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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Comments Of The Week

Best comments from weeks past:

  1. Anonymous said...
    The Sheriff fired Charlie last year for 2 weeks, because Charlie cussed out Roger Dyals as he does everyone. Roger had moved a trailer, and pissed Charlie off. So Charlie cussed Roger out and went stupid calling him names. Well Roger went to the Sheriff and told him and the Sheriff fired him. Then everyone suspects Charlie knew way to much on the Sheriff, and the sheriff figured I better bring him back because if he tells about all the crooked shit I have done, I will be in big trouble. This firing people happens weekly up here, just last last week Rob Mastrianni was fired for like 2 days.
    Mon Nov 05, 08:29:00 AM EST
  2. Anonymous said...
    This is one thing I would like for people to know. The night the Swain's were killed, a forensics team was being brought in the next morning to take blood sample's and collect other evidence. Before they could get there, Bill Smith ordered the crime scene to be cleaned of all blood at the scene and return the church to the way it was before the murders. Is this any way to conduct a murder investigation? Or to preserve crime scene integrity? The Swain's hands were bagged in order to check under fingernails for DNA because there was a struggle at the scene..BUT THE CORONER DIDN'T BOTHER CHECKING!!! I guess it wasn't important enough, just like it wasn't important enough to collect blood samples. SOME OF IT COULD HAVE BELONGED TO THE KILLER!!! But........I forgot....they did DNA on the hair that was found at the scene that excluded Dennis 100% but it wasn't allowed to be brought up at his trial so..I guess they figured blood would have been done the same way. WHAT A SORRY LOT!!!!What a brilliant sherriff Camden County has!!
    Mon Nov 05, 02:20:00 AM EST
  3. Anonymous said...
    Rick,I read on Topix that the Purchasing Officer for the Sheriff Office is now serving on the Grand Jury. Can you find out if this is true. If so, Bill is stacking the deck just as he did in the Perry case.I wonder how many chips Bill called in to get this to happen. Maybe if the Clerk of Court and Probate Judge help him to stack the Grand Jury he will start writing tickets again.You grease my palm and I will grease yours.
    Tue Nov 06, 11:50:00 AM EST
  4. Anonymous said...
    Willie is losing ground and fast. He was at the commissioners meeting tonight. Why? Because he thought he had the votes to keep 911. He even got up before Wesley talked about the 911 center and said "This is all politics and Steve Berry is the cause of it". It is always politics in Willie's mind. Let's all just wait and see if the Federal Government thinks it is all politics?? I will abide by their decision.
    Tue Nov 06, 09:21:00 PM EST
  5. Anonymous said...
    Voting for Charlene Sears has been one of the worst things the taxpayers of St. Marys could have done. NOW there is no representation for St. Marys. She is of no benefit to St. Marys or the Sheriff. Maybe Wesley will wise up and realizes that he is more of a hindrance than help. He should fire her to show the others that he is reducing payroll of the unnecessary top heavy.
    Wed Nov 07, 03:49:00 PM EST
  6. Jay Moreno said...
    Hey, thanks for that latest Jib-Jab: you solved a mystery.I've always known that Charlene reminded me of something, but I couldn't quite get it.For a while, I thought maybe the love-child of Pia Zadora and Alvin, the chipmunk, but that wasn't quite right.But your cartoon brought it to me clear as a bell: the real Charlene looks exactly like a Charlene Sears bobble-head doll!
    Wed Nov 07, 05:38:00 PM EST
  7. Anonymous said...
    A position was created for Mrs. Sears by the sheriff himself. When all of the shenanigans started breaking at the sheriff's office, Willie scrambled to come up with a title for her. She sat in the lobby of the substation doing Public Relations work for some time. Then after the Gina Evanson escapade, she was moved to Purchasing agent. The funny thing about the purchasing agent is Roger Dyals is listed on the sheriff's web site as purchasing agent. Mr. Dyals was the purchasing agent for Durango for many years and I can understand him in that position. However, Dyals is Willie's errand boy and hog farmer. Captain Dyals has been promoted and does no service work for the public, unless keeping Willie happy is a service. Dyals works everyday for sheriff and the sheriff only. I do hope the GBI has or will interview him and he will not lie for the sheriff. So Charlene was given the Purchasing agent job and Dyals is on the road for the sheriff daily.
    Thu Nov 08, 08:08:00 AM EST
  8. County WatchDog said...
    David is not as educated has he would have you think...just at one time well connected. He is pig headed puppet for Bill Smith. David you will go down just like all the other incumbents did recently.A word of caution, Mr. Henning who was recently elected to Woodbine City Council is Bill Smith nephew. I pray Mr. Henning you are there for the citizens of Woodbine and not for Bill Smith.We will be watching and we will see.
    Thu Nov 08, 12:02:00 PM EST
  9. How did this get by. Why wasn't the people informed that Mr. Henning was Bill Smith nephew. I hope Mr. Henning is a man of integrity.As for David Rainer he is the worst thing that ever happened to Camden County. He was terrible for the School System and even worst as a County Commissioner. The County is in trouble financially NOW. We missed a awesome opportunity when George Scott ran against Rainer. Hopefully George will give us another opportunity to vote for him. Rainer please don't bother running.
    Thu Nov 08, 03:03:00 PM EST
  10. Anonymous said...
    I have no fear of my day of accountability. I think that the words of Edmund Burke, "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing" are relevant here. I am glad that men like Jim Stein, Steve Berry, Rick Rogers and others are speaking out against the shameful excuse of a Sheriff that we have and I look forward to the day when a man of integrity and honesty is holding the office.
    Sat Nov 10, 01:32:00 PM EST
  11. Anonymous said...
    Re: Rumor of "stacking the Grand Jury."To suggest that Sheriff Smith is stacking the GJ, one would also be suggesting that the Clerk of Superior Court, Susan Waldron, is a pawn of Smith. All juror pools are pulled via the clerks office. Are you suggesting that she is a pawn among the many others?
    Sat Nov 10, 09:44:00 PM EST
  12. exposed said...
    Hire is daughter? Not only did Brian "Corky" Rozier work at the sheriff's office, Currently his daughter Vicky Rozier,Knight,Taylor and now Lee and his other daughter Lori Rozier and also his wife Glenda Rozier currently work for the sheriff.Vicky went from failing the Police Academy to being Bill's Ace Investigator so he could pay her more money. The Sheriff is currently paying Lori's college tuition with seized assets. Talk about pay off of 12,000. it's more like $100,000 per year for the "Rozier" family from our fine up standing sheriff.
    Thu Nov 01, 04:28:00 PM EST
  13. Anonymous said...
    If all of what you say is the truth, how do these people put their heads down to rest at night knowing they put this man in prison. Can all of this be proven and if so why not public with this info? Does anyone who runs this county, including BS and his loyal workers not have a conscience? Is money and greed that important? NO!Someone needs to stop this madness. Is there anyone who can?Please do right by Dennis and his family. Thank you Roxy!!!!!!!
    Thu Nov 01, 10:25:00 PM EST
  14. Anonymous said...
    Remember the deal made to Dale Bundy is that he only had one year to complete his investigation. I find if odd that Dennis Perry was convicted less than a year before Sheriff Smith had to run for re-election. One of his points in his re-election campaign was "Look I solved a twenty year old murder case". Sorry that was just wrong! Another thing please find out who controlled the evidence room prior to this going to trial. You will find it interesting.Remember all the evidence that cleared Dennis Perry by the GBI Agents went missing from the Camden County Sheriff's Department.
    Fri Nov 02, 06:56:00 AM EST
  15. Voter said...
    Call it politics or not, Did the sheriff do it or not? If it takes an election to get to the facts so be it... Now lets answer the question did the sheriff do all these bad things? YES or NO... Do not tell me its all politics... or say look at all the good the sheriff has done. We see all of these things... that should not change rather or not the Sheriff is or is not doing illegal things.So call it what you want but answer the question? Did the sheriff do Wrong? The Sheriff is a Law Enforcement Officer... He should enforce the law not break the laws or think he is above the law.Thank You!
    Sat Nov 03, 04:22:00 PM EST

