decide not to call either one of these two? Because their true testimony would have proved Mr. Perry did not do this.

Why Sheriff did you frame Mr. Perry?
Why Sheriff did you hand pick the jury?
Why Sheriff did you not want Mr. Perry to have an appeal?
And yes I know you were in on the plea deal.

Mr. Dale Bundy, Why did you not interview your co worker?
Mr. Dale Bundy, Why did you take a picture around to show all the witnesses before a line up?
Mr. Dale Bundy, How did you get your job at the Sheriff's Office? By framing an innocent man?

Mr. DA, Why did you offer immunity to the only man( Donnie Barrentine) picked out of a line up even after Mr. Bundy showed all the witnesses Mr. Perry picture.
Mr. DA How much money did Bill Smith give you to prosecute an innocent man?
Mr. DA, Why did you not have enough confidence in your case to allow it to be appealed? Was it because you know the truth also?

Ms. Williams YOU know and now is the time. Make things right or another judge will see that justice is served on all of you.

Vicki Knight knows that Donnie was bragging about these killing and has been silent ever since.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Please Do The Right Thing Judge Williams

From the Tribune and Georgian:

And justice for all, except Dennis Perry

Dear Editor,
This is an open letter to Judge Amanda Williams:

Your Honor,
I would first like to thank you for your handling of the Chua case. You knew that Bill Smith could not be trusted with Chua. You knew Bill Smith could not be trusted with the jury. You knew Bill Smith could not be trusted with the witnesses. And you knew Bill Smith could not be trusted with the evidence. You knew that, and how did you know that, because it happened before, didn't it Madam?

It happened in the Dennis Perry case, didn't it Madam? Didn't Bill Smith suddenly have a coughing spell during jury selection? Every time a certain juror's name was mentioned, Bill Smith would cough signaling the district attorney.

Is that not true Madam? Bill Smith hand-picked that jury. Is it not also true madam that Bill lost all the evidence in this case that would point to the real killer, or maybe even a friend of Smith? Isn't that true Madam?

And is it not true that Bill Smith paid two witnesses to testify against Perry. And one of those witnesses was a man (the only one) that could say Perry was in the county on the day of the murders, and is it not true that this man, "Corky" Rozier, did not testify in this case, yet still was paid.

Paid for what Madam, to keep his mouth shut? You see, Corky was going to say that he seen Mr. Perry that day, yet when confronted on his story by a member of the defense; Corky went to the DA and said he could not testify, and they never called him. Isn't that how it happened Madam?

Ms. Williams, the fact that Bill Smith paid these witnesses out of the Federal Seized Assets Account makes this case a federal case. It is my understanding that the FBI refused to take this case for many years because they did not have jurisdiction. Well, guess what, they do now. Thanks to Bill Smith, this case will be reopened by the FBI. You Madam have a chance to make things right in this case. You have the chance to overturn an injustice and grant Mr. Perry a new trial before the feds do.

In closing, I would just like to state that the captain of a ship always goes down with the ship, but the crew can jump off at any time. Ms. Williams, I think it's time for you to jump ship; you don't want to go down with this ship.

Rick Rogers

The Rob Mastaroni Saga

I have confirmed from two different sources that Rob Mastaroni was fired by Sheriff bill Smith yesterday morning.One source left a comment under rumor mill post below.

So here is the story as I understand it.

Judge Williams asked the Sheriff office to please send them any personal property and records of Dr. Chua. Mr. Mastaroni complied with that order and sent the property and records. This fired up the Sheriff, who was very mad that Mr. Mastaroni actually complied with a court order. So he told Mr. Mastaroni that he had worked his last day as an employee of the Camden County Sheriff's office.

Well, As the morning went on Bill realized that he was being investigated by the F.B.I., so at about noon Bill called and gave Mr. Mastaroni his job back.

Will Mr. Mastaroni tell the F.B.I. the truth about Bill Smith?

Why is Bill still trying to ignore court order?

I will remind all Sheriff Office employees that you took an oath to the people of this county, if you break that oath in your loyalty to Bill, you will be right next to him in front of a Federal Judge.

Is Bill Smith worth you going to jail?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rumor Mill

Rumor has it the F.B.I. is involved in the Smith case. I have heard they are working with the GBI and I also heard they took it away from the GBI. More to come!!!!!!!!!

Another Rumor!!!!!

Mr Mastaroni has been fired from the sheriffs dept?
I have not heard anything on this. Please help me out here!!!!

Is this a dog???????

From supportoursheriff@blogspot.com

Or Bill's hair piece??????

