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Welcome To The New Real School Police

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Students Show Your Support for Mr Waters

An open letter to Mr. Waters.

Dear Sir,
At the last school board meeting we asked the women( the mother of the student) be able to speak as that is granted to us in the Constitution. If the board would have allowed this to come out in public this whole issue would have been solved a long time ago. The board after the meeting ran to the press and really made you look bad. I understand that you did tell the mother that you were sorry that the incident happened. We can't ask for anything more.Their was no violent push, I for one sir am asking you to stay. Sure this incident made you look bad to some people who don't know you and I am one who don't know you, but I have gathered all the facts, and I find that you acted properly. I am glad that this all came out because as a parent I now know that this child is a trouble maker and SHOULD NOT BE THE FFA PRESIDENT, And to I for one would not let my child near this child.

Mr. Waters, I am sure that this has been hard on you, but we needed to get to the bottom of this and the school board could have settled this weeks ago. I went to the meeting tonight and there were more people than I have ever seen. There was at least 30 more people than that was there when the board lied about the superintendents job.

Sir you have a lot of students that love you and they will really miss you.

Students please post your letters to Mr. Waters in the comments section.

Mr. Water what ever you decide is your choice. I for one now think we need more teachers like you.

Thank You and may God Bless You.


David Kennedy said...

Mr. Rogers,

I am not quite sure of you intentions of your blog, but your facts are questionable on this issue. My son was one of the three students in the room when the event took place. I know for a fact you have not spoken to him, so you have not gathered all the facts as you state. Secondly the board did not run to the paper, the mother did. How do I know this? Because I wrote a letter to the editor, and was contacted for a follow up story as I demanded in my letter to the editor. I was told by the reporter that yes the mother came to the paper with the story, not the school, or police. I reprimanded her for not gathering all the facts before writing the original story. I will reprimand you as well. Get your facts straight before you ppublish them as gospel. Mr. Waters will be fine without your help. If you have a beef with the school board, which it appears you do, that is fine, but there is no need to fuel the fire on the Mr. Waters issue when you do not know all the facts.


David Kennedy

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Mr. Kennedy,
First of all let me thank you for your time. All I do here is write what I see. The school board does not run meetings as they should be run. Therefore you get what we have here. At the meeting the mother wanted to speak about Mr. Waters, well the board policy is if you don't have any thing nice to say don't say nothing at all. Well the mother got out just enough to let everyone know that their was a problem with Mr. Water at the high school. Mr. Coffel stop the meeting and took the mother into executive session with the rest of the board. This sir was illegal. Then when the meeting was over instead of Mr. Coffel saying I don't have both sides of the story yet, he talks to the paper about it. What he should have done is let the mother say what she has to say and then scheduled another meeting for the public to hear Mr. Waters side. All of this is required by law to be public. This is the gathering evidence stage and according to the Georgia Open Meetings law it must be public. I don't like innocent people being smeared in the press either. But if you look at other cases like the Duke rape case these things happen. No the system is not perfect. And it never will be. I would also like to comment on the gospel point you make. This is not a gospel it's just a blog and just my thoughts, But I do enjoy reading other peoples thoughts as well. And I think this could turn into a great forum for everyone in Camden County to speak how they feel. I will say again I am not a journalist I only say what I hear from others. And I always invite others to say their mind.

Once again Mr. Kennedy thank you for speak up and giving this blog another point of view.

David Kennedy said...

Mr. Rogers,

I take exception to your qoute "but I have gathered all the facts". You have not. Mr. Waters is a wonderful teacher and mentor. I don't have a problem with your blog as long as you tell the truth. As a parent of an FFA member, I can tell that you do not have all the facts. The mother is a wack job, and the public should have not heard her speak, it would only have made things worst. Please do not claim you have all the facts when you don't.

David Kennedy

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Mr Kennedy,
Please when you take things out of context is does sound wrong. If you would have posted the complete sentence it would have read: but I have gathered all the facts, and I find that you acted properly. I said the man had done nonething wrong.

So why is this important, Because it identified a student who is a trouble maker. Parents can now tell their kids to stay away from this kid. When the teacher is right the problem is usaully resolved quickly, whrn the teacher is wrong is sometimes takes year to resolve an issue.

I will agree with you on this the mother is a wack job, but even wack jobs have the right to speak in America.

I have no problems with Mr. Waters, I would love to meet the man because all I hear are good things about him, But that does not mean we should not investigate claims against him or any other teachers or staff.

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