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Friday, October 05, 2007

Someone Is Lying

Is Pastor Rick Warren lying or Sheriff Bill Smith?
Please read carefully!!!!


Confiscated drug money helps Georgia community overcome addictionsthrough Celebrate RecoveryBy Deann Alford
WOODBINE, Ga. (PD) — Sheriff Bill Smith’s jail had housed plenty of drug traffickers caught along Interstate 95. Cops dubbed the highway running from Miami to Maine as the “cocaine corridor.” Northbound lanes move kilos of the drug. Tens of millions of dollars to pay for them flow south. I-95 splits Woodbine, Ga. – population 1,252 – on the east side.At 3 a.m. one winter morning in 1986, a deputy stopped Joe Tarasuk. Wearing sunglasses and high on cocaine, Tarasuk was speeding north in his Cadillac with his girlfriend, DeLight, and a cocaine payload worth millions on the streets of northeastern American cities, where buyers were ready to deal.
The deputy hauled them to the Camden County Jail in Woodbine. In the sheriff’s 35 years of law enforcement, he’d never come across anybody like Tarasuk.
“Joe,” Smith said, “I'm going to ask you one question: Are you guilty?”
“Yes, sir, I am,” Joe said.
“You're the first guilty person I've met,” Smith said.
The sheriff didn't know that Tarasuk was barreling down the highway praying that the police would stop him. Nor did Smith know that the then 33-year-old music-producer-turned-narcotics-trafficker had been talking about killing DeLight and then himself. Tarasuk had thrown up his hands in surrender to Christ in the back of the deputy’s patrol car.
Smith simply sensed that Tarasuk, the grandson of a Depression-era bootlegger, really wanted to escape the lifestyle that for 13 years had revolved around big drugs and big money. The sheriff and the prisoner became friends. Smith let a guard take Tarasuk to church every Sunday.
Prosecutors charged the couple with interstate transportation of narcotics and sought 35-year sentences. Tarasuk told the authorities the drugs were his, asked them to free his girlfriend, and plea-bargained for an eight-year sentence. Through community service that the sheriff arranged – Tarasuk shared his testimony with thousands of Camden County kids – his sentence was reduced to 18 months.
So in 1988, Tarasuk went home to Maryland where he began building his new drug-free life in Christ with DeLight. They launched a successful flooring business. Smith and Camden County Jail administrator Jim Proctor stood up for Tarasuk at their wedding. Proctor was best man, Proctor’s mother was matron of honor, and Smith gave away the bride.
But something was missing. Tarasuk had never faced the issues that drove him to drugs as a young adult: his parents’ divorce, his mom’s alcoholism, sexual abuse in his own childhood, and the undiagnosed dyslexia that rendered him functionally illiterate. Then a Christian counselor told them about Celebrate Recovery, a certified 12-step biblically centered program that addresses “hurts, habits, and hang-ups” common to everybody, not just alcoholics and addicts.
Most secular programs center on a belief in an undefined “higher power” who can restore them to “sanity” and sobriety. In contrast, in Celebrate Recovery the key to healing – and eternal life – is Jesus Christ alone.
Through the program, Tarasuk faced his hurts, habits, and hang-ups and forgave those who had hurt him. He and DeLight began avidly sharing the Celebrate Recovery message. The first place Tarasuk brought the program was to Sheriff Bill Smith’s jail.
Smith was intrigued. He had read The Purpose Driven® Life, and what Tarasuk told him of Celebrate Recovery led him to believe that this program could succeed where other programs tried at the Camden County Jail had failed. “He convinced me that the Saddleback program was a good one,” Smith said.
So in 2001, the sheriff gathered seven Woodbine pastors, including Tim Rice, pastor of First Baptist Church of Woodbine and the couple told the group about Celebrate Recovery.
The catch: To best grasp the program would entail attending a conference at Saddleback Church, the southern California church pastored by The Purpose Driven Life author Rick Warren, where Celebrate Recovery began. Saddleback was clear on the opposite coast from Camden County. The sheriff and churches needed to send a dozen people to launch the program in Woodbine. Flying them out to California and attending the week-long conference could get expensive.
But Smith had a plan to make it happen by using a portion of millions of dollars in drug money that Camden County law enforcement officials confiscate from traffickers along I-95. By law, officials can use these millions of dollars for drug education, fighting drug abuse, or buying equipment necessary to combat drugs or trafficking. During Attorney General Janet Reno’s tenure, her office approved using the money to send the pastors, lay leaders, and other community leaders to California for Celebrate Recovery training.
Since that first group from Camden took part in the 2001 training, every year between 30 and 50 Camden County law enforcement officials, pastors, and laity travel to Saddleback for program orientation so they, too, can lead Celebrate Recovery groups.
That trip sold Rice on the program. He learned that Celebrate Recovery is not exclusively focused on any one area of need. Because it’s based on Scripture, Celebrate Recovery can address any hurt, habit, or hang-up – anything from eating disorders to child abuse to sexual abuse. Rice then introduced Celebrate Recovery to his church.
Celebrate Recovery’s approach is distinct. “I simply ask the people, ‘Do you know anybody who has a hurt in their life, a habit in their life, or a hang-up in their life that keeps them from being the person who God wants them to be?’” Rice said. Those are whom Celebrate Recovery is for. “And that pretty much qualifies just about anybody.”
That includes Pastor Tim Rice. He'd gone nowhere near the path Joe Tarasuk had traveled on his journey to cocaine addiction, but “even as a pastor, I had to deal with anger, depression, and fear of failure,” he said. Rice is active in his church’s Celebrate Recovery group and coordinates the countywide program.
Celebrate Recovery has been an anointed tool to share Christ among those that a traditional Southern Baptist church such as Rice’s wouldn't ordinarily be able to reach. The program focuses on deepening participants’ relationship with Christ, but also stresses helping others. “We have individuals in our churches I know without a doubt we never would have reached without the ministry of Celebrate Recovery,” Rice said.
Among new believers in his church is Chuck, a biker alcoholic/addict who grew up in an apartment above the bar his parents ran. “He knew nothing about Christ or the church,” Rice said. Now he's not only a born-again believer but also an active, participating member of First Baptist Woodbine.
This year, Prison Fellowship and Purpose Driven Ministries created a partnership that has introduced Celebrate Recovery to prisons in the United States and around the world. Today, Tarasuk leads Celebrate Recovery groups in Maryland’s Montgomery County Correction Facility and at a local church. He and his wife also work with a Washington, D.C. pre- and post-release prison outreach program that has embraced Celebrate Recovery. The couple’s mission is helping prisoners and addicts as well as “good people” who worship every Sunday find hope and healing through Christ.