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Plea For Help

I am Daniel Perry, Dennis Perry's older brother, I am an ex red beret from the 82nd airborne. I used to be the gung ho "die for our countries cause" kind of patriot, But I have changed because of this ridiculous attack on my innocent brother. I trusted the system before I was let down by john johnson, amanda williams, dale wesling & others. Since then my whole life has changed. I no longer trust the government. I am not sure how we can help here but some old trusting feelings are trying to surface. If there is anyone out there reading these things and you have some sort of influence in these matters you must act with all diligence to free Dennis Perry. This attack on our family was just as devastating as it was on the Swains, and now the true murderer scoffs at the justice system that can't seem to catch up to him. We as a country have rescued many. This is no different. Dennis is only one of many. Please check with the Innocence Project. The people they have freed were REALLY innocent. Prosecutors have a 98% conviction rate in this country.That is too near perfect for humans. Some of them brag they could convict an innocent, and then they do it! If you are reading this and you are an official in Camden Co. and not involved with this kidnapping of Dennis Perry, do all you can to bring down the evil regime in your county. Corruption cannot be tolerated. We all know people in power never really pay for their evil doings behind closed doors, but we as responsible citizens must at least relieve them of their responsibilities and free the innocent. I thank God every day I was able to move away from there. bill smith's father, who was a good man, is now turning over in his grave! That's all I have to sat for now. I love you guy's for helping, but please remember when you lay your head down tonight, where Dennis is laying his. Time is of the essence. thank you.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Sheriff Supporter Proves Sheriff's Office Behind Pro Blogs

After months of saying the Sheriff's Office has nothing to do with the support blogs, one supporter says yes they are behind it.

From http://supportoursheriff.blogspot.com/

2. David Mills -
Patrol DeputyThe creator of 4thebadge site before it was hacked by Mr. Rogers. Oh before you say you didn't. Without ever speaking one word to Deputy Mills I have learned that the way the site was hacked was by a mistrust of a members. When Rick had access inside the site he simply deleted all the post and reopened it the way he saw fit. Then a story came out that at best was based on information from the inmate Internet. The story goes that Deputy Mills was allowing inmates go into the Females shower and having sex. They then claimed he was sent to the substation to work as punishment. Alright after some investigation work here is how you know that this is nothing more than an inmate trying to get back at an officer. Had Mills brought a male inmate into the female block for anything, there is two cameras in the block and there would be no way to hide it. One of the camera's is aimed to cover the "day room" and I guess you can see the shower from the camera so if any two inmates went in there to have sex you would have seen them go in. I was also informed they can retrieve footage from the camera for review. So with all this if they were unable to find any sufficient evidence to fire Deputy Mills than there was no sex going on. Also had he done this I find it hard to see him being put on the road by the department. Again another attack from unreliable Intel. With Intel like this were you ever employed by the government looking for WMD.

TRSP Review: This person is a liar.
First, David Mills said he was not the owner of that blog, So is David a liar or the supporter?
Second, Access to a blog must be given by the owner, As I have stated before I didn't know who owned it, and I was trying to find out, so why would they give me access? Once again more lies.
Third, the shower incident. The cameras don't matter because you all would destroy the tapes anyway to cover your butts. If you are going to pay witnesses and inmates you surely are not going to keep video tapes.

Stop the lies and start telling the truth. You ask me to post my background I did. Now I ask you to stop lying and tell the truth. If you even k now what that is anymore.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Was This Just An Accident? Mother Does Not Think So

Name: Patricia Smith
Subject: My daughter's death--

My daughter died nov.25,2001, while hunting with her husband. Her death was ruled an accident. My son-in-law is kin to the sheriff, Bill Smith here in Camden Co., Georgia. Yes this is a good-ole boy county. I have tired to get the 911 calls she made, autopsy photo's sent to Ross Graham Investigations, He has two doctors waiting to read the autopsy and see the photos. If they find any wrong doing they were going to present her case to the Vidog Society in PA. Then I could get it investigated and it wouldn't cost me an arm and leg. I don't have a lot of money. They were have domestic problems, he hit her several times and nothing was done by the law. Now I cant get the reports and other information that I need. So far I have contacted the representatives in GA.,senators,attorney general,Governor,President,vice President and John Ashcroft. I still have not get any results. I still have a few letters that have not been answered. I will not stop until I have the truth. I did have the FBI(a family friend) in Florida read the reports that I do have and they said it needed to be looked into. They also said if I did continue to seek the answers that I should be careful. They know well of the reputation on the law in Georgia. Please cant you help me in any way. Please answer. Patricia Smith 389 Greenville Rd, Kingsland, GA 31548

TRSP Review: Does anyone have any information on this case.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jane Beaver Receives Drug Money For Testimony!!!