TRSP Review:

Thank you all for commenting, the only way we can keep government honest is to keep talking about it. People on the inside have to tell what is going on, so we can expose it and fix it. The election in St. Marys proves that the people control this county and not it's politicians.

Thank you all and keep posting and exposing these people for who they are.


Anonymous said...

I believe Vicky Lee has passed the police academy and also has a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice in case you didn't know that,Laurie Rozier has been with the Sheriff's Office for 11 years,she paid for most of her school herself the sheriff's office paid for the classes they wanted her to attend.As for Corky he has never been in charge of anything at the sheriff's office ,just a corrections officer.And for his wife Glenda she is employed part time only answering the phones.Just to let you know the facts.

Anonymous said...

My GOD what is this world coming to.This is like the Bible said when Jesus walked the earth.I thought you were supposed to love one another and forgive the ones that do you wrong.What happen to turn the other cheek.Why in GOD'S Name do you want to hurt your brothers and sisters in CHRIST.Just forgive like GOD says.Only GOD can JUDGE.All you have to do is ask for his guidance and he will put the right person in office.Let it be GOD'S will not ours we make mistakes ,GOD don't.If you can't forgive others that do you wrong how can you expect GOD to forgive you.Have a BLESSED Day Rick Rogers
GOD still loves you

Anonymous said...

God gave us minds to think for ourselves, my coins doesn't say in willie we trust on them, and since I have the right to choose, Willie I won't choose you, and as far as all these people with all the masters degrees and crap, they aren't worth the paper they're wrote on if the person doesn't have the common sense to use their higher than thou book learning and its sad to say but most of them don't

Anonymous said...

I saw on Sandy's blog where the sherriff and his executive staff were taking an unpaid 2 week leave of absence. Is this true? If it's true..then maybe the people of Camden can get some REAL protection. Of course, with all the money that he and his EXECUTIVE staff have made off the citizens..he could probably afford an even longer leave of absence...like maybe the rest of his life...We should be so lucky.

Anonymous said...

I don't care HOW many degree's she has. It doesn't make her any less a deceitful person. And, that goes for the rest of her family too. They're all a bunch of liars.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Awww...you must be in Bill Smith's chorus line.

Anonymous said...

NO I'm not employed there,but he is a good friend been knowing him for life.

Anonymous said...

you must have inside info.Is this bull a fact.

Anonymous said...

Tell me who you are face to face

Anonymous said...

Why..my name is anonymous...just like yours.how bout that..we have the same name.

Anonymous said...

Why..my name is anonymous...just like yours.how bout that..we have the same name.

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Anonymous said...
I just spoke with a lady that had called Judge Williams number to ask for Dennis Perry's plea be thrown out and to grant him a new trial. Guess what? As soon as Dennis' name was mentioned, the secretary or whoever she was got very cold and told the lady she would have to send the judge a fax or write her a letter. AND THEN SHE WOULDN'T GIVE HER THE FAX NUMBER!! She was told she would have to write a letter..which the lady has done. Does that tell you there is something wrong with this case? You people in Camden County better wake up and smell the roses before you find yourself in the same position that Dennis is in. He isn't asking to be released. Just for a FAIR trial!!

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