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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Rob Mastaroni Saga

I have confirmed from two different sources that Rob Mastaroni was fired by Sheriff bill Smith yesterday morning.One source left a comment under rumor mill post below.

So here is the story as I understand it.

Judge Williams asked the Sheriff office to please send them any personal property and records of Dr. Chua. Mr. Mastaroni complied with that order and sent the property and records. This fired up the Sheriff, who was very mad that Mr. Mastaroni actually complied with a court order. So he told Mr. Mastaroni that he had worked his last day as an employee of the Camden County Sheriff's office.

Well, As the morning went on Bill realized that he was being investigated by the F.B.I., so at about noon Bill called and gave Mr. Mastaroni his job back.

Will Mr. Mastaroni tell the F.B.I. the truth about Bill Smith?

Why is Bill still trying to ignore court order?

I will remind all Sheriff Office employees that you took an oath to the people of this county, if you break that oath in your loyalty to Bill, you will be right next to him in front of a Federal Judge.

Is Bill Smith worth you going to jail?


Anonymous said...


Sandy Sez: "As I have said before, the charges against the Sheriff will be reviewed by the appropriate authorities. Their decision will be shared with the public and then the public will judge. However, the personal vendetta of Comm. Berry against the Sheriff has no place in government business. If Comm. Berry doesn’t like the Sheriff let him work on his candidate’s campaign. He should not let personal feelings get in the way of his doing the public’s business. What do you think?"

Here's what I think, Mr. Feller.....

If Steve Berry knows of wrongdoing by the Sheriff (and apparently, everybody in the county knows of it at this point), then he has a moral, professional, and (if you wish) personal obligation to bring these matters to light.

My question to you, Mr. Feller, is this: Are you for the Sheriff, or against Steve Berry? Or both?

It would seem to me that, if you're truly for "open and honest government", you would agree that the Sheriff's Office is desperately in need of a heavy dose of your motto.

Anonymous said...

I use to value Sandy's opinions. But he has become so obsessed with his personal differences with Steve Berry, he can no longer see the forest for the trees. Sandy please for the sake of your integrity and your credibility, let it go. It is clear that your view of anything involving Steve Berry is so shaded. How about giving us the voters a little credit. We see him for what he is. He isn't fooling anyone. Stop bringing yourself down to his level and move on.

Anonymous said...

Sandy is proving more and more each day that he is once again experiencing a mental problem that has caused him problems before. Sandy, GO TO THE DOCTOR and get some help. You are in the late stages of life and should enjoy each day without being consumed with hate. You are too good of a Feller to allow this hate to consume you.

Anonymous said...

I posted on Sandy's Blog a similar message, that what is the difference between SB hatred of BS, and Sandy's hatred of SB. Of course it got deleted. I guess Sandy is not man enough to anwser the tough questions. He has lost my vote.

Anonymous said...

Its Sandy's way or the highway, just like BTW

Anonymous said...

Don't need any more of that type in the county!!

Anonymous said...

The above mention post about Sandy are true. Sandy cannot take criticism. He has a glass jaw when it comes to someone telling him he is wrong. He used to run to the Tribune each week when his fellow commissioners would not support any of his ideas. Then he got a web site to do his talking. And you cannot post anything he differs with. I know this from experience. Remember he is a one termer on the county commission. Sandy is an outcast in the public sector. I hope St. Marys will do some research on him before the vote. He talks a good game to get on board, but cannot deliver.

Anonymous said...

Don't let the ol'd Goat steal Robs Thunder

Anonymous said...

In Sandy defense I must say....

I understand where he is coming from on the Steve Berry issue. Steve Berry has a personal problem with the Sheriff therefore he turned on the Sheriff and will not stop until he destroys him. In all of the instances that he has brought to the forefront in reference to the Sheriff he is absolutely correct. The Sheriff in my opinion is guilty. But Steve didn't just realize all of this. He was in bed with the Sheriff reaping the benefits.

