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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Can Take It

I Can Take It
I love freedom of speech and this women gives me HELL for my letter. But I can take it.Yet I only received two complaints so far. The other one I will not publish because that person was not man or women enough to give me their real name. So maybe more people agree with me than I thought. They agree that the football team does get treated differently. This women just can see that because she has a child in football. But that's ok. I still love the Wildcats.Here it is from the Tribune and Georgian letters to the editor:

Buying snacks helps support the band

Dear Editor,I feel I need to address the letter of Rick Rogers ("Is the band Camden County's Rodney Dangerfield?" Nov. 17).It seems because of some fans, it was a season filled with controversy. To Mr. Rogers, how does it make you feel to know you did not support the band by bringing your own snacks? The concession stand is run by the band parents (who do not get to see their child's half-time show) to raise money for the band!I'm to assume from your response, you didn't buy a program to support the cheerleaders, either. Do you remember (that) the fans help raise money for the new band uniforms when they passed the hats for donations? At least you admitted not knowing any band members.So next time, support the band, visit the concession stand before the game or before half-time if you prefer. Sometimes the wallet speaks louder than the voices of those who do not know all the facts. It is sad that the activities such as band, cheerleader, softball, football and many other activities rely on fundraisers and donations.To attack the grades of the students was definitely a lack of respect. The students in activities have rules about grades and performance. The students work hard and long hours (being at school longer than a normal 40-hour week) and still have homework and jobs. We do not need to put down one group of students to bring support for others.Please, everyone, remember these are children, not "grown-ups." Yes, we would like to teach them respect for each other. We do not need to teach them that the words of a few outweigh the support of the many.Yes, I'm a proud parent of football players and (a) middle school band member. So, everyone, please support the activities of your choice or all of them if you choose. I was sad to see my son's senior year tarnished by a few people's actions and opinions.

Marsha Squires
St. Marys

Yes I will visit the concession stand before the game so I can hear the band at halftime.I am sorry if I offended you or your children that was not my intention. My intention was to show how much difference there is in the football program and that the football program could show a little more support for the band. I will post every comment I receive on this issue both pro and con, as long as that person gives me their name.Also I would like to thank the Camden County Board of Education for their support of this blog. I know you hate it yet you can't help but look at it. It's just like a bad car wreck.


David Kennedy said...

Again Mr. Rogers, you are uniformed, as is Ms. Squires. The parents of the Freshman football players work the consession stand during halftime to allow the parents who do work the stand the opportunity to watch thier kids perform. I know this first hand, as my son plays on the football team, and my wife worked the consession stand last season during his freshman year so the band parents had a break to watch their kids perform. I personally attended every home game this season, and I can say I did not hear a single Boo. Can you make the same claim? The football team supports the band, and the band does a great job. The problem was with the football schedule we had 5 home games in a row, and the fans were treated to the same performace 5 weeks in a row. While the performace was great, 5 weeks in a row is too much without a change, which they did the last game and got a standing ovation. Again your facts are wrong, and I would like to challange you to your intent with this blog. Do you have a child in the school system? Has your child run into trouble that you as a parent has lacked control? From reading your posts, that is the impression I am left with. Maybe you should start a new entry on your blog stating "I am ticked off at the school system, and here is why" Maybe that would seperate you from someone who has a problem but does not what to be part of the solution. Does our system have problems? Yes. Are you helping to correct them with is blog, from what I have read so far I would say no. So maybe you should step up and be part of the solution, or shut your pie hole.

David Kennedy

Yes I signed my name

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Mr. Kennedy,
I don't really understand this comment. This is a letter that was in the paper. It disagrees with me and I even issued an apology. So I don't know why you are coming down on me for this.

Yes I do have kids in this system, and no I haven't lost control of them. I am always being told how well my kids behave. Yes they do have their days like most kids. As a matter of fact when I went to vote this year I took my kids with me. While I vote they stood in the court room quiet and still. When I finished done of the poll worker came over to me and said that she was a retired school teacher and have never seen such well behaved children.

I believe I started this blog with something like that sir.

Yes I think this blog is working. It is getting the people of Camden County to talk about the issues in the county. Sending letters to the editor is great, but you can't debate and talk about them you can here. And I can't believe YOU would tell someone to shut their pie hole. What is part of the solution tell everyone they are doing a wonderful job?

OK Everyone you are doing a wonderful job all of our problems are solved now.

Come on Mr. Kennedy this is America, You and I can say what ever we want. I do try to keep everything factual, but sometimes it does not happen that way and I issue my apology and move on. This is not the paper or Rush Limbaugh, I am just one person saying what I have to say. You don't have to look if you don't want, But I hope you continue to look and continue making comments. It will only make us all better.

Thanks again

David Kennedy said...

Mr. Rogers,

How many football games did you attend this year? Simple question, answer it. If it was more than 3 did you here anyone in the crowd boo the band? Simple question, answer it. You quoted in your blog the following, "Now, the coach of the football team has asked for more support in a playoff game. He believes in his team so much, he took time to write a letter to the editor. Coach, where's the letter showing your support for the band. After all they are there every time supporting the football team. and what about the players, I have not seen one letter from a football players. Do you not support the ones who cheer every game win or lose? I guess you all feel the same as those idiots that booed. Shame on you to. Winning is more important than defending a bunch of kids against selfish, disrespecting, and ignorant people."

Did you see a letter from the band director, or a band member supporting the football team? It works both ways.

You are uninformed as I stated in my last post. The coach sent a letter to the editor asking for a big crowd, did the band director do the same? No he did not. Should he have? I don't think so. You totally missed my point that PARENTS OF THE FOOTBALL TEAM SUPPORT THE BAND BY GIVING THEM A SPELL AT TO WATCH THEIR KIDS. DID YOU READ THAT PART. My point is that the Football team supports the band, and the band supports the football team. Let me know what game you were at that you heard boos from the crowd against the band. I don't think you can. Ms. Squires has a son on the football team, but as she mentioned, her band child is in Middle school. That means she has yet to experience the support that the football team gives to the band. I would suggest that you get your facts together before you post them on this blog. I look forward to your response. (By the way, I am a photographer who photographed the Royal City Classic Band competition and lost money doing it. Another fact that football parents support the band. And I will do it again next year even if I don't make any money, because I, as many football players and parents support the band.) So again, if you do not have your facts shut your pie hole.

David Kennedy

David Kennedy

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Mr Kennedy,
I guess the same question could be asked about school board meetings. How many have you attended? I got to go to two football gaqmes this year. No bad considering I don't have any family member on the team, yet I try to make as many as possible only because I love a good game of football.

I am sorry you did not hear the boos. I a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound. Just because you didn't hear boos others did. You are the first to say that there were no boos. I find that interesting. Is everyone else lying?

Like I said before You don't have to agree with me, And you do have a right to your opinions. I look forward to future comments by you.

Thanks again.

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