Welcome To The New Real School Police

Welcome To The New Real School Police

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The Godley Files


The complete P.O.S.T record of Bob Godley. The former cop that thinks the whole county owes him an apology for his bad behavior.

There is a new blogger in town, who is also upset with this school system. Thank you Paul for standing up for what is right, and not backing down to the ESTABLISHMENT.

Camden County Schools The Truth


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And don't forget the Dennis Perry trial transcript also:

Remember Dennis is the one framed by former Sheriff Bill Smith and his lying so called detective Dale Bundy.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Boycott The St. Marys 4th of July Celebration!!!!

The Real School Police is calling for a BOYCOTT of this years 4th of July celebration in St. Marys.

WHY?   You Ask!!!


They don't mind using our money behind closed doors and out of the sight of taxpayers.

So we shouldn't we spend ours outside of their sight as well. Visit Brunswick this year, or go to Florida and visit Fernandina Beach, They have a great festival and even better fireworks.

Show the city council you are done with their hiding and spending money behind closed doors.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is Hase Email A Fake?

You now have seen the email, take a good look and tell me what is wrong with it.
Anyone that uses outlook will be able to tell.

I will tell why it is fake in my next post!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meet Jason Spencer Republican For GA. State Rep. District 180

Jason was born in 1974 to a military family on Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. His family moved to Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, GA in 1978 and a year later moved to Alapaha, GA where he and his three siblings grew up.

Growing up in rural South Georgia to a modest family, he is no stranger to hard work. Jason’s summer jobs routinely consisted of picking peppers and cropping tobacco. In between his jobs and school work, he and his identical twin brother trained for hours in the South Georgia sun honing their tennis skills. Because of his dedication to the game he started college at ABAC and then transferred to Alabama State after securing a tennis scholarship. He then transferred to the University of Georgia in 1995, where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Sports Medicine. Three years later Jason became a Physician Assistant graduating from South College in Savannah, Ga., and then obtained a Masters degree in Physician Assistant studies from the University Of Nebraska College Of Medicine.

In 2003 he married his wife Melaney and only two short years later had their first of two beautiful daughters, Madeline and Vera. Jason and his family have been living in Camden County, Georgia since 2005 where he currently practices both emergency medicine and works at a family practice clinic. Jason is also active in his community where he served two terms on his home owner’s association board of directors as its Secretary and President and is also an active member of his church, Agape Christian Fellowship. Jason enjoys spending his free time playing in the local tennis league and helping in the schooling of his children, as he and his wife have chosen to home school.

Although Jason has always been involved in politics as well as a student of history and economics, he became deeply involved in 2007 after recognizing the direction our country is headed. In response to the abandonment of free market principles after the panic of 2008 and bank bailouts, Jason could sit on the side lines no longer and he became involved in starting two coastal Georgia Tea Party movements. The impetus for his decision to run for the Georgia State House of Representatives was the recent government takeover of healthcare.

Jason recognizes that our government at the federal, state and local levels has been taken over by one party and that is the party of Big Government which no longer serves the will of the people.

The idea of upholding a constitutional republic, free markets and fiscal responsibility has been eliminated from our political foundation. These core principles are the bedrock of our economic freedom. Securing economic freedom is paramount to having individual freedom and the God given right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Jason believes the statement, “All politics is local”, has never been more relevant than it is today. It’s now time for the states to stand up to the federal leviathan and assert their sovereignty on behalf of their citizens. This is the only political remedy that is afforded to Georgians in the U.S. Constitution. To secure our freedoms, Jason’s goal is to uphold the Constitution in Atlanta to thwart off unconstitutional federal mandates and assure that the liberties of Georgia’s citizens are not trampled upon by our own state government.

What Jason Says:

Support a Constitutionally Limited Government: I believe America and the Several States have strayed from our founding principles. The U.S. Constitution is the “North Star” for our Republic and we have taken our eyes off of it. The consequences of not following its direction have resulted in out of control Federal and State governments. Over the years the Constitution has been ripped to shreds by those who want our rights to come from a few men and not from our God or Nature. When elected, I will firmly stand to uphold the oath of the Constitution of the United States and the State of Georgia in order to guide us back to the foundation of freedom and assert State Sovereignty where needed.