TRSP Review: What gives?


Anonymous said...

Can't read the document, can you blow it up some?? Thanks

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

It is fixed, thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

This article says that Smith said he read a book by Rev. Warren. I guess he skipped over parts about lying, adultery, etc.

This truly is Elmer (Billy) Gantry.

Anonymous said...

From the Bill is Wonderful article

"During Attorney General Janet Reno’s tenure, her office approved using the money to send the pastors, lay leaders, and other community leaders to California for Celebrate Recovery training."

As the reply from Smith that Rick Rogers received clearly shows - this is just a bald faced lie.

Anonymous said...

Was Bill Smith sherriff in 1986?

Anonymous said...

I think he took office in Jan., 1986.

Anonymous said...

Was it Jan 1985 or 1986?

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Yes it was Jan. 1985

Anonymous said...

What was stolen in 1986?

Anonymous said...

Billy ought to take that book he claims he read and apply it to his life, thats about the only hope he's got left

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

What do mean mean "What was Stolen"?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Was Bill Smith sherriff in 1986?

6:59 PM

I assumed my cousin (of the anonymous clan) was about to post something to do with Smith from 1986 which would have a high probability of involving lying or stealing - from a few gallons of gas to.......... ?

Anonymous said...

I think it was "old timer" that said that his conduct helped put Mr. Willie in the grave. Did Mr. Willie die in 1986?

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Old Timer,
Please confirm this for us.

And please repost the first part of your last comment. The first part was very good.

I just don't want this to turn it to a free for all website. That is why I said to take that stuff to topix, but please the other stuff is great and I think you can add a lot to the topic.

Anonymous said...

Actually Bill Smith was elected in 1985 and took office Jan. 1, 1986. Willie was alive when Bill took office but not sure what year he died.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

I don't think that is right unless we changed elections dates. He was last elected in 2004. Same year as the president. If you go back and look Ronald Reagan was relected in 84 and took office in 1985. So unless Camden changed election dates it would have been 1984.

Anonymous said...

Rick I got my information from the Internet. I went to Camden Co. Sheriff's Office and in the top left corner click on Sheriff's Office and then click on Office History. It shows every Sheriff of Camden. Jimmy Middleton served from 1977-85 and Bill Smith from 1986 to present. So I assumed the election was held in 1985.

Anonymous said...

bill smith was sherriff in 1985 because he helped to frame an innocent man for a crime that happened in 1985.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Smith took office in Jan. of 1985.

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Anonymous said...
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