Here is the audit report for 2003. It lists Jane Beaver receiving $12,000. Can anyone tell me why this was paid out of the drug fund. Usually when there is a reward for a case it is kept in a separate account. But I know this is Camden County and we don't follow the law here.

For those of you who don't know who Jane Beaver is please read the next post.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Did Smith Tamper With Evidence In This Case

From: http://injusticebusters.com/04/Perry_Dennis.shtml

Daniel Perry's diligent struggle for justice for his brother, Dennis

Feb. 2003: Dennis was convicted of a double murder

A plea from Georgia

injusticebusters received this message.

I would like to ask anyone a question. If there was an 18 year old murder and 8 yrs of investigation ensued. And all 8 yrs of the information was lost along with all the evidence in the case by an incompetent sherrifs office, except for the only DNA found which exonerates a suspect, should a DA be allowed to begin a case without any evidence, circumstantial or otherwise? What if they hire a guy to investigate it for 40,000 dollars of drug money and he takes a sole picture of anyone fitting the description to taint the only witnesses? Do you believe this can happen in the U.S.? It did. Ask me about it.

In a time when we are convicting innocents and sending otherwise free people to their deaths, we need a change in the power the prosecutor has. If the District Attorneys were some foreign entity murdering our innocent defendants we would spend billions of dollars and even give our lives to defend our innocent victims of this Justice system. I bet you never looked at that way. Did you know the Medical Examiners office is controlled by the DA? The DA can fire him or cause him grief! If the DA wants someone to be convicted he can do what ever he wants with the evidence. The DA can hide the innocence of a person! The DA should not control the M.E. or the evidence. I suspect Hundreds or maybe thousands of COMPLETELY INNOCENT people are being held against their will right now in OUR prisons! There is a conflict of interest in the DA. He is an elected official and if he doesn't get convictions he's gone! Please Help we are in a race against time. What can we do? Contact me with your ideas. Daniel Perry at drkanglmoonshdws@aol.com

From the family website:

. . . Dennis was accused of a double murder that happened 18 years ago. He was cleared in the very beginning by Joe Gregory, the investigator for the GBI. There was a picture line up of 12 people which included Dennis. It also included a guy that had bragged about doing the murders. The eyewitnesses of the murders picked the guy that was bragging, not Dennis. But Mr. Gregory did not stop there in trying to clear Dennis. He checked to see if Dennis was at work that day. Joe called Dennis' supervisor, he told Joe Dennis was at work pouring concrete until around 6 PM that day. Dennis worked in Atlanta. The murders happened in south Ga., 6 hr. away, about 8:40 PM!

After the witnesses picked the guy bragging, the sheriffs office, headed by sheriff Bill Smith, mysteriously let him go! Not only that, they also lost the picture line-up. In fact since then, the great sheriff has lost all the evidence related to the murders except one hair, which excludes Dennis 100% as a possible suspect! When asked on the witness stand how and why he no longer had any of the evidence his reply was quote unquote "I DON'T KNOW "!!!

During the 5 months before the trial, Dennis was offered several deals, the last being manslaughter eligible for parole in 40 months. The 40 month finished the day that Dennis was convicted! He would not take any deals! Yet he was convicted without any evidence in an 18 yr. old murder.

Bill Smith is still the sheriff in this town. I guess you should be very careful if you happen to pass through Camden Co. Ga. especially if you look like someone he wants to target for one of his unsolved crimes. . . You may not know Dennis, nevertheless a small amount of checking would let you know Dennis IS innocent . . .

Daniel F. Perry Jr.


Lost evidence key in slaying defense
Jacksonville man on trial for deaths
By Gordon Jackson, Florida Times-Union staff writer, February 11, 2003

BRUNSWICK -- During testimony yesterday in the trial of a Jacksonville man accused of the 1985 slayings of a husband and wife at a Camden County church, defense attorneys questioned how key evidence could have been misplaced.

Dale Westling, an attorney representing Dennis Arnold Perry, expressed concern about the methods used by the Camden County Sheriff's Office to safeguard evidence.

The evidence was found at Rising Daughter Baptist Church after police said Harold and Thelma Swain were gunned down during a Bible study class.

The missing evidence includes the following:

A pair of glasses investigators say were worn by the man who shot the couple.

An empty Pepsi bottle which may have had the fingerprints of the attacker.

A tape-recorded interview with witnesses.

Photographs of possible suspects.