Taxes: Let’s face it. We have a “screwed up” tax code at all levels of government. We have excessive taxation that has become and extraordinary means of oppression. The power to tax is the power to destroy. If history is to be our guide in tax reform, there is no single tax Nirvana. A permanent tax system should be as indirect as possible. Taxes must not be excessive; i.e., not only what the people are able to pay, but what they are willing to pay. The whole tax system must be moderate: no savage punishments; no totalitarian intrusions; uniform and equal rates. When elected, I will seek to support legislation which eliminates the state income tax. Furthermore, I will consider the elimination of property taxes when a viable alternative is found. Until that option is found, I will work to keep this form of direct taxation at a minimum and governments will have to work with what is provided to them from the people.

Support free markets and a sound monetary policy: Rediscovering the true meaning of free market capitalism is the key to economic recovery for the state and the district. Collusion between government and private corporations to bankroll private projects with the sole purpose of increasing the tax base is a moral hazard and distorts the free market. Supporting free market principles will bring back the much needed private sector jobs to the district. When elected, I will not support any legislation that enhances the ability of governments to pad the pockets of private companies for the purposes of gaining a new tax base. I believe in the separation of economy and state. Furthermore, I will work to protect the value of every Georgian’s hard earned money by allowing competing currencies such as gold and silver as allowed under the U.S. Constitution. Federal deficit spending continues daily devaluation of the paper money in our pockets. We have the right to protect the fruits of our labor.

Education: Georgia’s education system is the largest budget expenditure and is one of the most important issues facing our citizens. If Georgia does not properly prepare its students for the new advances in our economy, we will create a dependent class begging for more entitlements. Our hard working teachers cannot be blamed for Georgia's standing of 46th among the 50 states, but leadership and failed programs can be. However, within Georgia, District 180 has one of the best public school systems in the state and we can be very proud of that—but, every school district has room to improve. As your representative I will support legislation that will return control of education to the local school board, thwart unfunded and unconstitutional federal mandates like No Child Left Behind and revise the QBE funding formulas to allow more flexibility within school boards.

Sanctity of Life: Elective abortion is murder. Period. Protecting the individual rights of the unborn is the last frontier in the civil rights movement. Just as black Americans were once treated as a subclass of humans, so are the lives of the unborn baby. I will uphold the right of the unborn in order that they may be afforded the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Second Amendment: No government shall infringe on our right to bear arms. I will support legislation that will protect any law abiding citizen of Georgia from having their firearms confiscated from government authorities. I will also support any legislation that would endanger or restrict your access to ammunition. It is your God given right to protect you and your family.

Healthcare/ the Nanny State: As your representative, I will support and introduce legislation that will protect the rights of Georgia’s citizens from unconstitutional federal mandates that eliminate healthcare freedom and choice. Furthermore, I will oppose any legislation that imposes excessive state action under the guise of “protecting you” from the consequences of your actions which actually results in striping you of your freedoms and liberties. We must restore personal responsibility to our culture and demand the end of this “cradle-to-grave” mentality permeating our society.

Georgia Transparency Headlines

The Parents Have Declared War

The Parents Have Declared War

Get On The Open Government Band Wagon

"Honorable and righteous men do not fear the exercise of liberty."

Important Information

U.S. Attorney's Office in Savannah, Georgia.

Mr. James D. DurhamAssistant U. S. Attorney
100 Bull Street Suite 201
Savannah, Georgia 31401
912 652 4422

Office of the Attorney General Of Georgia
Attorney General, Thurbert Baker
Office of the Attorney General
40 Capitol Square,
SWAtlanta, Ga 30334
(404) 656-3300

Open Records Violations
Stephan Ritter

Report Bad Cops
Police Complaint Center
We put ourselves on the line in pursuit of equal justice

State Board of Pardons and Paroles
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive,
SE Suite 458, Balcony Level, East Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4909
Telephone: (404) 657-9350

Office of the Governor,
Georgia State Capitol,
Atlanta, GA 30334
Office Phone: 404-656-1776

Please Call Judge Williams

Tell her to throw out the plea deal in the Perry case,

And grant him a new fair trial.


From the Blog:

Anonymous said...
I just spoke with a lady that had called Judge Williams number to ask for Dennis Perry's plea be thrown out and to grant him a new trial. Guess what? As soon as Dennis' name was mentioned, the secretary or whoever she was got very cold and told the lady she would have to send the judge a fax or write her a letter. AND THEN SHE WOULDN'T GIVE HER THE FAX NUMBER!! She was told she would have to write a letter..which the lady has done. Does that tell you there is something wrong with this case? You people in Camden County better wake up and smell the roses before you find yourself in the same position that Dennis is in. He isn't asking to be released. Just for a FAIR trial!!

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