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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Smith Used To Get A Second Signature

What happened? Did he just forget?

This is an old check from 1997 used to pay Bill's communist lawyer, who threatens to sue the people of Camden for speaking out against the Sheriff.

So what gives? Why did he get another signature back then and not today?

Click on pic to enlarge:


Jay Moreno said...

Look closely: the second signature is that of "C.A. Easterling."

Rather like Adolf Eichman co-signing with Adolf Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Your right Jay, He still gets two signatures on the checks. The second signature comes from his office from Wanda, Charlie, Wesley, or Edna. Do you think any one of them would say NO, I am not going to sign it??

Anonymous said...

I believe the second signature from Willie's on office would be equated to "the fox watching the hen house"????

Anonymous said...

If the check was for Smith's lawyer, what was it for?

Jay Moreno said...

Hell, they've long since eaten all of the hens. They've long since moved on to catered coc au vin - at no cost to the taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

The second signature is supposed to be a Camden County Commissioner, not one of his employees. I'm sure the Feds don't know who the Commissioners are in this County. As far as Bill is concerned he got a second signature and thats all he needed, who cares who's signature it is after all. LOL

Anonymous said...

This Check is where the GBI Investigated the Sheriff Smith and he wanted the citizens of Camden County to pay his legal bills and the Georgia House of Representatives said NO by a House Vote of 24 Yeas to119 Nays.

So what did Our Great Sheriff do? He when straight to the seized asset account and wrote out a check for $65,000.00 and had his honest Chief deputy Charlie Easterling sign it and paid off his High Dollar Atlanta Lawyer with it.

Here is the link of the Georgia House of Representatives.


Anonymous said...

More Reading from above post:

Cut and past the link for the rest of the story.

Docket number: A93A0021
Permanent Link: http://vlex.com/vid/20437746

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the federal govt approved to use drug money to pay for his legal defense for a criminal act? This is odd, I can not understand how this falls under the guidelines of asset seizures. Strange

Anonymous said...

The payment does not fall under the guidelines and if the feds would have so advised BTW if they had been contacted.

Not strange, just malfeasance.

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The Parents Have Declared War

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Please Call Judge Williams

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From the Blog:

Anonymous said...
I just spoke with a lady that had called Judge Williams number to ask for Dennis Perry's plea be thrown out and to grant him a new trial. Guess what? As soon as Dennis' name was mentioned, the secretary or whoever she was got very cold and told the lady she would have to send the judge a fax or write her a letter. AND THEN SHE WOULDN'T GIVE HER THE FAX NUMBER!! She was told she would have to write a letter..which the lady has done. Does that tell you there is something wrong with this case? You people in Camden County better wake up and smell the roses before you find yourself in the same position that Dennis is in. He isn't asking to be released. Just for a FAIR trial!!

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