A box containing telephone wires to the church which were found cut after the shootings.

Buttons from a shirt believed to be worn by the attacker.

"There was no crime scene integrity," Westling said. "There was a significant amount of tangible evidence [now missing]."

Westling also criticized investigators for allowing church officials to clean blood from the floor before samples could be used as evidence.

The man ultimately responsible for safeguarding the evidence, Camden County Sheriff Bill Smith, was blunt with his response about what happened: "I don't know."

Smith testified all the evidence should have remained intact after lead investigator Butch Kennedy quit his deputy's job in 1992, and he didn't know what happened.

"I don't get directly involved in the process," Smith said.

Though only two men are responsible for holding evidence and releasing it to investigators, Smith said nobody has ever been reprimanded for losing evidence that could hold the key to a conviction.

Despite the missing evidence, John Johnson, assistant district attorney for the Brunswick Judicial Circuit, said he was confident evidence will show Perry is guilty.

During opening arguments, attorneys for the prosecution and defense agreed a clean-shaven, slender man with shoulder-length hair entered the church and confronted 66-year-old Harold Swain. The two men argued and Swain was shot four times by the man. Thelma Swain, 62, ran into the church vestibule to help her husband and was shot once in the chest by the assailant, who fled in a battered brown car.

Johnson told the six-man, six-woman jury that Perry, 41, became a suspect a few years after the shootings when an episode of the television show Unsolved Mysteries depicted the crime. A woman called investigators and said the police composite drawing on the show resembled her daughter's boyfriend, Dennis Perry.

Until that time, investigators said Perry was never a suspect.

Johnson also said witnesses will testify Perry was in Camden County the day of the shootings, even though Perry told police he was in Atlanta that day. Perry is the only one capable of the shootings, Johnson said.

Westling, however, said investigators never followed leads against another possible suspect, even though the other suspect was arrested on weapons charges three months after the Swains were gunned down and the suspect matched a composite drawing.

The trial before Superior Court Judge Amanda Williams is expected to last about a week.

The trial was moved to Glynn County because of pretrial publicity.

Staff writer Gordon Jackson can be reached at (912) 729-3672 or via e-mail at gjacksonjacksonville.com.


Witness testimony differs in slaying
Descriptions vary of 1985 shooting
By Gordon Jackson, The Florida Times-Union, February 12, 2003

BRUNSWICK -- Testimony yesterday by eyewitnesses to the 1985 shooting deaths of a husband and wife at a Camden County church showed how time can challenge one's memory.

Witnesses agreed the man who shot 66-year-old Harold Swain and 62-year-old Thelma Swain was a young male with shoulder-length blond hair. They also agreed the assailant and Harold Swain argued just before the shootings.

But they agreed on little else.

Prosecutors say Dennis Arnold Perry, 41, of Jacksonville is the man responsible for the deaths. Perry was arrested in January 2000.

The case baffled investigators for nearly 15 years until it was reopened and new evidence was found that prosecutors said links Perry to the crime.

Defense attorneys argue their client was never a suspect until four years ago, when a woman said Perry resembled the police composite drawing shown on the television show Unsolved Mysteries.

Some witnesses yesterday said the man who asked to speak to Harold Swain at a Bible study class in Rising Daughter Baptist Church wore glasses with thick lenses and dark frames, while others said the man was not wearing glasses.

Vanzola Williams said she was leaving the church early to pick up her daughter when she was startled to see a man standing in the vestibule. Williams said the man said he "wanted to speak with someone." When Williams asked who the man wanted to speak with, she said he pointed at Harold Swain.

Williams described how Swain suggested he and the man go outside to talk, but the man insisted on staying in the vestibule.

Williams said she heard gunshots as she was walking toward her car in the parking lot. She ran into the pastor's study in the rear of the church to call police, but the phone was dead. Investigators later discovered the phone lines were cut.

Another witness, Vandora Baker, said the man walked down the main aisle of the church. But three other women inside the church that night said the man who shot Harold Swain four times and Thelma Swain once looked into the church through a doorway in the vestibule but never entered the main area of the church where worshipers gathered.

Three witnesses said Harold Swain never acted like he knew the young man who asked to speak to him on March 11, 1985. But one woman, Cora Fisher, was allowed to testify by Superior Court Judge Amanda Williams through a written deposition taken before the trial because the witness has health problems.

Fisher testified that Swain knew the man who asked to speak to him. Fisher testified she was afraid for her life for 16 years because she was afraid the man who shot the Swains would kill her.

Witnesses who were at the church that night testified they hid in different parts of the church until they knew it was safe to leave the building.