But what Sandy is saying is that Steve Berry is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He exposes the Sheriff for wrong doing but he is doing just as much or more wrong than the Sheriff.

He has utilized the taxpayers money as his previous client First National Bank personal slush fund to acquire properties with multiple lends to bail out his client.

He is structuring deals with developers to avoid paying impact fees and saddling the taxpayers with this responsibility. Do you really believe he is doing this with no benefit to himself.

He has initiated several terrible deals involving the JDA. How many bonds have been issued to the JDA since Steve Berry has sat on the Commission. The taxpayers are responsible for repayment of all of this. Do you really believe he is doing this with no benefit to himself.

I could go on and on. But I will end by saying Sandy knows all of this so it is hard to turn off the fact that Steve Berry is so focus of straightening out the Sheriff Department when he has corrupted the County himself.

His implants on the St. Marys City Council follow his lead and have St. Marys now in terrible financial condition. So what do they do, they do as their leader instructs them and saddles the taxpayers of St. Marys with a 43 million dollar bond without a Public Hearing.

But if you guys hate Sandy for telling you the truth, oh well. If Steve Berry implants especially L.J. Williams and Gary Blount are re-elected Sandy will be the least of your problems.

Anonymous said...

I say may they all burn in hell, they are corrupt, and we complain, yet they keep getting elected,,, We keep exsposing them here on the internet, yet they are still in office, will we ever have an open honest govt,,, the last post says LJ Williams is an implant of Steve Berry,,, then why in the hell is he driving a county car for Bill Smith and taking pictures of Bill Smith,,,, Sandy Feller is a mental case, and needs mental health treatment,, he was only voted in as a joke because us citizens thought it would be funny to see him up there causing a fuss,,, I even voted for the old goat because I knew he was crazy, and it would be funny,,, A lot of my friends voted for him for the same reason, now I am ashamed for that,as well as my friends should be. Now Sandy thinks people like him,,, We created this monster, and cant get rid of him. We need to vote for some new blood, and hope we can turn this county around,,,

Anonymous said...

L.J. is a transplant of Steve Berry. He will not vote if he is not given the word via Gary Blount, via Steve Berry.

Yes, he does work for Bill Smith. He iniatiated this situation when Steve and Bill were still friends. Bill will hire anyone that he thinks can bring him blacks votes. L.J. often impersonates a Deacon in local black churches.

Blacks see him for what he is not worth. But the system likes to elect at least one black for every municipality. They are chosen based on whether they will be a good boy or not. L.J. fulfills his obligations to the system quite well. In spite of voters voting against him, the system will do everything within their power to assist him in remaining.

Steve Berry did not vigorously fight for the Election Superintendant to be appointed for no reason. Because this person appears to be siding with the Steve against the Sheriff. The Sheriff has now cut off his revenue stream. Hence the Sheriff Office not writing any tickets on I-95.

"But Sheriff I had to support Steve, he bailed me out of a bad situation." Well, lets see how much money comes to your office because of your loyalty to him.

Things are getting heated, up in Woodbine. The dynasty is crumbling. The players can't decide whose team they are on. The Republican Party just installed a implant in the County Managers office.

Things are really becoming verrrrrry interesting.

Anonymous said...

Could there have been something in Mr. Chua's personal property that the sherriff didn't want someone to know about?

Dr.Chua supporter said...

I think its more Rick Rogers crap, Dr.Chua was not allowed any personal belongings in Brunswick except his bible....He had to have all new undies,socks and t-shirts that was taking to him on Mon. after his conviction. He had to purchase everything from the jail store, several of us put money in his account so he could buy stamps, envelopes and paper so he could write letters. Get it right Rick or get off it....

Anonymous said...

Do you mean that's the ONLY reason Williams signed a court order to have his things sent to Glynn County? Come on now!!

Anonymous said...

If you believe that...Let me talk to you about some ocean front property I have in Arizona.

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