Fisher was the only witness who identified Perry as the assailant from a photograph shown by investigators. She testified there was "no doubt" Perry was the man who shot the Swains. The only difference between the photograph and her memory from the night of the shootings, Fisher said, was Perry's hair was darker than the man who showed up at the church that night.

Testimony is scheduled to continue today at the Glynn County Courthouse.

The trial was moved from Camden County because of pretrial publicity.

Staff writer Gordon Jackson can be reached at (912) 729-3672 or via e-mail at gjacksonjacksonville.com.


Witness offers likely motive for killings

By KAREN SLOAN, The Brunswick News, February 13, 2003

Jurors in the double murder trial of Dennis Arnold Perry heard for the first time Wednesday what prosecutors offered as a motive in the killings at a Camden County church.

Jane Beaver, the mother of Perry's girlfriend at the time of the shootings in 1985, testified that prior to the slayings, Perry made threats against a man she believed was Harold Swain, one of the victims.

According to Beaver, Perry did not identify his intended victim by name.

"He said, 'I always wondered what it was like to kill a n-----, and now I'm going to get me one,'" Beaver told the jury in Glynn County Superior Court.

Perry is charged with the March 11, 1985, shooting deaths of Harold and Thelma Swain, who are black, at the Rising Daughter Baptist Church in Woodbine.

Beaver said Perry told her prior to the shootings that he was angry with a black man who lived near his grandfather in Dover Bluff because the man refused to lend Perry money to travel to Jonesboro. Beaver testified that the Swains lived in the same neighborhood as Perry's grandfather.

Perry's defense attorney, Dale Westling, questioned Beaver about her feelings toward Perry in 1985, asking her if she had ever called Perry "white trash."

While Beaver denied calling Perry "white trash," she said she was not happy about her daughter's relationship with Perry, whom she suspected of using illegal drugs.

Police investigated Perry as a possible suspect after Beaver called "Unsolved Mysteries" after the television show aired a segment on the murders, assistant district attorney John Johnson said in his opening statement.

Beaver said she called the Camden County Sheriff's Department to report Perry as a possible suspect on multiple occasions in the days after the shootings, but never received a response from police.

About seven years after the shootings, Beaver testified that she took photos of Perry to two women who were at the church when the murders occurred, and that both witnesses said the photos looked very similar to the shooter.

When cross-examined Wednesday by Westling, Beaver testified that the women said they were not absolutely sure that the man in her photos was the same man in the church years ago.

Beaver told the jury she was later contacted by Dale Bundy, who was hired by Camden County Sheriff William Smith in 1998 to reinvestigate the Swain murders.

Westling questioned Beaver's ability to remember specific statements allegedly made by Perry in 1985, when Beaver was unable to recall numerous other specific dates relevant to the case.

Beaver's daughter Carol Ann Raborn, Perry's girlfriend at the time of the murders, also took the stand Wednesday.

When questioned about a telephone call she allegedly received from Perry the day before the shooting, telling her that he was in Camden County on a motorcycle trip with his brother, Raborn said she could not confirm the date of the telephone call.

Ronald Rhodes, formerly a special agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, testified that when he interviewed Raborn in November 1998, she said she had received a phone call from Perry the day before the murders, informing her that he was in Camden County.

Under Westling's cross examination, Raborn testified that she felt she was being led on by Rhodes at times during the interview, and that he may have put words in her mouth. No tape recording was made of the 1998 interview.

Wednesday's testimony began with the cross-examination of Butch Kennedy, a former detective with the Camden County Sheriff's Department who was the lead investigator on the case in 1985.

Westling used Kennedy's testimony to reiterate that several pieces of physical evidence from the crime scene are missing, including two Pepsi bottles, a pair of eye glasses possibly worn by the shooter, a smudged mirror and photos of police lineups.

Kennedy also testified that one witness at the church, Vanzola Williams, identified another man in a police lineup as the possible shooter. Kennedy said Perry was not a suspect in the original investigation.

The prosecution is seeking the death penalty and was expected to continue its case Thursday. The trial was moved from Camden County to Glynn County to avoid pretrial publicity.


Camden resident testifies in '85 shooting trial
She says suspect had been angry
By Gordon Jackson, Florida Times-Union staff writer, February 13, 2003

BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- Prosecutors produced their first witness yesterday who they say links Dennis Arnold Perry to the shooting deaths of a couple at a Camden County church in 1985.

The witness, Jane Beaver, said Perry told her less than a week before the shootings that he was upset after he was ridiculed by an African-American neighbor of his grandfather.

The Camden County resident also described her quest of more than a decade to link Perry to the shooting deaths of Harold and Thelma Swain, African-Americans, during a Bible study class at Rising Daughter Baptist Church.

Despite repeated attempts to get investigators to consider Perry a suspect, Beaver said her first contact with an investigator was about a year before Perry's arrest in January 2000. Testimony did not reveal why investigators never returned any of Beaver's calls about the case.

Perry, 41, of Jacksonville, was arrested after a composite sketch of the assailant was shown on television.

The trial, which was moved from Camden County to Glynn County because of pretrial publicity, could possibly conclude this week, court officials have said.

Beaver said she had photographs of Perry, who dated her daughter before the March 11, 1985, shootings, which she showed to some of the witnesses who saw a man enter the church.

Defense attorney Dale Westling, however, questioned Beaver's methods for showing the photograph. Beaver testified she told witnesses she had a photograph of a man who looked similar to an artist's rendition of the assailant.

At first, Beaver denied telling witnesses the photo resembled a possible suspect but later testified, "I probably did say something similar to that."

Westling asked Beaver how she could be so positive about her conversation with Perry, where he made the alleged threats more than 18 years ago but couldn't remember a conversation with a witness years later when she showed the photographs.

Westling also asked how Beaver could be certain Perry was threatening to kill Harold Swain when he never named the neighbor of his grandfather who upset him. Westling pointed out that at least six neighbors, including the Swains, living near Perry's grandfather were African-American.

Beaver's daughter, Carol Ann Raborn, said she was questioned after Perry's arrest about a telephone call investigators said she received from Perry the day before the shootings. Perry called to say he was in Camden County but he had to leave to go to Jonesboro.

Raborn testified she told investigators she couldn't recall when that conversation took place. The interview with authorities was upsetting, Raborn said, because they asked "leading questions."

"I didn't like it too much," Raborn said. "He was insinuating I knew more than I did."

Ron Rhodes, a former special agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, denied Raborn's claims about leading questions, but said the interview was never recorded.

Staff writer Gordon Jackson can be reached at (912) 729-3672 or via e-mail at gjacksonjacksonville.com.


Supposed confession center of trial

By KAREN SLOAN, The Brunswick News, February 14, 2003

The prosecution rested its case Thursday, halfway through the fourth day of the double murder trial Dennis Arnold Perry Thursday, after investigators testified about what they considered to be a confession.

John Johnson, chief assistant district attorney, rested the state's case after three witnesses testified that Perry had made statements after being arrested in January 2000 that they said implicated him in the killings. Perry is charged with the March 1985 shooting deaths of Harold and Thelma Swain at the Rising Daughter Baptist Church in Camden County. He faces the death penalty.

Detective Dale Bundy, hired by Camden County Sheriff William Smith in 1998 to work exclusively on the Swain murders, told the jury that Bundy had essentially confessed to the murders after he was taken into custody in Florida and interviewed. Former Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Ron Rhodes and Florida Department of Law Enforcement agent Terry Mullen also testified that Perry confessed to the slayings.

Rhodes testified in Glynn County Superior Court that his report was based on his memory of the conversation. No audio or video recording was made of the interview. When Perry was taken into custody by police on Jan. 13, 2000, he initially denied any involvement in the killings, all three witnesses testified.

Perry then made statements later that night that Bundy said was a confession, he told the jury.

"I said, 'You were at the church that night?' He said, 'Yes,'" Bundy recalled on the witness stand.

Bundy also testified that Perry had said the gun went off accidentally and that he would take the killings back if he could.

All three witnesses agreed that the interview ended when Perry said, "I want to stop. You're trying to put words in my mouth."

Rhodes testified that at that point during the interview, he tried to tape record the conversation, but Perry refused to speak on tape.

Bundy, Rhodes and Mullen all testified that they did not try to coerce a confession out of Perry.

Under cross-examination by defense attorney Dale Westling, Rhodes told the jury that he tape-recorded most of the witness interviews during the investigation of the Swain murders, but decided not to tape record the interview with Perry. He said he did not want to distract Perry when the tape ended and had to be changed.

Perry became a suspect in the murders after a segment on the television show "Unsolved Mysteries" aired showing a composite sketch of the shooter. The mother of Perry's former girlfriend called in to suggest Perry as a possible suspect. While prosecutors spent Thursday morning attempting to prove that Perry confessed, the defense spent Thursday afternoon trying to prove that the wrong man is on trial for murder. The jury heard the testimony of three witnesses who said they heard another man make statements at a party in Mariana, Fla., about shooting a black preacher and his wife in a church in Georgia, after the murders occurred.

Joe Gregory, a retired GBI special agent who assisted in the original investigation of the case called as a defense witness, testified that he tried to get an arrest warrant for a man other than Perry the summer after the murders, but was told by the district attorney that he needed more evidence.

Gregory told the jury that that suspect had been brought to the attention of investigators by police in Telfair County, who had arrested him on weapons charges.

Vanzola Williams, who was at the church the night of the killings, identified that suspect in a lineup as the shooter, but said she was not absolutely sure, Gregory testified. Gregory also said that Ms. Williams was shown a photo spread of similar-looking men, which included Perry, and that she had not picked him out. Gregory was retired from the GBI when Perry was arrested in 2000, and told the jury that he went to Bundy and offered him information on his past investigation, but was turned away.

"I can't remember his exact words," Gregory said in court. "He was not interested."

The man Gregory had investigated, Donnie Baritine, took the stand Thursday and told the jury that he was not involved in the Swain murders. The trial was moved from Camden to the Glynn County Courthouse to avoid pretrial publicity.

The defense was expected continue its case Friday. Superior Court Judge Amanda Williams is presiding.


'Confession' under fire
Duval man tried in church deaths
By Gordon Jackson , Florida Times-Union staff writer, February 14, 2003

BRUNSWICK -- The prosecution concluded its case yesterday against a Jacksonville man accused in the 1985 shooting deaths of a couple in a Camden County church.

The case ended with testimony by investigators who arrested the suspect and took what they described as his confession.

The statement, however, was never videotaped or recorded and no original notes exist from interviews with Dennis Arnold Perry, 41, of Jacksonville.

Perry was arrested Jan. 11, 2000, after a composite sketch was shown on a television show. He faces the death penalty in the shooting deaths of Harold and Thelma Swain, who were attending a Bible study at Rising Daughter Baptist Church.

The trial was moved from Camden County to Glynn County because of pretrial publicity.

Camden County sheriff's investigator Dale Bundy testified that he and other investigators wrote statements from memory after interviewing Perry. Bundy told the court Perry offered a "confession."

Perry refused to talk with arresting officers after an initial interview, which he ended after accusing officers of "putting words in my mouth," Bundy said.

Perry told officers he "could have ridden to Camden County" the day of the shootings, but he couldn't remember for certain, Bundy said.

"He said, 'I might have gotten drunk or stoned and did something I don't remember,''' Bundy said.

Bundy also testified Perry admitted to being at the church the night of the shootings, but that information was never in a police statement written by any officer involved in the arrest.

Former Georgia Bureau of Investigation special agent Ron Rhodes said he took notes of Perry's statements after his arrest but shredded them after he transcribed them in typing.

Terry Mullen, a special agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which assisted with Perry's arrest, said Perry has said he didn't remember a lot of what happened because he was "drinking a lot and using drugs."

"He said he could have been at the church, but couldn't remember," Mullen said.

When Mullen said he didn't take notes or record the interview, defense attorney Dale Westling asked how the investigator could recall events for testimony about Perry's statements to arresting officers.

"Show me in this report where it says Dennis Perry said, 'Yes, I killed Mr. and Mrs. Swain,'" Westling said.

"It doesn't say that," Mullen acknowledged.

When he first began his testimony, Bundy explained how he was hired in 1998 by the Camden County Sheriff's Office specifically to review evidence and witness statements from the shootings.

Bundy testified how his first interview with a woman from the church helped make Perry a prime suspect.

Once Perry became the focus, Bundy said he showed other women at the church Perry's picture from a mug shot taken by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office from a DUI arrest in the early 1990s.

Westling asked Bundy why he showed witnesses only one photograph, especially when the average person can recognize the front and side profiles of a police mug shot.

"You don't believe today, Mr. Bundy, that showing [witnesses] a single mug shot of Dennis Perry was suggestive or tainted?" Westling asked.

"No," Bundy replied.

Westling also expressed surprise that Bundy could take less than a week after being assigned to the case to make Perry the prime suspect, when two other investigators spent a total of 16 years on the case and couldn't make an arrest.

Bundy responded that Perry had already been identified by witnesses as a prime suspect.

After the prosecution rested yesterday afternoon, witnesses for the defense included Charlie Williamson, a former co-worker of Perry. Williamson said he was certain Perry worked the day of the shootings with him in the Atlanta area because a few days later, an artist's rendition of a suspect was published in an Atlanta newspaper and he joked with Perry about the similarity in appearances.

"I kidded him about it," Williamson said. "He had a twin brother."

Another defense witness, Donnie Barrintine of Marianna, denied killing the Swains after Westling asked if he committed the crime. But two other witnesses said Barrintine bragged about shooting two people at a church in Georgia.

John Johnson, the assistant district attorney prosecuting the case, showed a timecard from the week of the shootings and said it would be impossible for Barrintine to drive six hours to Camden County to shoot the Swains because he worked that day.

But Westling said the timecard showed Barrintine had the day off work.

"That's not what the timecard says," Westling said.

Superior Court Judge Amanda Williams ended the dispute by telling the attorneys, "We'll let the jury decide that."

Staff writer Gordon Jackson can be reached at (912)729-3672 or via e-mail atgjacksonjacksonville.com.


Jacksonville man found guilty of murder

By Gordon Jackson, Florida Times-Union staff writer, February 15, 2003

BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- Dennis Arnold Perry, a Jacksonville man accused in the 1985 shooting deaths of a couple in a Camden County church, was found guilty yesterday of two counts of murder.

After the unanimous verdict from the six-man, six-woman jury was read, John Johnson, the prosecuting attorney, met with family members of the murder victims and returned to the Glynn County courtroom with a plea bargain offer.

Perry, 41, accepted two consecutive life sentences for the shooting deaths of Harold and Thelma Swain at the Rising Daughter Baptist Church in Camden County on March 11, 1985.

In return, Perry agreed not to appeal the conviction. He must serve a minimum of 20 years before he is eligible for parole, Johnson said.

Family members agreed to offer the plea bargain to ensure they didn't have to go through another trial in appeals court and to give closure to the murders that have haunted them for years, Johnson said.

The case was described as especially challenging for the prosecution because the evidence was 18 years old, some witnesses had died and memories had faded over time.

"In the 25 years I have been a prosecuting attorney, this is the most difficult case I have had to try," Johnson said.

"The family of Harold Swain is at peace with that verdict. I'm glad this is over and this case is closed."

Helen Umphrey, Perry's mother, described the verdict as "a travesty of justice."

"I have no faith in the legal justice system any more," Umphrey said.

Perry's family members said they would continue investigating the murders until they find evidence that could implicate someone else because they think the jury prosecuted the wrong man.

The trial, which began Monday, was in Glynn County because prosecutors were concerned pre-trial publicity could make it difficult to find a jury that hadn't heard about the double homicide.

During closing arguments earlier yesterday, defense attorney Dale Westling said the prosecution's case against his client revolved around "suggestive and tainted" work by investigators, who took less than a week to make Perry the prime suspect in 1998, after other detectives spent years on the case without making an arrest. Perry was arrested near his Jacksonville home on Jan. 11, 2000.

Westling said Camden County Sheriff's Office criminal investigator Dale Bundy was hired to solve the crime and he was willing to abandon proven investigative techniques to make an arrest.

Witnesses identified Perry as the man they saw in the church the night of the shootings based on one mug shot of Perry taken when he was arrested for DUI in Jacksonville in the early 1990s.

Westling criticized investigators for losing "tangible evidence" that could have proven his client's innocence or guilt.

He also criticized investigators for never recording interviews of statements they said Perry made after his arrest. Investigators argued in testimony this week that Perry ended the interviews after he accused police of "putting words in my mouth."

"The evidence is not only lacking, it's non-existent," Westling said.

Johnson, however, defended the investigation that led to Perry's arrest, saying Bundy looked at the evidence for the first time in 1998 and "got information other investigators were unable to do."

Johnson said an earlier witness testified Perry threatened to kill Harold Swain two weeks before the shootings for ridiculing him after Perry asked to borrow money. Johnson said Perry didn't name Harold Swain when he said he was going to kill the man, but he didn't have to.

"We know ... Dennis Perry was talking about Mr. Swain," Johnson said.

Jurors began deliberating at 4 p.m. and reached a verdict about 7:30 p.m.

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Please Call Judge Williams

Tell her to throw out the plea deal in the Perry case,

And grant him a new fair trial.


From the Blog:

Anonymous said...
I just spoke with a lady that had called Judge Williams number to ask for Dennis Perry's plea be thrown out and to grant him a new trial. Guess what? As soon as Dennis' name was mentioned, the secretary or whoever she was got very cold and told the lady she would have to send the judge a fax or write her a letter. AND THEN SHE WOULDN'T GIVE HER THE FAX NUMBER!! She was told she would have to write a letter..which the lady has done. Does that tell you there is something wrong with this case? You people in Camden County better wake up and smell the roses before you find yourself in the same position that Dennis is in. He isn't asking to be released. Just for a FAIR trial!!

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